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Mesotherapy of face, body and scalp: indications, contraindications, possible effect


What only a woman does not agree to always look beautiful and young, despite the age!Most often, they resort to masks and creams, but their components can not penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, and it's just there that their active action is needed.And even more so the therapeutic components of masks, creams and gels can not penetrate into the subcutaneous fatty tissue.This is understandable - the substances do not let the protective reaction of the body penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, which is precisely designed to counter the penetration of various substances into the body from the outside.To solve this problem became possible only with the invention of mesotherapy - a method that is based on the introduction of biologically active substances into the body by means of microinjection .

It is interesting that mesotherapy has been well known to medicine since the 19th century, but in "cosmetology" it "came" only in 1978.The popularity of such cosmetic procedures is easily explained - the process of rejuvenation should be quick and effective, which was achieved by mesotherapy.

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Contents: What is mesotherapy What is the effect of mesotherapy Mesotherapy face

What is mesotherapy

In fact, this is a method of healing the skin of the face, head and body.Complexes of special medicines are introduced into the dermis( they are selected in strictly individual order depending on what problems the patient needs to solve) with small doses and a very thin needle.With the help of such microinjections, vitamins, amino acids and other necessary substances are "delivered" to the dermis.

What effect is provided by mesotherapy

Microinjection allows you to get maximum effectiveness from medications - getting into the body, they provoke the reconstruction of the structure of the skin from the inside, smoothing the already existing wrinkles, restoring the tone and elasticity of the skin.This effect is due to the production of collagen and elastin .

The popularity of the cosmetic procedure under consideration is connected with the possibility to see the result immediately after the microinjection.First, the effect of rejuvenation is noticeable, and secondly, after a while the effect of increasing the elasticity of the skin appears.If the patient is given several sessions of mesotherapy, the result will be more persistent.

Effects obtained after mesotherapy:

  1. Meso-lifting Pharmacological .The doctor introduces a specially selected set of medications, which acts localized.That is, if the patient needs to eliminate local fat deposits, then drugs will be introduced that will accelerate the process of lipolysis, and if the task is to fight wrinkles, then substances that are capable of producing elastin and collagen will be injected.
  2. The circulation of is improving.This is about the local circulation, which is caused by the penetration of the needle - this stimulates blood microcirculation, improves the functioning of the vascular system.
  3. Update of skin cells .Penetration of the skin with a needle is a microtrauma, in which regenerative processes "turn on", the processes of renewal of old skin cells begin.
  4. Opiate effect .Each person has an original reaction to needle injections - the nervous system provokes a "splash" of endogenous opiates into the bloodstream.This, in turn, removes unpleasant sensations( they are possible during the procedure of microinjection) and gives a slight sense of euphoria.
  5. Reflexogenic effect of .There is an assumption that during the injection on the body there is an effect, similar to acupuncture.

Face Mesotherapy

There are clear indications for face mesotherapy:

  • Mezoterapia there are wrinkles;
  • there are age-related skin changes - it becomes flabby, the face oval is fuzzy;
  • under the eyes there are always bags and dark circles;
  • changes the color of the face skin - for example, the "smoker's skin" is defined;
  • facial skin is dry or oily / porous;
  • is diagnosed with acne( mesotherapy is shown only outside the acute period);
  • on the face there are pigmented spots and / or scars;
  • available "second chin" or fat deposits in other parts of the face;
  • is diagnosed with couperose, there are vascular asterisks.

In addition, mesotherapy can be carried out in preparation for surgical operations, after laser facial peeling.

Contraindications to facial mesotherapy:

  • diagnosed oncological diseases;
  • infectious diseases occurring in acute form;
  • history of allergic reactions to medications;
  • diagnosed hemophilia( coagulation disorder);
  • renal failure, occurring in chronic form, nephropathy;
  • hypertension of the 3rd degree;
  • hypersensitivity or individual intolerance to drugs used for mesotherapy;
  • period of bearing of the child and lactation;
  • propensity to form keloid scars;
  • some skin diseases - for example, dermatoses, flowing in an acute form;
  • Diabetes mellitus( at the doctor's discretion - this restriction does not apply to all forms of this endocrine disease);
  • diagnosed cholelithiasis;
  • certain blood diseases;
  • epilepsy.

Separately, it is necessary to clarify some of the nuances - doctors do not recommend conducting a mesotherapy session against the background of taking medications that affect blood clotting, during menstruation and 2-3 days before or after the beginning, during excessive physical exertion.

Scheme of procedure

First the patient meets with his cosmetician - a conversation is mandatory, as the doctor should know all the existing chronic diseases, allergies to medications or other irritants.

On the day of the mesotherapy procedure, you should not use creams, lotions and cosmetic milk.Also it is impossible to take aspirin, anticoagulants on this day, the same prohibition costs 48 hours after microinjection.

The mesotherapy session( it lasts 15-30 minutes) can be carried out in two ways:

  1. Method of attack .In this case, a series of microinjections is done by puncturing.In this case, after 30-60 minutes no traces on the skin of the face remain.
  2. Method of papules .The medicine is introduced into the surface layer of the skin, and it resolves within 2 days.Doctors say that with this method of mesotherapy, the drug is delayed for a long time in the subcutaneous layer.

There are subsets of these methods:

Laser-hair removal-Mesotherapy

Which method will be chosen for a particular patient, the doctor determines - everything will depend on the goals that are pursued by the procedure.Usually, the doctor conducts the microinjection manually, before this, local anesthesia is performed.After the session, a mask or cream with cooling and anti-inflammatory effects is applied to the skin of the face - this quickly brings the person back to normal, patients can leave the clinic after the procedure without any inconveniences, nobody will pay attention to him at all.

Note: in some cases right after the mesotherapy session, there may be swelling of the face and redness of the skin, but this takes place literally within a few hours.

The number of procedures for mesotherapy will be determined by the doctor - in each case it will be different.For example, to correct the face oval, an average of 6 sessions is required, to eliminate dark circles / bags under the eyes - from 1 to 4 procedures.

The effect persists for several months.The mesotherapy session is so safe that in many cases this procedure can be combined with chemical, mechanical peeling.

Body Mesotherapy

This procedure is performed by a very thin needle and using only certain medications. Most often for mesotherapy the body uses:

  • Mezoterapiya_tela enzymes;
  • lipolytic;
  • agents that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin;
  • microelements;
  • vascular preparations;
  • vitamins.

A doctor can prescribe the introduction of one specific drug and a set of tools.Before the procedure, the skin is treated with disinfectants, and then microinjections are made.After the procedure, the skin is again treated with disinfectants, a cream or mask with a soothing effect is applied.

Indications for carrying out mesotherapy of the body:

  • fatty deposits of local character;
  • decreased skin tone and firmness;
  • skin laxity, wrinkles;
  • available scars or stretch marks;
  • cellulite.

Note: after the mesotherapy of the body, you can not visit the sauna, bath, any water bodies, swimming pools and solarium for 2-3 days.Also, you can not do massage and apply some kind of mask and cosmetic to those areas of skin where microinjections were placed.

The effect of this procedure persists for a long time - from several months to one and a half years.The method is low-traumatic, so it can be combined with some other cosmetic procedures, but you should consult a specialist about this.

Mesotherapy for hair and scalp


Mesotherapy of the head is a great way to improve blood circulation in the scalp, improve hair health.The procedure lasts an average of 40 minutes, the patient can go out right after microinjection - no one will notice anything, but the effect will be stunning.

The course of treatment is 10 procedures, but the result will be noticeable literally in the second-third session:

  • significantly reduces the amount of dandruff;
  • no longer fall out of hair;
  • hair get healthy shine and become lush.

Doctors recommend repeating the procedure of mesotherapy of hair and scalp once every 6-10 months - thus it will be possible to preserve the effect for a long time.It is noted that after 2-3 courses of such sessions, diseased hair falls out, in their place grow healthy.

Mesotherapy is a modern method of solving cosmetic problems.It is only necessary to approach the choice of clinic and doctor responsibly, to undergo examination and to exclude contraindications to the procedure.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification

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