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Home masks for dry and flaky skin

Maski lico

Dry skin requires special care.It is more delicate and sensitive than fatty, easily irritated, it is weathered and begins to peel off.In this case, dry skin can also be problematic, prone to rashes and pimples.

Of course, you need to solve the problem in a complex way, consultation of a good cosmetologist with a medical education or dermatologist is necessary . Specialists will tell you what to do, what is the reason for this skin condition.

Polyvitamin complexes are usually prescribed, which feed the dermal cells from the inside.And home masks will help to cope with a small defect from the outside.Do you think that you do not have time to prepare them and find the necessary components?You are wrong!You can make a mask without getting distracted from making breakfast or lunch, and all the necessary ingredients are in the kitchen and in the home medicine chest.

In the pantry there is always a supply of carrots, potatoes, turnips, beets.If you are going to prepare a stew for dinner, clear 1-2 roots more for your face.And while your culinary masterpiece is languishing on the stove, make a nourishing mask.Here are a few different options.

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Table of contents: Carrot mask Potato mask Cucumber mask Fruit and milk masks

Carrot mask

It will be enough for one large carrot.It should be cleaned and grinded on a fine grater, then immediately, until all the juice has drained out, mix with the yolk and a spoon of olive oil. Or any other vegetable, but good quality and not deodorized.So that the mass does not spread and does not slide, it should be applied to gauze.After twenty minutes you just need to carefully remove the gauze cut along with the mask, washing will not be required.

Carrots contain carotene, which is an irreplaceable substance for the skin.It is useful to gnaw it raw all without exception.And if the face became dry, earthy color, it appeared rashes and scaling - to make a carrot mask.Vegetable oil must be used necessarily, it contains vitamin E, which contributes to the optimal absorption of carotene.

Mask from potatoes

Mask of potatoes And this mask is convenient to do if you bake or boil the mashed potatoes.Set aside one potato, mash with a fork and whip with a tablespoon of milk or cream and a spoonful of oil( it can be replaced with glycerin or lanolin).

The mixture is spread over a fairly thick layer on the face and neck, left for twenty minutes.Then the potatoes are removed, and the face is wiped with a decoction of chamomile or with spilled tea.

Cucumber mask

This mask is best done in the season when there is access to natural vegetables directly from the bed.Greenhouse vegetables and greens, which can be found in supermarkets all year round, are not suitable for a therapeutic mask.

Cucumber mask The mask resembles the preparation of a salad.First you need to take a few stalks of dill or parsley, rinse them and grind or grind in a mortar.Then chop the large cucumber on a fine grater.Mix greens, cucumber, a tablespoon of vegetable oil and a few drops of lemon juice.

All this is spread out on gauze and move to face. By the way, this mask not only moisturizes, but also brightens the skin, relieves it of freckles and age spots.Cucumber and parsley brighten circles under the eyes and remove bags, so you do not need to protect the area around the eyes.

Fruit and milk masks

Important! Not all fruits and vegetables are suitable for dry, irritable skin.Some of them can only worsen the condition of the dermis and provoke the strongest redness and flaking - for example, strawberries, lemons or tomatoes.

Although these products contain natural acids that will be very useful for tired, fading skin, they are at the same time the strongest allergens, moreover they give a tightening effect.Therefore, if you use them - it is necessary with the addition of oils or other fatty components.

As for dairy products - sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt or kefir, - it is better to choose products of normal fat content .Skimmed the desired effect will not provide.

Milk berry cocktail

9 Love light, but nutritious and healthy breakfasts - for example, smoothies made from yogurt and fresh berries?Your skin will like it too. The recipe is very simple and available:

  • 100 ml of thick yoghurt or sour cream;
  • a handful of fresh or frozen berries-cherries, currants, strawberries or their mix;
  • a tablespoon of oatmeal.

All this should be placed in a blender and beat for half a minute, no more. If there is no allergy, you can add a little honey to the mixture. Then apply it to cleansed face and last for a quarter of an hour.Such a mask smells very nice and raises the mood before a working day.

Cottage cheese masks

Cottage cheese mask If you are preparing your son's or daughter's curd mass or casserole for dessert, think about yourself.Set aside two tablespoons of cottage cheese, combine it with a tablespoon of sour cream, a spoon of honey and egg yolk.

If available, add a little carrot or berry juice to the mask.This mixture is spread over a thick layer on the face and neck and aged for 20-25 minutes.Then remove the residue with a cotton sponge and wash with warm mineral water.No cream after such a mask is no longer needed.

Cream-banana cream

If in the refrigerator has long been worth packing unused cream, do not rush to throw them away - they are suitable for a nutritious mask for dry skin. Make it like this:

  • clean and mash one ripe banana with a fork;
  • pour two tablespoons of creamy cream;
  • if the skin is very dry - you can also mix the egg yolk;
  • apply a thick layer on the face and neck;
  • after 20 minutes remove with a cotton sponge and warm water.

The advantage of all these masks is that they are absolutely natural, accessible, pleasantly smelling.And if something is left - it can be eaten, it will be tasty and useful.

Mint mask


Some stock of dried medicinal herbs is in every home medicine cabinet.They can be used to nourish and moisturize dry skin, too.And in the season it is good to collect fresh herbs at the dacha and prepare for future use.

This procedure perfectly refreshes, softens and tones dry skin, removes flaking and redness. And it's very easy to cook it.It is necessary to pick a handful of fresh mint leaves, put them in a saucepan and pour boiling water to cover the leaves completely.Cover and let stand for a quarter of an hour.

At this time, prepare a gauze lining for the mask: fold the gauze in three to four layers and cut the oval in the shape of the face.On the gauze lay a steamed mint leaves and transfer it to your face.Hold it for about twenty minutes.

Linseed compress for over-dried skin

Flax seeds - this is the product that must be in the kitchen for every mistress.It is useful to add them to cereals and salads to control body weight and cleansing of the intestine, a pulp from a steamed flaxseed makes an excellent contribution to joint pain and mastitis.It is also useful for dry, weather-beaten skin.

To prepare, pour 30 g of flax seed into a saucepan, pour 200 ml of water, put on low heat and cook until thick slurry forms.The mixture is applied to the face for at least a quarter of an hour, then gently washed off with warm water, trying not to stretch the skin.

Plantain for the face

Plantain-for-face In the summer to find a plantain in the yard or park will not be difficult. This is a valuable medicinal plant, which primarily contributes to the regeneration of tissues and the healing of small wounds.Dry, irritated skin contact with him for sure like.

For the mask you need a few large leaves of plantain.It is washed, crushed and then rubbed at will with one tablespoon of sour cream or honey.The mixture is applied to the face and neck for twenty minutes, then rinse thoroughly.Even one session per week will be enough to notice positive changes.

Masks for dry skin do 1-3 times a week, every day is not worth it.Active components need time to work on the problem, if you overload the skin with excessive care, there will not be a good result, on the contrary.Therefore, test successively every recipe, evaluate the effectiveness and choose the optimal for yourself and your face, so that it always shines, delighted with freshness and youth.

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