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Diet for pimples and acne: useful products and an approximate menu for the day

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The appearance of acne and minor imperfections on the skin is very frustrating.Any violation of external attractiveness has a very negative impact on self-esteem and the mood of a person.In order to get rid of inflammation on the skin of the face and body, one home or salon care is not enough, it is also important to take care of the proper nutrition, which helps to eliminate the problem as soon as possible.

Table of contents: Why does acne develop?Vitamins needed for acne. Features of nutrition. Products that cause acne. Products that help to get rid of acne. Approximate ration for a day. .

. Why does an acne develop?

The formation of acne on the skin can be due to several reasons: age, regular or pathological hormonal changes in the body, stress and increased psycho-emotional stress, malnutrition, lack of care for the face and lack of the necessary cleansing.

The formation of acne, black spots and comedones is explained by the pathological hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands

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.The skin does not have time to remove the surplus of produced substances at the right time, as a result of which they clog the pores, where, when mixed with mud, the sebum and dead cells cells form a tight cork that opens the pore that obstructs skin respiration and provokes inflammation.

Doctors-dermatologists say that proper nutrition plays a very important role in improving the skin condition. Some products are real catalysts for disruptions in the metabolism of the upper layer of the epidermis and provocateurs for the frequent occurrence of acne.The lack of vitamins, usually obtained from food, also adversely affects the skin, because these trace elements and nutrients help the skin to recover more quickly during aggressive hormonal attacks, transport oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.

Vitamins necessary for the skin during acne

In order to successfully treat inflammations, it is necessary to know which vitamins and trace elements help the skin to regenerate faster, look healthy and attractive:

  1. Good-dieta Vitamin A Supports natural moisture concentrationIn cells of the epidermis, normalizes the level of collagen and elastin, responsible for the elasticity and resistance of the skin, regulates the production of sebum from the pores.
  2. Vitamin E. It has long been known for its antioxidant properties for skin cells.It promotes the active removal of harmful substances, contaminants and toxins.With proper care and nutrition does not allow the formation of new black points.
  3. Vitamins of group B. They help to normalize the supply of epidermal cells with nutrients, and also help to accelerate the assimilation of other useful vitamins and trace elements, but it is important to remember that their excess leads to uncontrolled absorption of various kinds of compounds from food and aggravates the inflammatory processes.
  4. Vitamin C. It is considered the most important substance in the process of getting rid of acne.Ascorbic acid destroys toxins that cause irritation in the upper layer of the skin, reduces the intensity of the inflammatory process, and, when carried along with blood even to the most clogged pores, works great as an internal antiseptic, freeing the skin from the inside.Also, vitamin C helps to strengthen the natural defenses of the body, significantly increasing its resistance to unfavorable factors of external and internal environments.

A whole range of trace elements, such as zinc, chromium, selenium, iron, manganese, copper and polyunsaturated fatty acids, is also needed. When compiling a diet for the treatment of acne, you need to ensure that the diet contains a full range of active ingredients that will help restore skin health and external appeal.

Features of food

Doctors-dermatologists note that the diet during acne should be approximately similar to the menu, which is made for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This is explained simply: it can never be ruled out that a large number of acne on the skin was caused by pathologies and impaired absorption processes in the stomach and intestines.In addition, the peculiarity of such a diet is the maximum digestibility of its products.

There are several rules for compiling a diet and nutritional standards for acne:

  • for any dish, only high quality products are used;
  • food is fractional, 5-6 times a day, in small portions;
  • cooked meals should be at room temperature, too hot or cold food irritates the stomach and esophagus and provokes the appearance of repeated inflammations;
  • You can not eat too sharp, salty, sweet dishes.Canned, smoked, fast food and carbonated drinks are completely banned;
  • Sugar is also excluded from the diet due to its ability to provoke inflammation on the skin of the face;
  • when preparing dishes, the emphasis should be on porridge, finely chopped green salads, meat and fish should be boiled or cooked;
  • seasoning and salt is added to the minimum amount, and in ready-made meals.It is advisable during the treatment to switch to natural, finely chopped herbs as spices and iodized sea salt.

The implementation of these simple rules will help to accelerate the effect of the diet, and with additional cosmetic care to quickly restore the skin.

Acne-causing products

Some products provoke an increased sebum secretion and promote clogging of pores. They are strictly forbidden to eat during treatment:

  • Canned goods alcohol and tobacco smoking;
  • fried foods;
  • canned products;
  • sauces based on mayonnaise and ketchup;
  • sharp, concentrated seasonings;
  • lamb, pork and other fatty meat;
  • milk chocolate, cakes, pastries, etc.;
  • strong tea, high-coffee beverages;
  • products with high caloric content and high content of cholesterol.

Products to help get rid of acne

To eliminate acne, the diet should include the following product groups.

  1. Vegetables and fruits:
    • apples;
    • pears;
    • bananas;
    • plums;
    • peaches;
    • Citrus;
    • all varieties of cabbage;
    • green salad;
    • beet;
    • carrots;Melons and melons.
  2. Cereals and cereals of the following types of grains:
    • oats;
    • buckwheat;
    • pearl barley;
    • rice;
    • millet.
  3. Dairy and sour-milk products:
    • kefir, for normalization of GIT and normal microflora recovery;
    • curd, which helps to cleanse the skin as soon as possible;
    • yogurts;
    • the fermented woman;
    • acidophilus milk;
    • meat and fish of low-fat varieties;
    • liver of any animal species and brain;

Important! You need to choose the menu for a diet not only based on personal preferences, but also on the basis of your own health.The use of products that provoke an allergic reaction will lead to a significant deterioration in the patient's health.

To entrust the preparation of a diet, it is desirable for a specialist doctor to take into account all the necessary factors, as well as the features of the rhythm of the patient's life and the accompanying chronic diseases, if any.

Approximate ration for the day

During the diet, an approximate menu for one day will be approximately as follows:

  • breakfast: cereal porridge on milk or water, boiled chicken piece, unsalted cheese, herbal tea;
  • second breakfast: an apple, a pear or a serving of yogurt;
  • lunch: vegetable soup, piece of meat or fish, fruit, a glass of compote;
  • afternoon snack: berries or fruit;
  • dinner: casserole from low-fat cottage cheese or vegetable salad, herbal tea;
  • for the night a glass of kefir or ryazhenka.

Compliance with the rules of fractional nutrition will help useful substances from food to be absorbed evenly into the body and normalizes the process of digestion of the consumed products.

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