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Prevention of phimosis in boys


To understand how to prevent the disease, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the mechanisms of its development and symptoms.A narrowed foramen of the foreskin, in which the opening of the penis head is difficult, or impossible, is called phimosis.

Table of contents: Types of pathology Causes of development of phimosis in boys Symptoms of phimosis in the boy Treatment of phimosis in boys

This phenomenon is considered the norm for boys under the age of one, since tightly wrapping the penis head protects the baby from infections.

90% of the boys have phimosis by the age of seven. To 13-14 years, phimosis can be observed to a minor extent.If there are problems with opening the head and maintaining the wrong structure of the penis, medical treatment is required.



Phimosis as a disease manifests itself in two forms:

  • scarring;
  • hypertrophic.

Cicatricial form manifests itself in the form of a dimple of the foreskin due to the formation of scars during the healing of various minor ulcers and injuries.This form of the disease most often develops after mechanical damage to the penis.In some cases, it develops due to infection.

Hypertrophic form develops against the background of birth defects of the foreskin.The skin of the penis lengthens and narrows considerably.Most often this type of disease affects boys with excess weight.

Causes of development of phimosis in boys

Phimosis, as a form of the disease, provokes several causes of :

  • Fimoz of penis inflammation;
  • genetic disorders in the development of skin tissue of the penis;
  • non-compliance with hygiene regulations;
  • infectious diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • trauma of the penis with the formation of scars.

These reasons provoke the development of the disease, which is fraught with serious complications.

Symptoms of phimosis in the boy

If a child of a senior preschool age has symptoms of the disease, immediate medical intervention is required.

Symptoms requiring medical attention:

  • elevated body temperature;
  • painful urination;
  • Fimoz with very neglected forms observed drip yield of urine;
  • full opening of the head of the penis is impossible;
  • blueing of the glans penis;
  • enlarged inguinal lymph nodes;
  • inflammation of the head of the penis;
  • excretion of pus even with a slight pressure on the head of the penis;
  • swelling of the genital head;
  • weak jet upon urination.

Even one of these signs suggests that phimosis has acquired a pathological form requiring immediate treatment.

Treatment of phimosis in boys

Treatment of pathology is carried out in three ways:

  • medicamentous;
  • not pharmacological;
  • surgical.

Fimoz For medical treatment, ointments for topical administration based on glucocorticosteroids are prescribed. These drugs increase the elasticity of the epithelium, relieve inflammation and stimulate the healing of microcracks, helping to reduce the manifestations of phimosis.

Non-pharmacological treatment is used in the absence of scars on the patient's foreskin. The method consists in the regular manual extension of the epithelium mentioned above. The foreskin is slowly pulled over the head until a pain syndrome appears.Do 10 to 15 frictions a few times a day.The first positive results will be visible in a month and a half.

Please note

It is better to manipulate after taking a bath, when the skin is more elastic.



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