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Compresses with bruises: what to apply and how to apply


A bruise is the most common form of a domestic or work injury.The injury is characterized by damage to the muscular and connective tissues and vessels without compromising the integrity of the skin.Bones are also not affected.A bruise can be obtained, unsuccessfully falling or hitting, bruises get in fights and in case of accidents.May be affected by different parts of the body, head, face.Injuries are of varying severity, but even the easiest ones require first aid to relieve pain, swelling and prevent the formation of a hematoma.

Table of contents: First aid with a bruise: cold compress The best recipes for compresses with bruises Vegetable compress Compression of edema and bruises

Very useful in that case will be a compress.This is a piece of cloth or gauze that is wetted in water or a medication and is applied to a sore spot in order to relieve pain, reduce swelling and accelerate the healing of the injury. Also, the compress can consist of any improvised components that are wrapped in tissue or special paper and also applied to the bruise.

Please note! From the lotion the compress differs by a wider variety of used products( not necessarily liquid compositions) and the duration of application.If the lotions are applied for 10-15 minutes, then the compress can be left for several hours and even for the whole night.

So, what compresses can be done to relieve pain, swelling and prevent the formation of a horrific hematoma of purple-blue color?

First aid for a bruise: cold compress

The simplest and most effective compress in the first few hours after a bruise is ice or cold water.If the winter is outside, then you can attach snow to the affected area. Other Cold Compressor Options:

  • ice cubes wrapped with a cotton napkin;

  • plastic bottle with water, which must be placed in the freezer 1-2 hours beforehand;
  • towel soaked in ice water;
  • a pack of frozen vegetables or any other product from the freezer.

By the way, there is an opinion that if you apply a piece of raw frozen meat or fat to the bruise, the healing will be faster.But this method of treatment has not yet received official confirmation.If the bruise on the forehead or on the nose, it is very convenient to apply to it a spoon, cooled in the freezer.

The best recipes for compresses with bruises

If in the first day to the bruised place it is recommended to apply only cold, then for the second everything changes radically - now you need to do warming compresses.

Please note! Be cautious if the tissues become inflamed, then their heat is contraindicated - this "treatment" promotes the spread of infection throughout the body.It is best to use special ointments and gels from bruises - such now in the pharmacy is very much, you can choose an inexpensive and effective tool . If pharmacy funds are not available, then the proven popular recipes will be recovered :

  1. Plantain.If the misfortune happened in the summer at the dacha, then it will not be difficult to find the medicinal plant under the fence in the garden.His leaves are collected, washed and crushed with a knife so that a juicy gruel is formed. This gruel is transferred to a piece of gauze or bandage, folded in two or three layers, and applied to the bruised place, the top is fixed with a bandage. You can hold such a compress all night long, and replace the fresh one in the morning.plantain
  2. Cabbage.A fresh cabbage leaf can quickly relieve pain, swelling, reduce redness and even pull out pus if it accumulates under the skin of .This tool helps not only with bruises - cabbage leaf is used for stretching of muscle tissue, joint and headaches, bites of insects .In our case, the cabbage leaf needs to be washed, crushed, so that it can start the juice, and put it to the bruise.After half an hour, the sheet is changed to fresh, and so for 4-5 hours.Then the sheet can be applied two or three times a day until the tissue is completely restored. For greater efficiency, cabbage leaf can be greased with honey.
  3. Homemade cottage cheese.This is also a proven folk remedy for bruises and inflammations.To relieve pain and swelling with bruises, first the curd should be cooled in the freezer, then wrapped in a clean cloth or gauze and attach to a sore spot.The used cottage cheese should be thrown away - it is not suitable for food, even for animals.
  4. Tea welding.Apply this tool is very simple: tea leaves are transferred from the teapot to gauze and are tied to a bruise.Keep such a compress for about an hour, then remove the dry tea leaves, discard and apply a fresh one.
  5. Bread crumb.Another ancient folk remedy for bruises.The crumb of rye bread is soaked in milk, then applied to the hematoma and rewound with a cotton cloth.

Earlier bruises and bruises were treated with lead water, it was even sold in a pharmacy.Today, such a drug can not be found, although lead is present in many pharmacy anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Vegetable Compress

There are folk recipes that even doctors approve.Cooking will take some time, but the ingredients are very simple, they will surely be found by everyone in the house, and the effect is worth all efforts. The most recognized is the following:

  • clean one medium raw potato and one onion;
  • grind vegetables on a grater or in a blender;
  • add to the mass the same amount of ground fresh cabbage;
  • all mix and add a few spoons of kefir, and preferably homemade curdled milk - should get a thick gruel;
  • with this compound densely lubricate the affected area, cover with oilcloth, bandage and leave for at least two hours.

The rests of the compress are washed off with warm water, after which the bruise needs to be wrapped up again warmly.If you do this procedure several times a day, for two or three days from the bruise there will be no trace.

Compresses for swelling and bruising

knee What else do folk healers advise against strong, painful bruises accompanied by swelling and bruising? Apple cider vinegar will help.It needs to be heated, then add the same amount of warm water.In the solution add a teaspoon of common salt and soda food, stir until the dissolution of powders.In the resulting liquid impregnate gauze and apply to the bruised place.In 30 minutes the pain will pass and the bruise will resolve much faster.

And you can also brew grass: sweet clover, arnica, rue fragrant, wormwood. In a decoction moisten a napkin and apply it to the bruised place every hour until the pain and swelling go away.

A more exotic way to combat hematomas is the fresh banana peel .She is put on a bruise for half an hour, then changed.

Even the most trivial bruise at first sight deserves attention and medical supervision. Complications and consequences may not appear immediately, after months or even years.Often a person gets a serious pathology - for example, co-cartrothosis or bursitis - which significantly worsen the quality of life, partially deprived of working capacity and can even lead to disability.And all because in due time the most common bruise was ignored.Therefore, with such injuries, do not be lazy to go to a doctor and take an X-ray, it will not be superfluous.Well and than to treat a bruise - chemist's preparations or national agents - everyone solves for itself.

Konev Alexander, internist

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