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How to get rid of "crow's feet" around the eyes: massage and home masks from wrinkles around the eyes


"Goose paws" - it's so interesting that someone once called mimic wrinkles in the corners of the eyes.Cute and friendly, they really diverge from the outer corner of the eye "fan", reminiscent of a small goose paw.

Its owner such wrinkles often add charm.Then why are they so disliked and do their best to get rid of them?Yes, because few of the women resignedly accept this "grandmother's charm".Most prefer to keep the young beauty and freshness of the face as long as possible.Therefore, they do everything possible and impossible for this.In particular, all available means are struggling with goose paws.Fortunately, there is a mass of effective means, including home cooking.

Contents: Reasons for the appearance of "crow's feet" How to get rid of "crow's feet"?Does self-massage help?Salon procedures Home masks from wrinkles around the eyes Prevention of the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes

So, if you consider the "crow's feet" as an age-related flaw( and for most women this is the case), then you must fight with it, returning to the delicate and delicate skin of the eye areaYoung elasticity and elasticity.Moreover, at the initial stage such wrinkles give in to cosmetic care and as a result become almost invisible.And if you stick to the whole caring complex, the beautiful skin condition in this zone can be kept very long.

Reasons for the appearance of "crow's feet"

Priciny gusinnyh lapok Most women are sure that "crow's feet" - a phenomenon of time, only "imprint" of past years.And this is not so.Often, "the rays of kindness," running from the corners of the eyes, can be observed in very young people.So what is the cause of such wrinkles?And what is it generally, from the point of view of medicine and cosmetology?

Experts know that mimic wrinkles in the eyes have a non-standard "interlacing" in the circular eye muscles.And as these muscles are often in motion, in the eye area, skin is "wrinkled".Plus, the epidermis in this zone is thin, delicate, sensitive, practically devoid of hydrolipid and fat layers.He painfully reacts to similar "creases".That's how wrinkles-rays are formed.However, not all.And not everyone is the same.Someone has barely noticeable strings that appear only in old age.And someone already in 30 years tries to get rid of the real furrows at eyes.Why is that?

As for the reasons for the appearance of crow's feet, there are several.The provoking factors include:

  • Crow dry sensitive dermis;
  • skin prone to allergic reactions;
  • poor-quality care( insufficient moistening zone, stretching when removing makeup, etc.);
  • rich facial expressions( in emotional natures);
  • chronic kidney and heart diseases accompanied by water-salt metabolism disorders;
  • hormonal failures in the body;
  • wrong way of life( hungry diets, lack of sleep, processing, stress);
  • bad habits( smoking, alcohol, pr);
  • bad ecology;
  • the habit of squinting( do not wear glasses, lenses according to indications, and also to refuse sunglasses).Of course, all this is not a reason to fall into despair.
There are many ways, including preventive measures, that will help women( and not only, by the way) get rid( or not get) of wrinkles around the eyes.

How to get rid of "crow's feet"?

First, to think about "goose paws" you need not in 30-40, etc.Years, and at 18-20.Care for preventive purposes, providing this area on the face with quality nutrition, moisturizing and protection.Then for certain it will be possible to keep the zone around the eyes in perfect condition.

However, you do not need to get too frustrated at those who are more old, and wrinkles in the corners of your eyes have already appeared.Make them less visible will help the cosmetic complex of salon and home procedures with the use of professional drugs and home-made products.

Does self-massage help?

Another reason for the appearance of the wrinkles from the corners of the eyes is the weakness of the ocular circular muscle.It should be strengthened with appropriate training( self-massage), which will lead to getting rid of "crow's feet", and also help to improve vision( the optic nerve also strengthens with massage) and restore healthy natural shine to the eyes.

Daily massage training should consist of a whole set of exercises, each of which must be repeated from 3 to 5 times:

  1. Crow Blink, strain the muscles of the eyes, then open your eyes and relax.Watch while you need to up.
  2. Move your eyes from side to side( right-left), without turning your head.
  3. A few minutes to rotate the eyes clockwise, a few minutes - against.
  4. Massage with the fingertips( several minutes) the outer and inner corners of the eyes, and then the points at the beginning and end of the eyebrows.
  5. Raise eyebrows while trying to squint.
  6. Close your eyes and simultaneously pull your fingers to the skin of the lower eyelids to the cheekbones.
  7. The finger needs to circle the eyes, drawing a figure eight with an intersection on the bridge of the nose.

Such massage, if done regularly, improves blood flow and stimulates the outflow of lymph.It smoothes the skin, makes it especially sensitive to the effects of cosmetic products( creams, fluids, masks).

Salon procedures

In salons, patients who want to get rid of wrinkles in the eye area are offered several effective procedures.In addition to regular home care, focusing on the current condition of the skin and health in general, the beautician can recommend the patient:

  1. Boteks Biorevitalization( injections of hyaluronic acid in the desired area).During this procedure, active moistening of the dermis occurs, collagen production is increased.As a result, not only wrinkles leave the "hard" places, but also unwanted pigmentation.
  2. Or botulinum therapy( non-surgical lifting).Injections of Botox, Disport, Lantox or Xeomin( the drug is selected for a specific patient) are removed wrinkled "rays", blocking the muscles in the area around the eyes.

If the effect even from the most effective salon procedures is not very noticeable, the doctor-cosmetologist can offer to apply radical measures.Circular surgical eye-lift.Then the "crow's feet" disappear almost instantly.However, you should not calm down on this.Wrinkles will certainly return to the corners of the eyes, if not take care of preventive measures.

Home facial masks from eye wrinkles

Home care for the eye area in order to combat goose paws must necessarily include self-cooking masks from natural ingredients:

Honey with whipped protein

For preparation of this remedy you need to takeWarm liquid floral honey( 30 g) and whipped egg white protein.Add wheat flour( 15 g) to thicken the composition.Stir well and put a mask on the area around the eyes.Wait until the mass has dried on the skin, and then gently wash it off with warm water, using cotton pads.

Aloe vera

For effective moisturizing and toning of the thin skin of the eyelids and the eye area, it is recommended to use freshly squeezed aloe vera juice every night.This substance is able to give the epidermis health, smoothness and elasticity in a very short period of time.

Oily squeezed almonds

If you mix this squeeze( 15 ml) with the ampoule of pharmacy vitamin E, you will get a great anti-aging compound for application to the eyelids and around the eyes.Its use helps quickly get rid of "crow's feet".

Ripe strawberries

Fresh berries( 3-4) need to be kneaded and mixed with honey( 10 g).The resulting gruel is applied to the skin in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest( in compresses on the gauze).For 20-25 minutes.Then everything will have to be washed off with warm water.

Herbal Collection

It takes a lot of dry crumbs from the leaves of mint, burdock and calendula flowers.All this will need to be poured with warm( almost hot) olive oil.Give a week to brew.And then strain and use the composition to apply to the eyelids and the area around the eyes.The finished oil mask is applied to padded disks, and they are put in compresses on the desired zone( for a quarter of an hour).Then everything is washed off with warm water.

Preventing the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes

Only the preventive measures can save the re-emergence of crow's feet.Namely:

  1. Proper washing. Make-up removal should be done correctly.In no event should you use soap for this purpose.Only special cosmetics.And do not rub, stretch the skin.If mascara or shadows are not washed off "in one movement", it is better to impose on a few minutes a cotton disc with a cleansing drug.In a minute or two, makeup can be removed without any effort.Crow
  2. Systematic rest for the eyes. Now almost all the time spent at the computer.But you need to give your eyes a break!Several times a day or evening.In general, experts recommend using special glasses to work with the monitor.Or install a protective screen.
  3. Quality sleep. To sleep at night, too, you need to be competent, no matter how paradoxical it may sound.Many prefer to bury their face in the pillow, not suspecting that this position provokes the appearance of crow's feet around the eyes.Correctly to sleep on a back, as a last resort on a side in "an embryo".And it is better to buy an orthopedic pillow.

Svetlana Zhukova, medical reviewer

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