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Ultrasonic cleaning of the face: pluses and minuses, indications, contraindications

Ultrasound facial cleansing

Ultrasonic face cleaning is one of the most popular procedures offered in modern beauty salons.

The use of US-peeling helps to gently and painlessly clean the upper layer of the epidermis from contaminants and small inflammations.It is much less traumatic for the skin in comparison with other salon techniques.

Table of contents: Indications for ultrasonic peeling Ultrasonic cleaning: contra-indications Advantages and disadvantages of peeling How is ultrasonic cleaning done

Indications for ultrasonic peeling

Indications for the use of ultrasonic peeling are:

  • uneven complexion;
  • freckles and age spots;
  • presence of small inflammations, acne, acne, acne, comedones;
  • dry, scaly skin, provoking irritation at the edges;
  • unhealed post acne, scars or scars left from wounds;
  • excessive dryness of the skin;
  • sluggishness of the skin, signs of loss of tone.

Ultrasonic cleaning can perfectly handle such cases, as it gives not only a cleansing, but also a micro massage effect.Under the influence of ultrasound, the deep layers of the epidermis warm up, lymph drainage and stimulation of the blood vessels occur.

Ultrasonic face cleaning: contraindications

Chistka lica

In some clinical cases, ultrasonic face cleaning is strictly contraindicated:

  • skin inflammatory or allergic diseases in acute stage;
  • trigeminal or ocular neuralgia;
  • infectious pathologies in acute stage;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • diseases of the capillaries, painful enlargement;
  • neoplasms of any origin;
  • tuberculosis;
  • moles on the skin areas to be treated;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system, kidney, liver;
  • pregnancy;
  • recently carried other cosmetic effects or surgical interventions, for example, chemical peeling or implantation of "golden threads".

Important! If at least one of the above contraindications is present, the cosmetologist will have to pick up another, more sparing option for cleaning the skin.

Advantages and disadvantages of

peeling Compared with other methods, ultrasonic face cleaning is characterized by a mild effect and a relatively shallow penetration, which helps to avoid the trauma of soft tissues.

The main advantages of ultrasonic peeling:

  • procedure is absolutely painless;The
  • Chistka lica session takes a relatively short time;
  • does not require any special preparation for the procedure;
  • no longer need to apply special funds to the treated areas;
  • there are no swelling, redness, peeling, which will necessarily be available when using any other peeling method, the skin will not be torn and damaged;
  • stimulation of skin tone, its smoothing and improvement of complexion;
  • is a fairly low price, compared with other methods of action on the upper layers of the epidermis;
  • increase local immunity and accelerate metabolic processes.

However, the method has its drawbacks:

  • sound waves can not penetrate deep layers of the epidermis, from stagnant inflammation and deep comedones the procedure does not help;
  • impossibility to conduct a session correctly at home, the specialist's assistance is always required;
  • does not have a rejuvenating effect and does not contribute to the formation of a new collagen in the skin;
  • will need to undergo a lengthy treatment with ultrasound before the desired ideal effect is achieved.

How is ultrasonic cleaning done

Ultrasound-peeling face

The device for ultrasonic face cleaning is a device with a special nozzle, capable of emitting sound vibrations, which provoke on the surface of the skin and under its upper layer a condition similar to mechanical action.

High-frequency oscillations emitted by the device can cause keratinized cells to separate from the layers of the skin, trigger an acceleration of the local circulation and accelerate healing and recovery processes.

The sound wave comes in such a way that it can not do any harm to the skin.It penetrates to a depth of no more than 0.2 mm.This distance is ideal for the fastest and most comfortable cleaning of the skin.

Before the beginning of ultrasonic peeling, the skin is thoroughly cleaned from decorative cosmetics, steamed to open all the pores.Then wipe with antiseptic and apply, without rubbing, a special gel, designed to ensure that sound waves easily penetrated the skin.The consistency and composition of the gel are selected by a cosmetologist for each type of skin individually.

After the skin is gradually treated with a nozzle device, emitting ultrasonic waves in a constant and pulsed modes.Gradual alternation of the intensity of exposure to vibrations and the action of a special cosmetic agent helps purify the pores, remove contamination sites, dead cells of the epidermis and accumulated areas of subcutaneous fat.

Delicate-ultrasonic-cleaning-faces In cases where ultrasonic peeling is performed for the first time, the procedure takes no more than 3 minutes, in the following the exposure time gradually increases the .The degree of completeness of the procedure is checked according to the state of the gel on the skin: if it is not absorbed completely, then you need to continue to treat the skin.

First, the beautician treats the side faces of the face, then moves to the central, most contaminated areas.After completing work on the face skin, the beautician again wipes the skin with an antiseptic soothing lotion.

In some cases, experts recommend additionally fixing the procedure with a cryo massage session, which sharply narrows the opened pores, preventing the possibility of re-penetrating the contamination inside the skin.

The skin, after the end of the exposure process, retains redness for some time, therefore it is recommended to conduct ultrasound peeling in the evenings or at night.To put any kinds of cosmetics after a session is forbidden within 6-7 hours.

It is best to clean the face thoroughly with ultrasound once every 2-3 months.Thus, the purity and radiance of the skin will last for a long time.

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