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How to take care of your hair in winter

Care-for-hair-in winter

Winter is considered the most difficult time of the year for hair, because they have to withstand not only exposure to frost and wind, but also snow and gassed air. Hair in winter lose moisture outdoors and indoors, so during this period of the year the curls split, become excessively dry and brittle.

In addition, the hair is adversely affected by chlorinated water, coloring and curling, drying with a hair dryer.Do not forget about stress and fatigue, and the lack of "living" vitamins from fruits and vegetables complete an unpleasant picture.Adverse factors for healthy hair in winter are more than enough, but they need not simply list, but take some measures to protect the beauty of the curls.In this case, you can use the recommendations of cosmetologists, which will help to maintain and strengthen the health of hair in winter.Before you understand how to care for your hair in winter, you need to determine your type of curls - there are cardinal differences in the procedures for each type of hair.

Contents: Winter care for dry hair Winter care for oily hair How to care for the winter in combed hair How to strengthen hair in winter

Winter care for dry hair

An excellent way to preserve the health of dry hair in the winter is a nutritiousMask on the basis of palm oil - it can be purchased in specialized cosmetic shops and simply apply on slightly damp hair for 10-15 minutes .

You can get by with ordinary potatoes - the effect from it will be identical, and making a mask from such an affordable product is very simple.

Yoghurt_with_potatoe It is necessary to weld 3-4 potatoes "in a uniform", peel and mash with two tablespoons of cream or sour cream.Mash potatoes are highly desirable in ceramic or glassware, metal in this case will not work - too high a risk of oxidation of the components that make up the mask.Next, you need to divide the hair into strands and apply the resulting mass to the roots and along the entire length of the curls.Above, the head is covered with plastic wrap, then everything is wrapped in a towel and remains for 30 minutes.After the specified time, it will only be necessary to wash the mask off the hair and wash the head with the usual shampoo.

In winter, for dry hair, the use of citric acid or apple cider vinegar will be relevant - in 5 liters of water, you need to dissolve 1 teaspoon of these products and rinse the hair with the product after each head wash.Such a simple way to make dry hair soft and silky, will give them a volume.

Rules for the care of dry hair in winter:

  1. Dry-hair All hair products( balms, shampoos, gels and others) must strictly correspond to their type and contain all the components necessary for dry hair.
  2. All cosmetics for hair care should be from the same series - the curls do not have to adapt to new components.
  3. If balm is used in the process of washing the head, then it should be left on the hair for at least 2 minutes, and only after that it can be washed off thoroughly.
  4. It is necessary to limit the use of a hair dryer to preserve the hydrolysed film on the hair - this protective layer protects the hair from the negative influence of external factors.

Winter care for oily hair

Oily hair needs no less careful care than dry hair.Women are strongly advised not to use hot water to wash their heads - this will increase the activity of the sebaceous glands, it is better to choose the maximum possible cool water temperature. Very effective for oily hair and various masks, here is the recipe for one of them:

  • Take 2-3 potato tubers, wash and grate them on a fine grater( the peel remains on the potato - it's also three!).
  • Then in the potato mass you need to add whipped egg whites and a tablespoon of honey, everything is thoroughly mixed.
  • A pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of oatmeal are added to the prepared mixture( highly desirable, but not necessary).
  • The mask is applied to the roots of the hair and to their entire length, the "working" time of the mask is 20 minutes, then everything is washed off with cool water.

Please note: should not use oily hair care products with silicone in winter.Cosmetologists recommend as little as possible to touch the locks with their hands - from such simple touches they begin to get very dirty.

How to care for the hair of the combined type

How-to-Prevent-Dry-Damage-And-Frizzy-Hair1 Anyway, it sounds strange, but in winter the hair of a mixed type especially suffers: the fat at the root lose volume, and the dry ones get confused at the ends, the laying does not last long, and the hair does not lookAttractive .Experts recommend combining funds for different types of hair.For example, you can use shampoo for oily hair, and balm for dry, but it can not be applied to the scalp and part of the hair, which is located close to the roots.

For mixed hair, cosmetologists recommend using natural oils - for example, the hair ends can be treated with castor or sea-buckthorn oil after washing.

But simple hair care in winter, even with the observance of all the recommendations of specialists, is not enough - you need to regularly conduct strengthening procedures.

How to strengthen hair in winter

There are many methods of strengthening hair in winter, only those that have the proper effect and are approved by cosmetologists are given below.

Carrot mask

Carrot mask It is necessary to take one small carrot and grate it on a fine grater.Then add the grated carrots to the ceramic dishes, add to it 5 drops of castor oil, 1 teaspoon of cream or sour cream, 50 ml of strongly brewed tea( black).The whole mass is thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair, starting with the roots and ending with the entire length of the curls.

The mask should be on the head for at least 40 minutes, then the hair is washed out with a suitable shampoo and rinsed with a solution of citric acid or apple cider vinegar.

Head massage

It really works strengthening, therefore it is recommended for carrying out not only in winter time.It is very effective to massage the scalp while applying mask and washing hair - this will improve blood circulation, the roots of the hair will get the maximum possible amount of nutrients.

Head massage can be done during the day, and if this procedure is carried out immediately before a night's sleep, then the rest will be full.

head massage

Itching and electrified hair in winter

These are well-noticeable problems for those women who wear winter hats.Itching and flaking of the scalp can significantly spoil the mood, the psycho-emotional background will be broken, and this is a direct way to irritation and stress.The cause of peeling and itching of the scalp in winter is an elementary shortage of sunlight, but you do not need to visit the solarium to solve the problem - it is worth using an apple mask.

We recommend reading:

Apple mask against itching and peeling

Hairbrush On a small grater you need to grate a large juicy apple with the skin, the resulting mass is applied to the scalp for 30 minutes. Preliminary is to divide the hair into strands - so will open good access to the roots, which also need food.

After half an hour, the apple mask is washed off with cool water, then the head is washed with the usual shampoo and rinsed with balsam.Strongly it is not recommended after such a mask to dry hair with a hairdryer.

Another trouble with the hair in the winter is their electrification.To avoid this, you need to abandon the use of a plastic comb, and after washing, apply a layer of gel on dry hair, and a layer of foam on greasy ones. Electrification will disappear immediately, because these anti-static agents are used in hair care products.

Very useful against electrified use of natural oils - you need to apply a couple of drops of lavender or rose oil on the comb and comb the hair .These oils will give shine to the curls, which is also nice.

Separately I would like to mention this point: the use of hair styling products. Of course, in winter it is desirable to refuse them, as this is another "blow" on the health of curls.But you need to look perfect even in the cold season, how to be? It's simple - use natural products for laying:

  • lemon juice - juice of one lemon is dissolved in a liter of warm water and after washing this solution rinses hair;
  • seeds of flax - they are brewed in the proportion of 1 teaspoon per 200 ml of boiling water, then the resulting product is dissolved in a liter of water and rinses the hair;
  • rye bread - it is soaked in boiling water for 2-3 hours, then decant the liquid and it rinses the hair immediately before styling.

To protect and strengthen hair in winter is quite feasible and without the use of various professional tools.It is important to carry out regularly caring procedures so that with the first rays of the spring sun you can show your luxurious hair to the whole world.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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