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Positions for breastfeeding

Chest pose

Discomfort, fatigue, soreness in the chest or back - these are signs of a violation of the technique of breastfeeding in general and the wrong choice of the position for feeding - in particular.Young mothers do not give great importance to the latter, but in vain.In the conditions of modern medicine, when doctors reject the "regime" method and insist on feeding on demand, the correct organization of the process is extremely important.

Table of contents: Feeding postures: why it is so important to know about them Preparing Feeding postures: basic types Feeding the prone

Feeding postures: why it is so important to know about them

Several decades ago, when young mothers were feeding "By the clock, "they were offered the only true position: the woman was sitting on the bed, putting a chair under her leg.The doctors assured that in this situation the outflow of milk was carried out better, which reduced the risk of development of stagnant processes in the chest.

Despite the fact that this position is not the most convenient for the exhausted pregnancy and childbirth of the female body, it was very popular.After all, the feeding time was then also regulated and did not exceed 15 - 20 minutes, thanks to which my mother practically did not get tired.

Today, this approach to feeding is considered ineffective.Pediatricians replaced it by feeding on demand, mentioning that the development of lactostasis in this case does not threaten mom if she:

  • practices frequent attachments;
  • regularly changes chest and posture for feeding;
  • provides free chest location, not supporting it at the moment of saturation of crumbs.

Important! In choosing a posture for feeding, you need to orient yourself only to your sensations.A woman, like a child, should be comfortable and comfortable, then the process will bring a lot of pleasure to both.

The abundance of postures also helps to prevent several postpartum problems, namely:

  • Posture of feeding Get rid of chronic fatigue.Fetal nurturing, delivery, and subsequent care for the baby, coupled with a constant lack of sleep - this is a huge stress for the body.In the early days, he successfully copes with it due to the increased production of endorphins.Over time, when the hormonal background stabilizes, their synthesis slows down, and the effects of sleepless nights are increasingly manifested.A complete sleep helps to get rid of them.It is easiest to organize it in conditions of breastfeeding on demand.During periods of feeding, mom can take a nap with a baby, thereby gaining strength.
  • Manifestation of pain.Caesarean section, as well as natural childbirth, ending with episiotomy, or dissection of the perineum, impose an imprint on the lifestyle of the young mother.She is forbidden to sit or load her stomach.Under such conditions, the competent choice of postures for feeding, in which it not only rest, but also recover, is saved.
  • Development of lactostasis.The habit of using the only convenient position for feeding for many women results in stagnant milk, which is accompanied by pain and fever.Avoid it helps a frequent change of postures, thanks to which all the areas of the breast are well freed.

Please note! In case of lactostasis, which is manifested by the presence of seals in the chest, the feeding should be arranged in such a way that the child's chin in the process is directed toward compaction.Thus, the latter will quickly resolve.

Preparation of

Feeding-baby-breastfeeding The key to the success of the process is in the right organization.To avoid the appearance of discomfort, it is worthwhile to prepare the pillows that were used during pregnancy in advance.They should be scampered to feel as relaxed as possible in moments of solitude with the child.

It is also important to exclude irritating or distracting factors, for example by closing in a separate room with a toddler.Sudden thirst or hunger attacks can be ignored if you place a plate with a light snack or a glass of water in the reach zone.

Feeding positions: basic types

There are a number of postures for feeding, meanwhile they are all divided into three types according to the organization method:

  • lying;
  • sitting;
  • standing.

Positions lying

These are the most convenient ways of feeding, in which the mother can fully relax.Most often they are used in the first weeks of a child's life, when he sucks his breast for a long time and a lot.You can lie on the bed or on the couch.Meanwhile, the first option is preferable, since it eliminates the risk of falls and bruises.

Side feeding

Ideal position for women after caesarean section .Its advantage is in excluding any pressure on the healing stomach and, as a result, a pledge of a speedy recovery.You can use this position not only during the day, but also at night, without interrupting a full rest.

Leja-na-boku For this it is enough :

  • lie on its side, not resting on the elbows( for convenience it is better to put a low pillow under your head);
  • put the child near the bottom of the nipple, taking care that his head is slightly thrown back;
  • insert the nipple into the child's mouth, holding the latter under the shoulder blades.

Important! By organizing night feeding in this way, it is worthwhile taking care of the roller, which will hold the baby's back when the mother falls asleep.

On the arm

This position is an exit for a woman who has had too little a baby and, when feeding on her side, simply can not reach the nipple of the .To help him, the mother can lean on the elbow or lean forward, meanwhile the long feeding in this position ends with the flowing of the limbs and pain in the back.

To avoid them, it suffices:

  • lie on its side, putting forward a hand;
  • put the crumbs on your forearm, holding it in the ass;
  • the other hand to serve the chest.

Please note! In this position, you can put a low pillow under your head in such a way that your shoulders stay on the bed.Then there will be no pain in the neck.In addition, it is ideal for women who have stagnation in the lateral lobe of the breast.

Another variant of this posture is the use of a pillow instead of your own hand.The main thing is to put it as close to your body as possible, then the process will bring pleasure to both mother and baby.

"Valet" feeding posture

This method is intended for mothers who have seals in the upper chest, although it can also be used to prevent lactostasis.

To this end:

  • Itages poses lie on its side on the pillow, putting the elbow behind the head( the correctness of the organization can be checked by the position of the pillow - it should be in the armpit);
  • next place the child on its side in such a way that its legs are directed in the opposite direction from the mother;
  • with your free hand, put the breast into your mouth, holding the backrest under your shoulder blades.


This position helps to improve the outflow of milk, as it suggests overhanging the mammary gland over the baby's mouth .It is often used for hypolactivation to enhance milk production.In addition, it is ideal for "lazy" babies, who are accustomed to eating from a bottle, where food does not need to be sucked.

Breast feeding In order to organize the feeding, it is necessary :

  • lie on its side, raised on the elbow;
  • next to put sideways baby, belly to stomach;
  • help him grab the chest with his free hand.

With all its advantages, such a position has a significant drawback: the elbow, on which the woman leans, quickly becomes numb, resulting in resorting to its use is recommended in extreme cases.

Feeding sitting

Such feeding postures are as practical as possible.With their help, you can organize feeding in a polyclinic, at a party or at home, for example, if after saturation the child needs to be transferred to a crib.

Please note! Many women claim that it is best to feed the baby sitting in a rocking chair.So you can not only relax, but also take a nap.


A traditional pose that involves holding a crumb of a mother in her arms.It is considered the most comfortable for him, since it allows him to accept the position in which he was in the womb.

feeding For its organization it is enough:

  • it is convenient to sit on a sofa;
  • take the baby in his arms so that his head lies on the elbow fold;
  • press him to his belly, holding his free hand for the ass;
  • put in his mouth chest.

Important! For convenience, both can hold crumbs by the head.It is also important to ensure that she herself was slightly thrown back, and his mouth was just below the nipple.This will allow him to fully eat, without hindering breathing while doing so.

In case of back pain, a woman should lean on the back of the couch or change the position.

Back cradle

This is ideal for children who do not yet know how to take a nipple well.In this position, the head is fixed, so that the mouth is in close proximity to the mammary gland.

Breast feeding Mom needs:

  • sit on the couch, putting a pillow on his knees;
  • to take the child with his right hand, supporting the palm under the head;
  • to feed the left breast, with a free hand inserting it into the mouth.

In this position, the hand can lie on the pillow, feeding is carried out comfortably.If the limb is numb, the arm should be replaced.

A position for feeding a child "Out of hand"

This position is not widely used, although it is not inferior to a cradle for convenience, but it can be used even after cesarean section.

Posture-for-feeding-from-under-hand To organize it, you need :

  • to sit comfortably by placing a roller under your back and a pillow next to the breast to be fed;
  • on top of the pillow put the baby's tummy to his side, putting his legs behind his back and holding the palm of his head, and his elbow - the ass;
  • when the head is at the level of the nipple, it's time to put the last in his mouth.

Please note! This pose is worth choosing the mothers of hyperactive children, which are twisted, thus, complicating the process of feeding .

On the lap

Posture-for-feed-on-the-knees The position for the older kids, which they learn even on their own, when the mother sits on the sofa .After six months, the child can be seated face to face, having brought his legs behind his back.Breasts love her not only for their simplicity, but also for the opportunity to establish eye contact with their mother at such moments.

Postures for feeding standing

They help a woman who needs to cuddle a baby or do household chores.


Posture of feeding Pose is similar to a cradle, but at the same time:

  • mum is standing with a baby in his arms, laying his head on his elbow fold;
  • you need to make sure that his tummy touches her stomach;
  • with free hand to serve the chest.

Important! Small children can be held with one hand, and those who are older - always two.

On the thigh

It is designed for children suffering from constant regurgitation .Its advantage lies in the vertical position of the crumbs, thanks to which it eats without swallowing the air.

Breast feeding For its implementation, you need:

  • put the leg, bent at the knee, on the support;
  • take the baby in your arms;
  • to seat his booty on his thigh, while holding his hand at a level slightly below the nipple;
  • help him grab him.

This position is also a salvation in case of hyperlactation, when the milk flows heavily, and the baby literally chokes on them.

In the


Postures for feeding This posture makes it possible to implement feeding on a walk or in a polyclinic, especially since the child's closeness to the nipple does not remain unnoticed by them. The main thing is to ensure that it captures it correctly.

The choice of the posture for feeding is a very individual matter, but you need to approach it responsibly.Moreover, this allows mother not only to ease her daily work and rest in breaks, but also to prevent the development of lactostasis.

Chumachenko Olga, pediatrician

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