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Analyzes for weight disorders

Analyzes for weight disorders

Some people, having a normal weight, are constantly unhappy with them and do not accept the arguments that everything is in order.Others, having obvious problems, do not want to notice this, considering that the main thing is the internal state of a person.Wrong any one nor the other.Determine the optimal weight can be by the formulas, but in order to determine the causes of abnormalities in one direction or another, you will need to undergo a survey.

Table of contents: How to calculate the optimal weight?What tests are used in weight disorders General recommendations.

How to calculate the optimal weight?

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The normal limits of the ratio of the person's weight to height are calculated according to a special formula.Her appearance is connected with Adolf Ketle, a Belgian statistician.He derived the formula in 1869, and it expresses the body mass index( BMI).

body mass index is calculated by the formula:

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  • m - weight in kilograms
  • h - height in meters, 15234

value index

correspondence between the weight of the person and his growth

Less than 14



Severe underweight








Obesity I-th degree


Obesity II-th degree

than 40

Obesity III-th degree

This index is very useful for prognosis otnoitelno decision on the need for examination and treatment.

So, according to the formula below, you calculated your own BMI.Below, consider the combined versions of the examinations, which are preferably carried out to determine the causes of weight loss and further treatment, if necessary.We will not consider a variant of the norm and values ​​close to them, since your diet, lifestyle and physical activity are balanced and are at an optimal level.

Important! Fear can only cause changes in one direction or another.

What tests are used for weight disorders

Weight gain( BMI growth) is obesity of varying severity.

Decreased body weight( decreased BMI) - exhaustion of varying severity.

Obligatory analyzes in this case are general analyzes and analyzes for hormones.

The category of general tests for weight disorders includes:

  • What tests are used for weight disorders General blood test, general urinalysis.They are standard for all types of examination.Can indicate a lot of changes in the body and orient the doctor in the future search.
  • Assays for hepatitis.Can talk about viral liver damage.This body is the laboratory of the body and plays a crucial role in all types of metabolism, including fat metabolism and glucose metabolism.
  • Hepatic assays( ALT, AST, bilirubin).Will help assess the functional state of the liver.
  • Blood sugar( fasting).The norm is 3.88 - 5.83 mmol / l.An increase in glucose levels may indicate a decrease in glucose tolerance or diabetes mellitus.
  • Glycated hemoglobin.The norm is 120-140.Indicates a prolonged increase in blood glucose and confirms the presence of diabetes.
  • Blood cholesterol( increase).The norm is 3.0-6.0 mmol / l.It reflects the excessive increase in body fat and carbohydrates, can serve to assess possible complications.
  • Blood cholesterol( lowering).Can indicate a violation of the absorption of fats by the body.

The analysis of hormones used for weight disorders includes tests for:

  • Insulin.It is a hormone of the pancreas.Regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids.
  • Leptin.The hormone produced by fat cells.Its content directly correlates with the amount of adipose tissue and back correlates with the physical activity of a person.Congenital deficiency of leptin causes severe forms of early obesity.The norm of men 15-20 years old is 16.8 +/- 10.8 ng / ml;In women - 15-20 years - 32.8 +/- 5.2 ng / ml.After reaching the age of twenty, the amount of leptin decreases with time.
  • Thyroid hormones( T3, T4, thyrotropic hormone TSH) . Play a role in all types of exchange.Their reduction can lead to an increase in body weight.An increase in their number leads to a decrease in body weight.
  • Sex hormones( Testosterone).They are directly involved in lipid metabolism.With excessive body weight, the level of sex hormones decreases, sexual activity decreases.
  • Sex hormones( estrogens, prolactin).Increased synthesis of hormones leads to an increase in body weight, which is due to the physiological effects of the hormones of this group.With a lack of body weight, the level of all sex hormones decreases.
  • Adrenal hormones( Glucocorticoids, Mineralocorticoids) can lead to disturbances in water-volitional metabolism and increase of body weight due to concealed edema.
  • Oncomarkers.Their presence in the body can indicate the presence of a tumor in the body and weight loss can be associated with this

General recommendations

General recommendations

  1. It is necessary to take tests after preliminary preparation for them, as the health worker will inform you in detail.
  2. It is absolutely forbidden to take tests at elevated temperature, after taking alcohol, after taking medications on the eve.
  3. Interpretation of test results and diagnostic search are the prerogative of your physician.

Important: self assessment of the data, exactly like self-treatment is not allowed!

Physician-therapist, Sovinskaya Elena Nikolaevna.

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