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Biorevitalization: what it is, the consequences, benefits and contraindications

Biorevitalization Biorevitalization is a complex of procedures for saturation of the face skin with all necessary vitamins and microelements for its rejuvenation, recovery, maintenance of elasticity and tone.Up to 25 years, skin cells are being intensively updated and most women do not face such unpleasant phenomena as wrinkles, wrinkles, loss of elasticity.But closer to 30 years, all these problems inevitably make themselves felt.Rejuvenate youth, health and beauty will help biorevitalization - a modern way without surgery to become 5 years younger.

Contents: Biorevitalization: what is it?Features of biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid Indications for the procedure Contraindications Features of laser biorevitalization Recommendations for skin care after biorevitalization

Biorevitalization: what is it?

In fact, everything is very simple.The goal is to restore the elasticity and moisture of the skin - as you know, wrinkles are covered with dry and flabby skin . The goal is achieved by injection of hyaluronic acid, a natural component of skin cells, the synthesis of which decreases with age.

Hyaluronic acid not only maintains the firmness and elasticity of the skin.It interacts with cell receptors and eliminates already existing wrinkles, creases, sagging and other signs of aging.Biorevitalization can be carried out for preventive purposes, as well as to improve the color and quality of young, but dry and problem skin.The result is noticeable immediately after the procedure, and with time, when hyaluronic acid begins to work at the cellular level, it becomes only stronger.

More often biorevitalization is performed on the skin of the face, but it is also possible to hold on the neck, arms, décolleté area - on any part of the skin that would like to rejuvenate the .A full course of skin restoration is from two to five procedures with an interval of 1-3 months.The effect will last from six to twelve months.With very dry and flabby skin to maintain her tone, you can repeat the procedure every 2-3 months.


Features of biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid

Not every beauty salon and spa has permission to perform this procedure. biorevitalization can only be performed by a graduate with specific experience and knowledge in the field of hypodermic injections and cosmetology:

  1. At first, the cosmetologist will examine the patient and determine the degree of skin wilting, assess the existing problems and on this basis determine which type of biorevitalization is needed.
  2. Then the skin is cleaned and prepared for the procedure, if the client is a hypochondriac person and is afraid of the needle, a light anesthetic gel is applied.
  3. After that the specialist prepares a special cocktail and enters it into the planned points.A very thin needle is used, so unpleasant sensations are minimized.
  4. Punctures are almost invisible - there is no period of healing and restoration of tissues after biorevitalization.

In rare cases, after the procedure, barely visible traces in the form of pale spots, redness, or tiny holes of remain on the skin.They pass by themselves in 1-3 days - depends on the type of skin. Repeated procedure can be performed not earlier than 2 weeks after .

Indications for the procedure

In its essence and principle, biorevitalization is one of the types of mesotherapy, only this method is much more effective and safer. Indications for this procedure are:

  • mimic or gravitational wrinkles;
  • changing the outline of the face;
  • skin sagging;
  • is a bad and uneven skin color;
  • Couperose;
  • pigmented spots;
  • Dry skin.

It is possible to carry out biorevitalization and to prevent aging of the skin of the face, neck and décolletage area, if the girl has suffered a serious illness, she has experienced the stress of .If the first procedure is done before the age of 35, the first signs of aging will appear several years later.And up to forty years it will take no more than one session in six months to maintain the effect.

Hyaluronic acid is well perceived by skin cells, as this substance is not foreign to them.



Despite all the benefits of the procedure, there are a number of contraindications to its conduct.

  1. Pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding - the active components of the injected drug can penetrate into breast milk and through the placenta into the fetal bloodstream, which can be unsafe for its development and health.
  2. Tumor formations of any nature.
  3. Infectious diseases of any nature.
  4. Exacerbations of chronic diseases.
  5. Therapy with medicines that promote blood thinning.
  6. Damage to the skin.
  7. Individual intolerance to the components of the administered formulation.

Some patients experience panic fear of injections.In this case, you can perform biorevitalization using the laser method. This procedure is several times more expensive, but it has its undeniable advantages.

Features of laser biorevitalization

Laser biorevitalization With the help of the laser, it is possible to introduce hyaluronic acid under the skin in the most gentle way.A special gel is used, which contains active substance .First it is applied to the skin, and then the areas that need to be rejuvenated are treated with a laser beam.The pulse of laser radiation is minimal, the temperature on the skin surface rises by no more than one degree.The risk of burns is minimized, the patient does not feel the slightest pain.

As a result, the substance evenly penetrates the entire surface of the skin, nourishes it and rejuvenates it.The first signs of aging disappear without a trace, the production of natural collagen and elastane increases, the skin becomes elastic, radiant and smooth.

Recommendations for skin care after biorevitalization

Although this method is gentle, it is nevertheless recommended that certain skin care rules be followed after it has been carried out:

  1. The first 48 hours after biorevitalization can not be performed on the face with any cosmeticProcedures, use scrubs, apply cream or lotion.The use of make-up is also undesirable.
  2. If there are small bruises in the area of ​​injections, it is necessary to apply a cream with an extract of arnica - usually it is prescribed by the doctor who conducted the procedure.
  3. Over the course of seven days, intense physical activity, a visit to the gym, baths or saunas are contraindicated.
  4. Two weeks you can not visit the solarium and stay in direct sunlight.
  5. Also for two weeks you should not perform any physiotherapy, especially - plastic surgery on the face.

The results after biorevitalization are liked without exception by all patients.The skin looks refreshed, young and elastic, the complexion is restored.And most importantly - there is no recovery period.To date, this is a really good way to rejuvenate without surgery and braces.

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