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Harm cell phone for children: how dangerous is a cell phone?

Harm to a mobile phone for children

We are so used to always "keep in touch", that we do not even remember and do not want to remember how we lived 20 years ago without this very connection.We stood in lines at phone booths, always had two pennies in their pockets, they knew the phone numbers of friends and colleagues by heart.But the technical progress "put us" on the cellular communication, and now all mobile phones are used, from first-graders to pensioners.But is everything so well and safely?Is there a great danger for us and, first of all, for our children?

Contents: To whom we owe the appearance of a mobile phone What is SAR and what is it for? The mechanism of cellular exposure on the body Consequences of first acquaintance of a child with a cell phone Do mobile phones need a preschooler. School children and cell phones

To whom we owe the appearance of a mobile phone

In the 1930s, the Detroit police first attempted to use one- and two-way telephone mobile radio communications to transmit information.During the Great Patriotic War, in 1943, the Soviet electrical engineer-inventor Babat GI.Created and tested the "great-grandfather" of a modern mobile phone - a monophone working without wires.

In 1946, Soviet engineers Shapiro and Zakharchenko and in parallel with them the American company Bell Laboratories conducted tests of radiotelephone communication from the car.In 1947, Americans developed the principle of mobile telephony - hexagonal honeycomb.And in 1957 the Moscow engineer Kupriyanovich LI.Introduced the first phone to compatriots, which could be carried with them, and the base station to it.He weighed almost 3 kg, worked within a radius of 30 kilometers without changing the batteries during the day.

Shapiro and Zakharchenko

So started the era of mobile phones.In Russia, cellular communication was firmly established in 1991, when the Delta Telecom company was established in St. Petersburg.

What is SAR, and why does it need

Modern mobile phones have become completely different.They are light, beautiful, compact, multifunctional.Only one thing has not changed: the "mobile phone" has been and remains the source of the electromagnetic radiation dangerous to man.Since mobile communication can not be taken and deleted from the life of modern society, it has become necessary to clearly( in numerical terms) explain to people that there are dangerous cell phones, and there are very dangerous.In order to assess the harmful effects of "mobile phones" on the body, a special indicator was introduced - the specific absorption coefficient of electromagnetic energy( SAR).It shows how much energy of the electromagnetic field( in Watts) was absorbed by one kilogram of a human body in one second.

What is SAR? SAR is the first thing you need to know when buying a new cell phone by looking in the instructions attached to it.If the SAR does not exceed 0.2 W / kg, the phone has very low irradiation power.If this indicator falls within the interval 0.2-0.5 W / kg - low, and if it is more than 0.5, but less than 1.0 W / kg - the average.The irradiation power is considered to be high in apparatus with SAR exceeding 1.0 W / kg.Unfortunately, a single methodology for determining this coefficient has not yet been developed in the world, so the results of similar studies conducted in different laboratories differ significantly from each other.

Mechanism of cellular exposure to the human body

The effect of a cellular phone on the human body consists of two components: thermal and non-thermal.

Thermal or temperature influence is the ability of the apparatus to heat objects adjacent to it.In this case, these are organs and tissues, especially those containing a large amount of water: the brain, salivary glands, thyroid and parathyroid glands, the pituitary gland and the epiphysis, the eyes.During a conversation on the phone, which is usually always in one ear, due to an increase in the local temperature, the blood vessels of one side of the head expand.Compensatory on the other side, the vessels narrow, causing hypoxia( oxygen deficiency) of the tissues.

The mechanism of cellular exposure on the human body

Non-thermal effect is based on the fact that the "mobile phone" generates low-frequency electromagnetic waves.The frequency of some of them coincides with the frequencies of bioelectric impulses registered in the EEG in the brain, and this threatens the onset of a resonance, the consequences of which are difficult to predict.Do not exclude convulsive attacks, mental disorders, etc.

It is impossible not to mention rare but very real cases of life when cell phones exploded in the hands of their owner, causing their health damage of varying severity.

Consequences of first acquaintance of a child with a cell phone

For the first time a child is exposed to radiation from a "mobile phone" while still in the womb of the mother.For the baby, mothers do not pass without a trace of a chat for an hour or two with a friend, "sit" from the phone in social networks or, it is not excluded, watch the film on TV. And the electromagnetic radiation at this time "does its dirty work":

  • "interferes" in the structure of the chromosomes of the fetus, provoking the formation of malformations and anomalies;
  • causes narrowing of the peripheral blood vessels, which causes the fetus to lack oxygen;
  • disrupts the metabolism in cells, they lack oxygen, and they lose the ability to divide normally;
  • "loosens up" the hormonal background of the female body, which can result in miscarriage;
  • affects the central nervous system of an unborn baby, which may manifest in the future increased excitability, inadequate behavior.

Pregnant women, responsible for the health of the child, should use cellular communication only in case of emergency.

Pregnancy and mobile The child and after birth is an easily vulnerable object for electromagnetic radiation.Why?An adult is a fully formed organism with a reliable protection system.Children's organism up to 16-18 years old continues to grow and develop.The imperfection of the musculoskeletal, nervous, immune, endocrine, hematopoietic and other systems in the growing organism makes the child an easy target for harmful environmental factors.The younger the child, the higher the probability that electromagnetic waves from the cell phone "hit the target."

Possible consequences of the impact of the "mobile phone" on the child:

  • Phone and child does not respond to educational measures, arranges tantrums, is capricious;
  • worries in a dream, wakes up, and then can not fall asleep;
  • complains of headaches, dizziness, nausea in the morning, heart palpitations;
  • can not concentrate attention, quickly becomes tired, it often and sharply changes the mood;
  • complains of pain in the joints of the hand;
  • is often ill with colds;
  • complains of memory impairment, decreased vision, pain and pain in the eyes.

Numerous studies and experiments conducted by scientists from different countries confirm that sooner or later in the body of a person constantly exposed to electromagnetic waves, the following occurs:

  • in the brain cells increases the content of reactive oxygen species that causeOxidative damage to DNA.And this leads to an increased risk of developing cancer, a feeling of fatigue and headaches;
  • increases the risk of developing glioma, one of the most common primary brain tumors;
  • increases the risk of getting cancer of the salivary gland and epilepsy;
  • in the brain disrupted the alternation of phases of slow and fast sleep, periods of wakefulness and sleep;
  • increases the risk of developing cataracts and myopia;
  • decreases the density of bones in the area of ​​the body, constantly in contact with the "mobile phone";
  • steadily increases blood pressure.

Psychological dependence on a cell phone is another problem for children.Some children merge with the apparatus into a single whole, without releasing it from their hands, day or night.Attempts by parents to separate the child from the "mobile phone" turn into hysterics and even attacks of rage and aggression.Do not help, neither persuasion, nor threats.And then you have to resort to the help of specialists: a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a neurologist.

Petersburger-stolen-phone-u-p Another danger of a cell phone( especially expensive) is that, having such a device, the child at any time can become a victim of fraud.Dishonest people go to any tricks and tricks to get the child to voluntarily give the "mobile phone".In case of failure, they are able to use force and not only inflict a moral trauma on the child, but also cause physical harm to his health.

Do you need a mobile phone preschooler

Do mobile phones need a preschooler? The desire of parents to always know where their child is, how it feels, what it does, quite naturally.But if a child visits a preschool, without a cell phone, he will definitely manage.The tutor has the numbers of all contact phones for communication with parents.

Another thing, if you often have to leave the child under the care of a neighbor or nanny.They are strangers, no matter how well they are not familiar with their parents.In this situation, you can buy a baby "mobile phone", but only a special one, not "like that of a dad."Phones for preschool children resemble bright toys in appearance, they have only the most necessary buttons( 7 pieces): call reception, hang-up, button "SOS" and four buttons for communication with parents and two other relatives.Built-in GPS navigator is an opportunity to monitor where the child is.Such "mobile phones" are programmed via SMS, so the baby can not change the settings.

Pupils and Cellular

Schoolboys and Cellular Parents sending their child to the first class include a cell phone in the list of compulsory school supplies.Only a few of them will hear the advice to buy a model simpler and cheaper, and the rest will make a choice based on their material capabilities.Well, if they ask about the value of SAR.Therefore, today's schoolchild without a "mobile phone" is nonsense.And there is no need to convince anyone - the XXI century in the yard.

After buying a phone, parents should deliver to the child by any means, suggesting that the cell phone is a means of communication, and not a game console and not a camera.It is difficult to do, but necessary.

Teach a schoolboy to use a mobile phone and must be treated correctly by the parents of .Here are the moments on which they should sharpen the attention of their child:

  • at school, during lessons, in the theater, in the hospital, in the library, put the phone in silent mode;
  • do not forget to return it to normal mode if there are no restrictions;
  • carry the phone in a briefcase, not in your pocket;
  • not to use the "mobile" in transport;
  • during a conversation do not cover the phone with the entire palm, but keep it with three fingers behind the bottom of the case;
  • talking to the subscriber, shifting the "mobile phone" from one ear to another;
  • not leave the unit on the desk, in the corridor on the windowsill or in any other place unattended;
  • does not answer calls from unknown numbers;
  • while walking do not talk on the phone and do not write messages;
  • not to give a "mobile phone" to strangers, even if they very much ask;
  • do not carry a cell phone on the neck cords;
  • does not use a wireless headset;
  • write a message instead of a call, if possible;
  • do not put the phone to your ear while connecting to the subscriber;
  • do not talk to the subscriber for more than two minutes;
  • turn off the "mobile phone" for the night, wake up at the bell of the usual alarm clock;
  • remember that someone else's phone is untouchable.

The list of recommendations is huge, but their implementation will reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation on the growing children's body.

Zaluzhanskaya Elena Aleksandrovna, pediatrician

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