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Walk with the newborn: how much should you walk with the baby?

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The first walk with the newborn is considered a fairly responsible and exciting procedure.After all, my mother will probably be interested in the answers to the question about the time / duration of the walk, at what time of day it is better to breathe fresh air and what air temperature allows you to go out into the street with a baby.To understand the process under consideration, you need to remember a few simple but effective recommendations from pediatricians.

To begin with, some immutable rules:

  1. It is better to plan a walk right after feeding the baby, because at this time it is the most peaceful.In addition, if the street is cool, then with a full stomach, the baby will be easier to adapt to the low temperature of the air.
  2. Determine the choice of clothes for the baby will help the street thermometer - the indicators on it orient in the choice of clothing.
  3. If the outside temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius or below 10 degrees Celsius, the walk should be canceled.And, in any case!Even if you completely stripped the child or, conversely, wrapped up qualitatively.
  4. The very first walk should not last more than 7 minutes, all subsequent ones can be increased by 5-10 minutes.Thus, by 3-4 months the baby will walk 2-3 times a day and this is the norm.
Table of contents:

Walking with a newborn in the summer

The mistake of most parents is to organize a walk from the first day of the newborn baby's home.This can not be done categorically, even if the weather is warm and windless.Usually, during the discharge from the maternity hospital the doctor gives recommendations to his mother about walks with the baby, but if there were none, then on the first walk you can only gather for 7-10 birthday.

Air temperature above 25 degrees

New-born In this case, the newborn's clothing should be made of natural cotton, as this material is able to absorb sweat and not irritate the delicate skin of the baby.The same rule must be observed when choosing a mattress in a stroller and a cot - if the child's back is constantly sweating, then this will lead to irritation of the skin.

Do not forget to take enough diapers for a walk-even in warmth the baby should not be in wet diapers for a long time.

Air temperature above 30 degrees Celsius

This kind of heat is considered undesirable for a newborn, so the best option is to transfer the walk.In extreme cases, you can take the babe to fresh air in the morning or evening hours, when the air temperature will be slightly lower.

How many hanging out with a newborn in the summer?

Feeding-1 This indicator Mom should determine by the well-being of the child.If he feels fine for 2 hours, does not be naughty, why not take a walk for so long?Just bring spare diapers with you.

You can orient in the matter under consideration and on the feeding hours.As a rule, the newborn behaves absolutely calmly during the first two hours after the next feeding - that's the time of the walk.If you have to go somewhere far, then you need to take care of feeding in advance.If a woman is breastfeeding, she should wear special clothes for this procedure.In case of artificial feeding, a bottle with food is taken for a walk, but it should be in dry form.It is better to take a dry mixture and a thermos with water of the right temperature with it, than then to rush about in search of food due to the sourness of the finished mixture.

Note: in summer can cause a heat stroke in a newborn, and an imperfect system of thermoregulation in the body provokes such a condition.But this is absolutely not an excuse for refusing to walk, just need to move it to a less hot time.

How long should you walk with a newborn in the spring and fall?

During this period of the year, parents should especially carefully organize the newborn's walks.The first walk can be done only on the 5th-6th day after discharge from the maternity hospital and only if the baby is in excellent health.

How to properly dress a child

Walk-in-the-shade-1 In the spring-autumn period of the year, for a walk, the baby is optimally fit for a demi-season overall that perfectly preserves heat, but at the same time allows breathing the skin, which prevents sweating.Under such a jumpsuit it is necessary to put on clothes only clothes made of natural materials.

Note: is warm during this period of the year, it is often accompanied by a cold wind, and this leads to a cold of the newborn.Doctors recommend in the spring and autumn to go for a walk with the baby only in good weather.

Walking with a child in the rain

If you put a raincoat on a stroller, then you can carry out a walk with the baby even in damp and wet weather - this is a wrong opinion.The fact is that inside the wheelchair, with such a shelter, a greenhouse effect is created, and this is considered an unfavorable microclimate for the child.Make sure that the baby inside the stroller is uncomfortable, easy - put your hand under the raincoat and feel the negative impact of the greenhouse effect.

Walk in rainy weather is better to postpone, and it is advisable to use a raincoat only if the precipitation is taken by surprise.

Walking time with a newborn

Walks It is determined only taking into account the well-being of the baby.If the child is not frozen, shows no signs of discontent / anxiety, then the first walk can last 15-20 minutes.In the future, with each walk, the time spent on the street in the spring-autumn period should be increased by 10-15 minutes, as a result, bringing it to one and a half hours a day.

Winter walks with the newborn

The question of whether it is possible to walk with the newborn in the winter, arises for every parent.Doctors answer unequivocally: it is possible, and even necessary!After all, fresh air is necessary for the development of the baby, so this factor should be present in the life of the baby constantly, regardless of the season.Do not be afraid of winter, because it is enough to observe several rules and you can easily go out with the newborn even on frosty days.

How to dress a little girl for a walk?

The optimal choice for winter walks will be a transformer overall.This kind of clothes perfectly keeps the heat, the back of the baby is always closed, and the ability to quickly transform it into a child's envelope allows you to change the baby without even waking it.

How long does it take to walk with a newborn in the winter?

This should tell the doctor pediatrician, but there are general recommendations:

  • if the street is not more than 5 degrees below zero, the first walk should last no more than 7 minutes;
  • if the air temperature is not below 15 degrees below zero, the duration of the first walk should not exceed 5 minutes;
  • if the frost has fallen below 15 degrees, then it is better to postpone the walk before warming.

Innovative For the first time on the street a newborn can be taken out only on day 14 after discharge from the maternity hospital.If the temperature of the air does not allow you to take the baby to the street, then you just need to properly air the room where the baby is.

All that is written above, applies only to healthy newborns.If the child was born prematurely or with some kind of congenital disease, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician about the first walk, the length of stay on the street.

In addition to attentive attitude to weather conditions, the comfort of a walk in the open air will be provided by a properly selected stroller. Given how many modern models there are of this "vehicle", it is worth remembering a few rules for buying a stroller:

  1. baby carriage The bottom of the stroller should be flat, you can purchase an extra mattress in the stroller, but this should not be a feather.
  2. It is not possible for a baby to immediately get a stroller, even if it was born in the summer.Even with the full recline of the "vehicle", it is impossible to achieve an absolutely even positioning of the newborn's back.Such a negative impact can provoke curvature of the spine, displacement of internal organs and other health problems.
  3. Wheels should be large and equipped with shock absorbers, which will allow the wheelchair to go smoothly, to overcome snow drifts without disturbing the baby.
  4. Be sure to take into account the dimensions of the stroller, because some models are so voluminous that they can not fit in the elevator.

Walking in the fresh air with the baby is a must in the daily routine of the baby.They should not be neglected even in bad weather, because such walks are one of the many factors ensuring the full development of the child.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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