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How to lighten hair without harm

How to lighten hair

Have decided to check the statement that gentlemen prefer blondes and change the hair color?Do not lighten up at home, go to a proven salon.Qualified masters will offer a variety of coloring options, which will not damage the hair.

Table of contents: Clearing with freeze-dye dyes Clarifying with special oils Using keratinous products How to lighten hair at home

Now the most popular methods of gentle lightening are:

  1. Using ammonia-free dyes, ammonia-containing products dry your hair very much.
  2. Products with natural oils in the composition.The oil forms a very thin film on the hairs, which will protect them from drying during clarification.
  3. Means with keratin.Keratin fill the voids in the hairs, protect them from damage when lightening, gives shine to the curls.

When choosing the method of coloring, it is worth considering that it is safe to change the color from black to blond not work.Gentle procedures can give a good result on light-brown, light, chestnut locks.Let's consider more in detail the most popular variants of safe clarification.

Lightening with bezammia dyes

The use of such paints allows to obtain the result of medium durability, the shade will remain on the hair for no more than 8 weeks. The product has the following advantages:

  1. Osvetlenie volos Contains minimal amount of harmful components, suitable even for weakened, damaged strands.
  2. Can be used with sensitive scalp, does not cause flaking and itching.
  3. The composition of dyes is enriched with nutritious natural oils, components that can protect curls from negative factors.
  4. Can be used by pregnant women.
  5. With prolonged use of the same light shade, the pigment accumulates, the color of the curls becomes brighter and more saturated.

The disadvantages of using such dyes include a short period of durability at a product cost higher than a paint rack.Applying funds is recommended to owners of previously not colored or light curls.The dye is not used on gray strands.

In showrooms, the master can mix several tones of the dye to obtain an individual shade.The most popular products without ammonia used in salons are Matrix Color Sync, Igora Vibrance, Estel Sense De Luxe .

The Matrix dye has a wide palette that creates the glazing effect.Scales of hairs are sealed, which ensures long-lasting durability and brightness of hue.

"Igora" allows you to get a shade of blond, exactly matching the color palette.The product contains an extract of flowers gardenia, Polynesian oil.Locks are restored, they acquire shine and radiance.

The product from "Estelle" is presented in 75 shades, which are easily mixed.The dye contains ceramides, panthenol, restorative hair, and nutritive oils that heal them.The affordable price of the tool makes it popular among the masters.

Application bezammiachnyh dyes allows you to try on the image of a blonde without harm to the health of hair and scalp.

Lightening with special oils

Oils for lightening have been used not so long ago, but have already gained popularity.Products have a natural composition, effectively look after the curls.The oil base contains many essential fatty acids, vitamins, which stimulate hair growth and strengthen them.

When using such tools, a natural light shade without yellowness of is obtained.It will be preserved in ringlets 7-8 weeks, then the procedure of clarification will need to be repeated to refresh the shade and stain the roots.

Disadvantages of oils for clarification consider the inability to use them on dyed and gray hair. The previously painted strands can acquire an uneven shade, and the gray pigment will not be fixed.On natural locks the final shade depends on the initial color of the hairs.Chestnut will become light golden, light brown - light blonde, and reddish will become honey.Get the purple, platinum blond tones with the help of such oils can not.

When painting the oil, they mix with the oxidizing emulsion, they are distributed among the locks.The aging time depends on the desired clarification, the longer the oils are exposed, the lighter the shade will appear.

In professional hair lines, you can find several clarifying oils.

  1. "Farma Vita" contains mint oil, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, nettle extract, fennel.The product is made in Italy, it has high quality.After applying the product, it is possible to obtain clarification of up to 3 tones.During use, the product is diluted with an emulsion in a ratio of 1: 2.Painted curls beautifully shine, have a silky surface, do not have static tension.
  2. "Solaris" from the company "Eugene Perma" allows you to lighten strands up to 4 tones and get honey and amber hues.The product gently acts on the natural pigment, without destroying its structure.The composition contains polysaccharides, oleic acid, acrylic copolymers.The product softens the hairs, the epidermis of the head, keeps the moisture inside, facilitates the styling.Oil film, formed after use of the product, protects the hair from sunlight.
  3. "Blond Studio" from "L'oreal" provides clarification of up to 2 tones.The product does not contain aggressive components, ammonia, has a gel consistency and economical consumption.Before application, the product is mixed with the emulsion, aged for no more than 50 minutes.The product nourishes and softens the curls, protects them from unfavorable factors.Painted curls look like burnt in the sun, do not have yellow.To stack them becomes easier.

Osvetlenie volos

Please note! The cost of professional clarifying oils is high, they are sold in large bottles of 500 ml or 1,000 ml.However, products are consumed economically.Virtually all clarifying oils besides salons can be used at home.It is important to distribute them evenly, mix and maintain according to the instructions.

Use of keratin-containing products

Keratin products provide saturated light shades without damaging the hair. Unique powders from "GKhair" allow to achieve cold tones without yellowness.Means "Miami Beach Bombshell Balayage Powder" and "Juvexin Lightening Powder Plus" clarify to 6-8 levels, are used in ombre, balajage, highlighting. The advantages of the products are:

  • is a simple application technique without dust formation, convenient consistency for application;
  • you can get cold light shades even on dark hairs;
  • products contain kaolin, keratin proteins that fill the voids in the hairs, restore them, retain softness and shine;
  • does not use foil during the aging process, which protects the strands from overheating, less damages them;
  • after application of clarifying powders, no toning is required;
  • color fastness exceeds the result of analogs 2-3 times;
  • is based on a mass with blue pigments that protects against yellowness even at maximum lightening.

Powders are mixed with oxidizing emulsions 6.9 or 12% in a ratio of 1: 2 depending on the expected result.The use of unique components, keratin in the composition of the means ensures minimal damage to the strands.

Another effective agent with keratin is the powder "KERATIN COMPLEX".Powder provides gentle lightening up to 6 tones.Can be applied on any hair.The product is mixed with an oxidant cream 3,6,9 or 12%, aged for no more than 20 minutes.To enhance the effect, heat treatment is used.Keratin proteins restore curls, while retaining their natural elasticity and luster.


Options for gentle lightening at home

Natural light color can be given to the locks on its own - rinsing with chamomile broth will help. Two spoons of dried flowers are poured with boiling water, aged for 15-20 minutes, then filtered.The washed hair is rinsed with a decoction, dried naturally.Regular application of the decoction will give the locks a radiance, lighten them.

How-to lighten hair

You can combine the effect of clarification and healing with masks of colorless henna, brewed with chamomile broth. The mass is mixed until uniform, applied to the curls, aged for 40-60 minutes.On the head wear a cap made of polyethylene, a warm towel.The rests are rinsed off with warm water.After application, the strands will become lighter, they will acquire shine.Especially effective are such masks for fatty hairs, they will be slightly dried.

If you need to lighten a few strands, they apply freshly squeezed lemon juice .Dry the strands in the sun, then they will lighten.Essential oil of lemon is added to shampoos, balms and masks.With regular application of lemon oil, the curls will lighten.

From various versions of gentle lightening, you can choose the one that will provide the desired result taking into account the original color of the hair.

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