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Secrete and dry hair: care and masks recipes

dry hair

Dry hair is a problem for many girls and women, you need to look after them with special care.Dry hair looks dull and lifeless, splits at the tips, poorly succumbing to laying, besides prone to loss and the appearance of dandruff.Everything will upset any lady.But before you run to the store and spend cosmic amounts on expensive balms and lotions, you should understand the causes of dryness and brittle hair.With a competent approach to this problem, you can easily cope even without the services of a professional at home.

Table of contents: How to recognize dry hair?Why do hair get dry?Care for dry hair Masks for dry hair at home Vitamins and herbs for dry hair What else can I do?

How to recognize dry hair?

Does your hair look untidy, like an old washcloth?In most cases, it's all a matter of improperly typed hair care products. Dry head skin and hair are evidenced by such signs:

  • dim, thin strands;
  • pointed tips;
  • difficulty with combing and styling hair;
  • is often worried about dandruff.

It is best to contact a professional hairdresser - often it happens that the hair is dry on the tips, and the scalp is fat .The first thing to do is pick up the shampoo and balm that correspond to your hair type.And then to understand the reasons for this phenomenon.

Why does the hair get dry?

richin several, they can be combined or be single.Here are the most common of them:

  1. Hereditary predisposition - dry and brittle hair can be given as a gift from relatives, and there's nothing to be done.Nature differently distributes the dignity between people.
  2. Age - with this reason, too, just have to accept, after 40 years, both in women and men, hair becomes less drier and begin to fall out, because they no longer receive as much nutrition as they do in youth, are updated and restored much more slowly.
  3. Incorrect care - but this is the fault of the young ladies themselves, who abuse hairdryers, curling irons, aggressive dyes for hair.
  4. Wrong food - and then blame for the fact that you have an ugly hairstyle of nobody but yourself.In the diet must necessarily be fruits and vegetables, cereals and proteins.The lack of vitamins and minerals leads to brittle hair and dry skin.

Often, the hair becomes lifeless, lose luster and volume during pregnancy and breastfeeding - it's all about changing the hormonal background.This is a temporary phenomenon.But if you do not immediately begin to fix the problem, it can become permanent.

Dry hair care

To solve the problem it is necessary to approach in a complex way - this is the only way to deal with it.In addition, you will have to prepare for the fact that the result will not be noticeable immediately. Above we already talked about where to start - choose the right shampoo and balm.If dry hair is combined with dry scalp, you will need moisturizing and nourishing products with extracts of natural oils and a complex of vitamins.

But if only the hair is dry, then refreshing and toning shampoos will be needed to clean the oily scalp and roots, and for the brittle ends - nutritious and smoothing.

Masks for dry hair at home

With your hands for dry hair, you can prepare the following medicines.

  1. dry hair Separate two yolks from the protein, whip them with a fork or a whisk, combine with a couple of spoons of fatty sour cream.Apply the mixture on hair, wrap it with polyethylene, and then towel.Keep this mask should be at least half an hour, after which it is good to wash the hair with the appropriate shampoo and warm water.
  2. Combine one yolk and two or three tablespoons of burdock oil - this composition well nourishes lifeless, brittle, marked tips.Apply to the hair for one hour, then rinse well with shampoo.
  3. Pour into the bowl two tablespoons of white or blue clay, dilute with warm water to make a thick gruel.Add a spoonful of fatty sour cream, or yolk, to the mixture if desired.Distribute on hair, lightly rubbing into the scalp, wrap and leave for half an hour, then rinse thoroughly.

Do any of these masks no more than twice a week: in all good moderation, too frequent procedures, even if they are caring, will not be of use.

Vitamins and herbs for dry hair

Hair_Oil_Capsule The problem of dry and brittle hair should be solved not only from the outside - from the inside, they also need to be energized, and polyvitamin complexes will help in this.Which ones to choose? Most of all "like" the vitamins E, A and PP.You can buy capsules in the pharmacy and take them, according to the instructions, for one month.And you can open the capsules and add the vitamin mixture to the conditioner or mask.

The alternative to pharmacy capsules is the usual vegetable oil, it is best not to stint on the purchase of a bottle of quality olive.Oil should be added to salads and second courses, and once a week rubbed into the scalp.For dandruff, it is recommended to replace olive oil with castor oil.Rinsing hair is better not with ordinary water, but with decoction of medicinal herbs .Suitable of these:

  • chamomile;
  • series;
  • lovage;
  • nettle;
  • burdock.

It's easy to find them in a pharmacy or in your own garden in the country.

What else can I do?

Also it is necessary to pay attention to such moments:

  1. dry hair When laying hair do not use too hot a jet of air from the hair dryer.Dry hair needs a very gentle, gentle care.
  2. Refuse ployka, ironing and other fashionable devices for at least a few months - you immediately notice how much better your hair looks.
  3. Do not use brushes and combs with metal teeth.Perhaps they comb the tangled strands better and faster, but at the same time break them.Use with problem hair should only scallops and brushes made of wood or natural bristles.

And the last thing to take care of is the full-fledged power supply .Perhaps you dream of being slim and constantly experimenting with different diets.You are pleased with a flat stomach and slender hips, but your hair is only distressing.Immediately stop torturing yourself and eat fully, adding to your menu not only porridge on the water, apples and cabbage, but dairy products, meat and fish, oils.And if you want to stay in shape - it's better to go in for sports and visit a fitness center.Adhere to all these rules and very soon you can be proud of a luxurious, thick and shiny head of hair, without dandruff and visited ends.

Saponenko Marina, dermatologist

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