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What kind of moisturizer is best for a child: the harm and benefit of an air humidifier


The humidifier is used to maintain the normal humidity in the room.The use of this device becomes especially relevant during the heating season and summer hot days.And most of all it needs families, in which there are children and the elderly.In such situations, it is simply vital.

Contents: What is the danger of insufficient air humidity in the room?Types of humidifiers

What is the danger of insufficient humidity in the room?

Excessive air dryness negatively affects the health of the respiratory system.The drying out of the mucous membranes of the nose provokes their edema and hinders the physiological respiration.This is especially noticeable with regard to babies, they are uncomfortable sucking their breasts or drinking milk from a bottle.

In older children, due to the reduced humidity, solid crusts form in the nose.It is slime that has dried up and does not allow free movement of air in the nasal passages.Older people easily endure such conditions, but this does not mean that without consequences.

Mucous plays a role of a certain barrier, which detains various pathogenic microorganisms and does not allow them to penetrate into the body.Reducing the secretion secretion invariably leads to a risk of bacterial complications from the sinuses and other parts of the respiratory tract.

Sanitary norms regarding the microclimate of living quarters( except for sub-pipes, corridor, kitchen, bathroom and toilet):

  • temperature in the warm season is 18-24 ° С;
  • temperature in the cold - 20-28 ° C;
  • relative humidity in summer - 65%;
  • relative humidity in winter - 60%;
  • air movement speed - 0.2 m / s.

It is especially important to observe the relative humidity parameters if the baby is sick with ARI or any cold disease.Its reduction often becomes the cause of worsening of the severity of the condition.

Important: moisture is important not only for mucous membranes, but also for the skin.In conditions of excessively dry air, the skin practically ceases to perform its thermoregulatory functions.And a child( especially a newborn) is already quite difficult to cope with changes in the temperature of the environment and changes in the temperature formed as a result of the processes taking place in his body.Moreover, in dry air, the skin can become vulnerable, dry.Another disadvantage of low humidity is the acceleration of the circulation of dust - the source of bacteria and viruses in any home.

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Types of humidifiers

There are several types of appliances used in everyday life for humidifying air, they all differ in certain parameters: they have different capacities, capacities, they have their own peculiarities, disadvantages and advantages.

Trading networks receive:

  • traditional humidifiers;
  • steam models;
  • ultrasonic devices

Traditional humidifiers

Ulvashnitel Their principle of operation is based on "cold" evaporation.In operation they are economical and simple .They have a special tank, water is poured into it, from where it gets to the evaporation elements.The device has a built-in fan, it sucks dry air, and the evaporator enriches it with moisture.To increase productivity, that is, the intensity of evaporation, it is necessary to put such a humidifier near the heat source, which will ensure a higher air circulation.

The maximum humidity during operation of such a device is up to 60%. When choosing a traditional humidifier, always pay attention to the presence of an antibacterial cassette - with its help air is disinfected from pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

The main advantage of such devices is the "naturalness" of evaporation: water simply evaporates with a certain surface area that is constantly wetted by the .The moisture evaporates immediately into the vapor state.It is important that minerals and impurities from the water remain inside and do not enter the air.

Note: the rate of evaporation of the humidifier depends on the humidity in the room.The smaller it is, the more intensive the device works.The saturated air is perceived by the body very easily and comfortably.

The same traditional types of devices include "air washes". They have wettable flat discs mounted on the axle( rotating).The disks on the axis are partially submerged in water.Rotating, they are wetted in the bath and immediately dry above the surface of the water from the fan.The air between the discs is saturated with moisture, dust from it settles on a wet disc and is washed off.This type of humidifier at the same time saturates the air with moisture, and cleans it.There are two types of constructions of such devices.In the first discs are located in the tank-tank, and in the second - in the tank, which is removed.They also differ in some level of noise during operation in the maximum performance mode.

Steam humidifier

humidifier Its principle of operation is based on the "hot" evaporation .In the device water is heated by two electrodes, and it is converted to steam after it reaches the maximum temperature. Steam humidifier allows to increase humidity by more than 60%.

This type of device is very easy to use.When water runs out during operation, it switches off automatically.No need to purchase cartridges, filters, etc. in addition.The steam humidifier has a high capacity, there is no impurities in the sprayed moisture.Hot evaporation ensures sterility.Among the shortcomings, it should be noted that the steam view of the humidifiers consumes a lot of energy( not all models) and it must be often cleaned( remove the scum).

Ultrasonic humidifiers

Humidifier-benefit-harm This is the most popular type of air humidification device . All implemented models operate on the basis of high-frequency oscillations capable of converting water into microdispersed particles.They are equipped with a special piezoceramic emitter with silvered electrodes.When the electrical circuit is closed, the radiator starts to vibrate at such a rate that it creates ultrasonic waves capable of detaching individual particles from the water surface.In the chamber above the radiator fog( cold vapor) is formed, it is blown outward by the fan.

Moisture, getting into the room, gradually dries up and saturates the air.In case of increased dryness, the droplets dry out in the air.This type is recommended for use in children's rooms.It reduces the risk of burns to zero.

Some advanced ultrasonic models are equipped with a hygrometer, ultraviolet lamp, filter cartridge for water softening, ionizer air, remote control, LCD display .To ensure safety, both simpler models and climatic complexes are equipped with a special automatic device that disconnects the device in case of a critical drop in water level or overturning.

Please note! The important advantages of ultrasonic humidifiers include noiselessness, the production of fog instead of steam, ergonomics, small size and the ability to repair with breakage.

The main drawback of the device - together with water in the air from it are impurities and various minerals, as a result on the furniture, floor and walls there is a small salt coating, which has a whitish shade of .If for a healthy person these salts do not cause any harm, the inhalation of vapors with salt ingredients by allergy sufferers and asthmatics can lead to new attacks and worsening of well-being.

Ideally, an ultrasonic humidifier should use water from a home filtration system( first stage of reverse osmosis).

Important : with respect to any type of humidifier, it should be noted that when the device is switched on, ventilation and ventilation should be carried out in parallel.From the room must be displayed products of gas exchange rights.

Criteria for selecting the best humidifier

When choosing a humidifier, be sure to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Devotee The principle of saturation with moisture.There are three types of these devices: thermal, ultrasonic, "natural".Traditional( natural) humidifiers provide indoor humidity at 60%, steam( thermal) - more than 60%, ultrasound - more than 70%( can be used to maintain the microclimate in greenhouses).
  • Performance.Humidifiers are weak, they are designed for use in small rooms that are poorly ventilated.Their productivity is equal to 100 g / h, and sometimes even less.The more powerful ones have parameters of 400 g / h, which allows them to optimally compensate for the loss of moisture provided a balanced ventilation.
  • Safety and ease of maintenance.Ultrasonic and traditional models are safe for the baby, steam - allow to conduct medical inhalations.Also, when choosing, one should take into account the fact that the harder it is to clean and wash the device, the higher the probability that soon it will remain unoccupied and the children in the house will breathe dry air.
  • Time of continuous operation of the device.It directly depends on the volume of water that is poured into the device in 1 time, and the productivity.A humidifier with high capacity always requires more water.At the same time, the longer it works at one gas station, the less it will have to serve it.Optimum when a day is enough for one refueling, that is, the duration of continuous operation - at least 24 hours.It should be noted that in models with a capacity of 400 g / h for a round-the-clock operation, a tank of about 10 liters is needed.
  • Hydrostatic.The presence of such an integrated function allows maintaining the optimum level of air saturation with moisture at a given level.This also allows you to turn on the device all night without fear.
  • Noisiness.If the noise level created during operation is high, then at night the device will have to be switched off, which means - to breathe dry air.Reduced humidity at night during sleep has an even greater negative impact on the state of the respiratory system, rather than during the day during wakefulness.Often, most breathing complications require urgent medical attention during sleep. A quiet device will allow a child to sleep all night and calmly and breathe with wet air. Some models have a "night" mode of operation, but it provides a reduction in its performance.
  • Material.Often, poor quality plastic has a characteristic smell, it will necessarily be transmitted during work in the air.Therefore, such devices are not worth buying.
  • Water disinfection.The option is very useful, especially in those models where water is poured into the device itself.In the water millions of different bacteria, including pathogens, multiply very quickly.A device with a water disinfectant will help you not to breathe air with microbes.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video review of Dr. Komarovsky: the pediatrician gives his advice on choosing a humidifier for the children's room:

I hope the information above will help you choose an air humidifier that will completely satisfy all your requests.

Betsik Julia, medical reviewer

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