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Diet with urate stones in the kidneys


Doctors diagnose a urinary stone disease in almost every second person today.In their opinion, such sad statistics are mostly explained by the deteriorating environmental situation, and in particular by the fact that we drink very poor quality water.So, one of the factors that stimulate the emergence of diseases of this kind are the heavy metals present in the composition of drinking water, food and air that we breathe.

Table of contents: Urinary kidney stones and the causes of their occurrence Diet with urate kidney stones List of prohibited products with urate kidney stones Permissible in uricate kidney stones products Several tips for preparing dietary meat dishes Menu options for urate kidney stones

Urinary kidney stones and the causes of their appearance

The formation of urate stones in the kidneys is often a provoking factor in the development of various complications in other organs and systemsx human body. As a rule, uraturia occurs due to excessive accumulation of urinary tract uric acid, which during decomposition forms sand and small stones.

At the heart of uric acid production are purine compounds, the source of intake of which in the body are certain foods.It is worth noting that purines play an important role in the structure of DNA and proteins, but the disturbance of their metabolism often produces diseases such as urate stones in the kidneys.

The main causes of the formation of urate stones:

  • stones in the kidneys metabolic disturbance;
  • low physical activity during the day;
  • diseases of the digestive and genitourinary system;
  • abuse of acute and sour food;
  • predisposition to the disease at the genetic level;
  • disturbed body water balance.Excessive fluid loss can be caused by high fever, vomiting, severe physical exertion;
  • poor blood supply to the kidney.

The development of urate kidney stones can also be caused by starvation or excessive consumption of products that supply purine substances, in particular:

  1. Protein-containing foods: meat( especially fried), meat by-products and broths, beans,mushrooms.
  2. Fish, including canned.
  3. Tomatoes.
  4. Alcohol.
  5. Chocolate.

It is important to know that the probability of urate kidney stones is the same for both the male body and the female.In this case, you might encounter at any age with this problem.

Diet with urate kidney stones


Dieta The main task of the diet for this disease is to establish purine metabolism in the body by eliminating the consumption of products that violate the acid balance and promote the appearance of urates;

  • alkalinization of urine, which will help to remove stones from the kidneys;
  • normalization of water balance in the body.During the day, it is recommended to drink about 2-3 liters of fluid.
  • With this task, diet No. 6 from the official list of diets perfectly helps to reduce the burden on the urinary tract, normalize metabolic processes and prevent a new formation of kidney stones.

    Features of the diet in the fight against urates:

    1. The rate of calories consumed increases to 2,800 kcal per day.
    2. The basis of the diet is carbohydrates - about 400 grams per day.The amount of proteins consumed is limited to 70-80 grams, fats - up to 90 grams per day.
    3. Do not consume too cold food.
    4. Need to eat often - five meals a day.
    5. It is recommended to arrange occasional days for the body( for example, during the day, use only one dairy food or fruit only).

    List of Prohibited Products with Urethane Kidney Stones

    Patients are not allowed:

    • meat( veal, lamb, pork and duck) and meat broth;
    • meat by-products;
    • Dieta fish and broths cooked on its basis;
    • smoked meat and canned food, including vegetable pickles;
    • any mushrooms, and broths cooked on their basis;
    • beans;
    • vegetables and herbs: leaf salad, parsley, sorrel, spinach, celery stems, tomatoes, radish, asparagus and green beans, Brussels sprouts;
    • fruits and berries with a high acid content, in particular: kiwi, pineapple, currant, cranberry;
    • dried fruits;
    • sweets: chocolate, sweets of any kind;
    • drinks: strong tea, coffee, cocoa, alcohol;
    • baking from yeast and puff pastry and bread from rye flour;
    • soy sauce, mustard, horseradish.

    During the diet, you should refuse fried, spicy and spicy food.It is also recommended to limit salt intake.

    Very often, patients are horrified by such a large list of restrictions, but do not worry, because the allowed products are also huge.

    According to the conditions of diet number 6, when uric acid stones are deposited in the kidneys, preference should be given to food and dairy products with alkalizing effect.


    List of permitted products:

    • Sour-milk products: milk, cottage cheese( up to 500g), kefir, sour cream and butter in moderate amounts;
    • porridge and pasta;
    • Dieta low-fat boiled meat( chicken and rabbit), however not more than once every two days;
    • eggs - 1 pc.in a day;
    • white and gray bread at least yesterday's preparation;
    • dairy and vegetable soups without frying, you can add any cereals;
    • fish cooked once a month;
    • any nuts or seeds;
    • any vegetables( except for banned).Potatoes can be consumed, but in limited quantities;
    • fruits and berries with a low level of acid.It is recommended to give preference to apples, pears, grapes, watermelons, as they best help in urine alkalinization;
    • Citrus can be included in the diet in the absence of oxalate in urine, and if they are available it is allowed to use only oranges, but in limited quantities;
    • sweets: honey, jam, pastille, marmalade.

    Drinking when depositing urate stones:

    1. Water:
      • treatment and mineral water( Borjomi, Essentuki No17, Polyana-Kvasova, etc.).Alkaline mineral waters are excellent in dissolving stones.The norm per day is no more than half a liter.Drink water should be in a warm form for half an hour before a meal;
      • treatment and table water - up to 1-1.5 liters per day;
      • table water - can be consumed in unlimited quantities.

      Important! In case of urolithiasis, consumption of mineral water is carried out only under the control and on the prescription of the attending physician.

    2. Sour-milk drinks: ryazhenka, kefir, milk.Compote from fresh or frozen fruits and berries.
    3. .
    4. Morse.
    5. Teas: weak tea.
      Please note! Diet No. 6 supposes complete refusal of such drinks as strong tea, cocoa and coffee, as their use is one of the main factors of active formation of kidney stones.These drinks not only increase the level of uric acid in the body, but also contribute to its dehydration.
    6. Herbal infusions and decoctions.In any pharmacy, renal collections are offered, in which you can find such medicinal plants as dog rose, nettle, nettle and others.

    Drinking regimen of patients in whom the formation of urate stones occurs in combination with the development of other diseases( for example, arterial hypertension, renal failure, etc.) can be established only by the attending physician.

    Some tips for preparing dietary meat dishes

    Stones As already mentioned above, urate stones are formed with an excessive amount of uric acid, the development of which contribute to purine substances.Sources of a large number of these substances are: meat products and by-products, fish and mushrooms.

    It should be noted that it is the cooking of these products that allows you to get rid of most of the purines contained in them, which respectively remain in the broth .That's why it's strictly forbidden to use meat, fish and mushroom broths with urate kidney stones, and you can pamper yourself with a tasty boiled piece of meat.

    Tip # 1 .Before starting to cook meat, it should be soaked in salt solution for at least three hours.

    Tip # 2 .The soaked meat should be placed immediately in boiling water.

    Tip # 3 .When preparing the first dishes, the meat should be cooked exclusively in a separate container and added to the plate already in a fully prepared form.

    Menu options for urate kidney stones

    Menu option №1

    Breakfast - an egg, cooked soft-boiled, buckwheat porridge, a slice of a little dried gray bread, a decoction of rose hips.Lunch - two sweet apples.


    Lunch - soup based on vegetables and pearl barley, pumpkin-curd casserole, compote.

    Snack - a salad of cabbage and carrots.

    Dinner - Bulgarian peppers stuffed with a mixture of rice and vegetables, a glass of kefir.

    Menu option №2

    Breakfast - oatmeal with a handful of nuts, a glass of fruit jelly.Lunch Banana.

    Lunch - vegetarian borscht with sour cream and breadcrumbs, curd with sweet berries and honey, green tea.

    Snack - a salad of sweet fruits, dressed with yogurt.

    Dinner - vegetable stew, glass of compote, apple.

    Menu option №3

    Breakfast - boiled egg, potato-squash pancakes, herbal tea.Lunch - salad with cucumber, sweet pepper and green onion.

    Lunch - milk soup with pasta, cheese cakes on semolina, a glass of compote.

    Snack is a bunch of grapes.

    Dinner - boiled lean meat, salad "Vinaigrette", fruit tea.

    Menu option №4

    Breakfast - milk rice porridge, croutons with jam, ginger tea.Lunch - a couple of plums and a pear.

    Lunch - vegetarian soup with vegetables, seasoned with sour cream, a glass of milk jelly and marmalade.

    Snack - fruit salad.Dinner - boiled potatoes, salad with cabbage and carrots, a slice of white bread, a glass of fermented baked milk.

    Menu option №5

    Breakfast - an omelette from one egg, a salad of baked beets and walnuts, tea with milk.Lunch - banana and pear.

    Lunch - boiled chicken breast, rice and vegetable soup, pumpkin pancakes, a glass of compote.

    Snack - baked apple with honey.

    Dinner - casserole from pasta, apples and cottage cheese, a glass of milk.

    Konev Alexander, the therapist

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