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How to wash your hair without shampoo: the best folk remedies

How to wash your hair More and more people can meet people who refuse to use professional shampoos and prefer a folk remedy for washing their hair.Doctors believe that there are many arguments that can lead to the above-mentioned decision - for example, in the composition of shampoos, there are drying sulphates that destroy strands.They form a luxurious foam, perfectly remove the dirt from the hair, but at the same time "extract" moisture from the hair cells, act destructively on the natural microflora of the scalp, serve as a provoking factor in the appearance of dandruff, interfere with normal / full root nutrition.

Table of contents: Advantages of folk remedies for washing head Tips for washing your head without shampoo Recipes for natural head cleansers

Advantages of folk remedies for head cleaning

In general, shampoo is a "young" invention in the world of cosmetologists - in 1903 heWas represented by the German chemist Schwarzkopf.But this does not mean that people did not wash their hair before, on the contrary, they did it regularly using natural products.And notice, the hair of our ancestors was thick, silky, shiny, and the women also grew to large lengths.As natural detergents before the invention of shampoo used dairy products, egg yolk / egg white, various herbs, mustard and soda.

Recently, there is a tendency to return the habit of washing the head with natural products and can be explained by the following aspects:

  1. Than wash your hair With the use of natural products for washing hair, the roots receive additional nutrition, they receive vitamins and trace elements that have a positive effect on appearance and healthCurls.
  2. The scalp is not exposed to chemicals, which makes it impossible to develop excessive dryness of the skin.
  3. In cells of hair and scalp toxins do not accumulate, which negatively affect the health of hair and, in fact, the skin.
  4. Hair looks well-groomed, shiny, their shade becomes bright.
  5. You rarely find split ends on your hair, dandruff disappears completely, hair loss stops.
  6. There is a rapid growth of the buckles.
  7. Hair is less often contaminated.

There are a lot of prescriptions for washing your head without shampoo, but in order to get the expected effect, you need to know some of the nuances of the procedure under consideration.

Tips for washing your head without shampoo

First, you need to prepare in advance for waiting - in the first two weeks from the beginning of washing hair without shampoo, the adaptation period will last. Moreover, it is accompanied by very unpleasant sensations:

  • hair gets dirty very quickly;
  • a short time after washing strands of "hang", look greasy;
  • there is a feeling that the sebaceous glands of the scalp began to work in a strengthened mode;
  • appears pruritus of the scalp.

Nothing in this state is terrible and atypical is not, because this is how the period of toxins and other harmful substances that accumulated in the roots of hair and the skin of the head for years goes.As a rule, during the period of detoxification, you want to quit everything and abandon the idea of ​​washing your head with natural remedies - you should not do this, because you only need to wait two weeks( this is the maximum period).

Note: to relieve the condition during the detoxification period, you can rinse your hair every day with acidified water( for example, lemon juice or vinegar).In some people, the period of hair and scalp restoration, purification from harmful substances is not observed at all.

Secondly, when using natural means for washing your head, you must always carefully rinse your hair with filtered or mineral( without gas!) Water.In it, you need to add lemon juice( per liter of water 250 ml) or vinegar( 100 ml per liter of water).

Third, it is not necessary to wash your hair too often, this hygienic procedure is suitable only at the time of hair contamination.And in the period of detoxification it is recommended to rinse your hair every evening with water with lemon juice or vinegar added to it.

To wash the head with natural remedies, according to those who have already given up shampoos, a complete pleasure - no problems, complete absence of side effects and excellent results.

Recipes of natural means for washing the head

It is worth noting that different people use different means for washing their head without shampoo, so you will need to try all existing ones and choose something that is optimally suitable individually.

Washing the head with baking soda

Care-for-skin-head-with-soda-min-1 You can pour three liters of warm water into a basin and add 2 cups of baking soda to it, completely dissolve it.In the resulting solution, you need to keep the strands of hair for three minutes, then it is advisable to massage the scalp with the pads of your fingers, try to beat the foam on the curls, but in no case can they be loosened.The head massage also lasts for about 3 minutes, then the hair is rinsed with water and apple cider vinegar added to it.

There is one more variant of washing the head of baking soda: it is necessary to mix soda with warm water to a mushy state.The resulting mass is rubbed into the roots of the hair, achieving a small foaming.The gruel from baking soda and water is washed off with a solution of water and vinegar.

Liquid soap

Than wash your hair This is a liquid soap that is prepared exclusively at home.Find a point of sale of natural soap( including liquid), it will not be difficult, if you do not want to prepare this cosmetic yourself, then it is diluted with pure / warm water in equal proportions.Instead of water to dilute liquid soap, you can use decoctions of medicinal herbs.To the resulting product you need to add a few drops of any essential oil - enough will be 10 drops per liter of detergent natural remedy.

Please note: is recommended to use tea tree oil - it eliminates dandruff, has anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates itching.

Washing your hair with eggs

If you regularly wash your hair with an egg yolk, it will solve not only the problem of dirty hair, but also strengthen their roots, make the curls more dense. But the egg yolk needs to be applied to wash the head individually, taking into account the hair type:

  • if the hair is fat, then the egg yolk of one egg is mixed with 50 ml of lemon juice( concentrated, not diluted);
  • if the hair is dry or burnt, the egg yolk of one chicken egg is beaten with two tablespoons of unrefined olive oil and 50 ml of fresh cucumber juice.Yolk for wood

Note: , after using the egg yolk for washing your hair, your hair exudes a rather unpleasant odor, and to get rid of it, just rinse the curls with a solution of apple cider vinegar.(100 ml per liter of water).

Aloe vera hair detergent

Before using aloe for head washing without shampoo, they must be prepared in a special way.The lowest, fleshy leaves of the plant under consideration are cut off and placed in the refrigerator for two weeks.After that, you need to grind them in any convenient way and "get" juice from them.Aloe juice obtained by soft massaging movements must be rubbed into the scalp, during this process a small amount of foam should form.The aloe juice is washed off with warm water, an excellent end of the hygiene procedure will be rinsing the hair with a solution of vinegar or lemon juice.

The use of aloe juice will prevent hair loss¸ relieves dandruff, improves blood microcirculation in the scalp.

Herbal oils

The use of herbs that have a curative effect for washing your head is the "hobby" of lovers of everything natural and natural.Of course, only decoctions and infusions are unlikely to make it possible to get rid of dirt on the hair, but they can be used in combination with other ingredients.

You must first prepare the herbal collection, taking in equal proportions nettle, chamomile, calendula, mint and St. John's wort.Then the ready collection is put in a glass jar and poured with warm unrefined olive oil so that all the grass is completely "drowned" in it.Ready vessel should be kept in a dark and cool place for two weeks - it can be, for example, a balcony or a refrigerator.Every day you need to shake the vessel thoroughly.

After the specially prepared oil will last two weeks, it must be filtered and add to the already purified product vitamin E in the form of an oil solution( tocopherol) in the proportion of 3 tablespoons per 3 liters of the present oil.After that, you can use a natural remedy like a normal shampoo.Do not forget, after washing your head with oil on herbs, rinse your hair with a solution of vinegar or diluted lemon juice.

If you persist for two weeks of the detoxification period and regularly use the natural remedies described in this material to wash your head, the results will be really impressive - clean, shiny, thick hair, lack of dandruff and tips on the strands, getting rid of hair loss.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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