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Home masks for oily skin: cleansing, moisturizing, nutritious

Mask for a wide

Bold type of epidermis characterizes the abundant release of sebaceous glands, tightly clogged dilated pores, multiple acne and acne( including those inflamed).Such skin constantly shines, salits.It in any weather "flows" any make-up, and ugly shine is unable to hide and the most expensive powder.

Table of contents: Complex care for oily skin Cleansing masks for oily skin Moisturizing masks for oily skin Nourishing masks for oily skin Rejuvenating masks for oily skin

Complex care for oily skin

Such dermis requires regular care.Thoughtful, thorough, integrated.And the competent approach provides, as salon procedures( ultrasonic cleanings, superficial peelings, hardware programs), and house.

In the home care it is necessary: ​​

  • correctly pick up daily "shop" cosmetics;
  • provide the skin with masks of own production.

As for caring cosmetics, choose light, non-drying skin covers creams and fluids, special hydrogels .Better from well-known manufacturers, proven in the market with the best side.In addition, you will need to revise your diet in favor of "proper" foods and regular meals( often in small portions), and also to prevent stress and chronic fatigue.

Owners of oily skin must necessarily get enough sleep, more to travel in the air, walk a lot and provide the epidermis with constant hygiene - wash 2-3 times a day using special foams and gels( in no case soap), rinse after face with cool water orTo wipe with ice cube.

As for the home preparation means, special attention should be given to the masks, as well as to the alcohol-free cleansing lotions for wiping .The latter is recommended to freeze and use the place of ordinary ice cubes.

Masks for oily skin from natural products should be discussed separately, because each of them( even the most "universal") is designed to solve certain problems.

The basic principle of such care should be the principle of course application, when each composition is used 2-3 weeks - 2-3 masks every 7 days .Then you need to take a break - about 2 weeks.And again choose a means for care, focusing on the most relevant( at the moment) of the existing problems.

Almost all caring home masks are not recommended for future use.It is necessary to create a composition "at a time" and immediately before use.Then he works as efficiently as possible, only "in plus" and nothing can do any harm.

Cleansing masks for oily skin

Suhoe lico

This is what oily skin especially needs, so it's in cleansing.And just daily washing and rinsing for this is not enough.For example, in the period preceding menstruation, you need to help the fatty epidermis to be cleaned also with the help of special masks.

With cosmetic clay

This composition is prepared from white, blue or green clay.For a qualitative purification it will be sufficient to properly dilute any of these clays with cool water to the state of thick sour cream, without lumps.The mask is held on the face for 10-12 minutes, and then rinsed off with warm water.The skin so cleaned is lubricated with a light cream of everyday use.

Oatmeal flakes

This mask is made as follows: a tablespoon of flakes is steamed with a little steep boiling water.Then all this cools down naturally.And immediately superimposed on the face( still warm) - a good such a plentiful layer.To increase the effect, you can add to the composition of lemon juice( hl) or the protein of one egg.

Based on flour( wheat or potato)

For cleansing masks for oily skin with flour( or starch), the recipe is the same as that for clay.There it is also necessary to dilute the dry ingredient with cool water.To sour cream consistency.And to interfere as follows, that in a finished product there were no unpleasant lumps.Instead of water, you can use tomato or cucumber juice, sour milk, kefir or natural, without yogurt.

With dry herbs

Cosmeticians consider calendula, field horsetail, sage, chamomile and St. John's wort as ideal herbs for the preparation of cleansing home masks.They can be used one at a time or in a mixture( in equal amounts).Grind in a coffee grinder to the "flour" state, and then pour boiling water( at the rate of 2 tbsp "flour" for half a cup of water) and soak( for a quarter of an hour under the lid).Then, a warm herbal gruel is spread on the pre-cleaned face and kept for 15 to 20 minutes.Then rinse with cool water.For better retention of the composition on the skin, it is recommended to use a gauze mask.

From raw potatoes

For a very greasy epidermis( including seborrhea), a cleansing mask with raw potatoes is perfect.At home it is not difficult to cook: you need to take peeled potatoes and grate it on the grater with the smallest holes.The resulting mass of lightly squeeze the hands, add to it egg white, a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of large salt.Mix everything as it should and immediately put the composition on the face.After a quarter of an hour, wash off the mask, and rinse the face with cold water or additionally wipe with an icy piece.The face will preserve its freshness and healthy appearance for a long time.

Important: but scrub at home production owners of oily skin should not be abused - it is recommended not to spend such procedures more than once a week.And then only after consulting with cosmetologists, including about the compounds used for mechanical cleaning.

Moisturizing masks for oily skin

Mask-for-oily-to-skin If you think that dry oily skin is a paradox, you are mistaken.Dehydration and painful dryness - one of the most common problems for owners of fat epidermis, living in the negative external environment of a modern metropolis.Why does oily skin lose moisture and what does this entail?

Dehydration is, as a rule, a consequence of illiterate care for such a complex epidermis as fatty.Many, trying to get rid of greasy gloss and permanent stickiness of the skin, use potent drying products for cosmetic products.They deprive the tissue of moisture, and as a result, the sebaceous glands that perform a protective function, begin to actively release the fat .The skin tries to soak it and from this it becomes even more rough, porous.There is a feeling of tightness, the foci of inflammation become apparent.And here you need to be very careful, trying to provide the skin with a good moisturizing.

In order to correctly return dehydrated, over-dried oily skin to normal state, it is necessary: ​​

  • to completely abandon alcohol-containing cosmetics;
  • drink more water;
  • wash more often with the use of special gels and foams to care for the fatty epidermis;
  • to organize a course reception of vitamin E( but only after consulting a doctor);
  • use special weakly acidic tonic twice a day;
  • Before using basic care products( creams, fluids, hydrogels), apply serum on the basis of vitamin C.

At home, it is possible to prepare excellent masks that, when used in courses, will also help to moisturize the oily skin with naturalIngredients.


Such a preparation can be prepared with the addition of egg white and lemon juice.All this must be mixed with a tablespoon of floral or lime honey, pre-heated in a water bath.With the help of the obtained composition it will be possible to retain moisture for a long time in the skin tissues.

Tea Tree Oil

These moisturizing masks are prepared with the addition of olive oil and cosmetic clay.They are very useful for the restoration of dehydrated and / or inflamed epidermis.

Chamomile broth

Based on this decoction( a half a glass of water) it will be possible to prepare an excellent moisturizing and soothing mask.You only need to mix 3 tbsp broth with a spoon of lemon juice and wheat flour( for thickening to the consistency of fatty sour cream).


This mask not only perfectly moisturizes the fatty epidermis, but also has a preventive effect against the formation of acne on it.It will be enough to mix freshly squeezed aloe juice( stl) with the same amount of liquid honey and tea tree oil( 10 ml).It will turn out perfectly lying on the skin composition, which after use( 15 min) should be washed off with a large amount of cool running water.

Nourishing masks for oily skin

Complex care for oily skin in a normal and painful condition also implies its proper nutrition.And here it is perfect for home natural masks.

Carrot mask

To prepare this deeply nourishing and matting fat epidermis, you need to mix in different proportions carrot juice, milk, cottage cheese and vegetable oil.And put a thicker layer on his face.To effectively effect such a mask is enough for a quarter of an hour, after which it is recommended to wash it off with warm water without residue.


Maska pomidorka This mask is one of the most effective in terms of proper nutrition of the fatty skin.It is prepared simply: the flesh of a ripe tomato( necessarily from its own bed) is mixed with the oatmeal to the state of pleasant gruel.As a result of applying this mixture, the skin becomes velvety, its pores become narrower, and the color acquires a healthy brightness.

From sorrel

This composition has not only nutritional, but bactericidal properties.Leaves of sorrel need to grind with egg yolk.On the face mask is applied with a gauze pad, for 15 minutes, and then washed off with cool water.

Anti-aging face masks

Oily skin, if properly taken care of, does not age long, keeping freshness and healthy appearance.And yet it is better to maintain her condition with the help of home rejuvenating agents.Masks that give fatty epidermis elasticity and protect it from wrinkles, providing elasticity and circular tightening of the face. They are made from:


In a light beverage( 30 ml), add freshly squeezed grapefruit juice( 5 ml) and liquid honey( 10 ml).The composition increases the elasticity and reduces the greasiness of the epidermis.


Mashed fresh cucumber without peel mixed well with the whipped egg white and olive oil( 5 ml).This mask not only tightens the fatty skin, but also relieves it of age-related pigment spots.


One chicken egg is mixed with a stem of honey( liquid) and the same amount of corn oil.This compound works against the appearance of the first wrinkles and corrects the contours of the face, effectively tightening the epidermis and toning it.

Svetlana Zhukova, medical reviewer

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