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Home anti-wrinkle masks: recipes for rejuvenating face masks

Mask-for-face The appearance of the first wrinkles on the aging skin is not the reason to stop doing it yourself, referring to the "inevitable" aging.First, these biological processes, thanks to competent care, can be significantly delayed.And secondly, aging can also be very beautiful, producing an indelible impression on others.

Having noticed wrinkles appearing on the face, women either become upset and resigned, refuse cosmetic care altogether, or fall into the other extreme - they literally sweep all kinds of tubes and anti-aging cosmetics bottles from the store shelves, naively believing that the more expensive they are, the more effective.Meanwhile, you need to calmly assess the situation and develop for yourself a new cosmetic program - an integrated, combining elements of salon care with a regular home.And it is better, if you create such a program will help an experienced qualified medical cosmetologist, after assessing the current condition of the patient's skin.

Contents: Why do wrinkles appear on the skin?How do rejuvenating masks work?The Benefits of Home Masks Against Wrinkles The Best Home Face Mask for Wrinkles

Why do wrinkles appear on the skin?

The appearance of wrinkles on the skin is a consequence of loss of moisture at the level of the cells.

Masks The mechanism is simple: specific proteins of the human body - collagen and elastin - in youth form an elastic facial "skeleton".And it is these proteins, increasing in volume, absorb and retain moisture in the tissues.Therefore, the young face looks fresh and taut.And those folds that are formed as a result of facial facial expressions or during conversation, are easily smoothed out.What happens next?Next, the body synthesizes these proteins independently - elastin after 14 years, and collagen after 21 years.And the reserve, which by that time was formed, begins to just age .

Skin moisture perceives worse, dries quickly and loses its elasticity.As a result, wrinkles occur, because the epidermis no longer returns to its original state after mimic and conversational movements of the face.

Approaches the appearance of wrinkles and external negative effects on the skin.Ultraviolet, weather, irrational nutrition, stress, bad habits - all this aggravates the situation .And although the process of wrinkle formation on the face is irreversible, in modern cosmetology there are ways to actually slow it down.In particular, effective masks.


How do anti-aging masks work?

As it is obvious that all age-related changes( including wrinkles) in the dermis occur due to loss of moisture and reduction of the number of elastic fibers, anti-aging masks are designed to solve several urgent problems:

  1. Deep moistening, when the fadingThe skin gets moisture in the amount necessary to maintain the cell turgor.If you make these masks at home, then to ensure it is deep moisture in them you must add vegetable or essential oils, egg yolks, aloe extract and other natural "moisturizers".
  2. A quality nutrition in which the epidermis receives enough vitamins and minerals to optimize life processes at the cellular level and maintain the cells' ability to regenerate and renew.At home, masks with dairy products, vitamin extracts, pulp of vegetables and fruits are optimal for this purpose.
  3. Lifting for tightening the contours of the face and reducing the flabbiness of the skin, which means reducing the depth of those wrinkles that are already available, and preventing the appearance of new ones.For these purposes, it is good to use honey and cosmetic clay, actively and deeply affecting the dermis, increasing its tone.

If the regular use of home masks add more and sessions of professional massage, the maximum rejuvenating effect will be achieved. At home, applying care, you can use massage techniques Kobido - will also be very useful.Especially in conjunction with special gymnastics for the face.

mask for the face

However, the above complex should be coordinated with a cosmetologist before proceeding with its implementation.Otherwise, an effect is possible that is directly opposite to what is expected.

The Benefits of Home Masks Against Wrinkles

Experts are sure that even the most effective home mask, being improperly cooked or used, can do more harm than good for the skin.

For example, in no case can you add ingredients to such formulations "by sight", but only in prescription quantities. It is not recommended to restrain facial masks, nor do you need to prepare formulations from natural products for future use, since the ingredients will certainly lose their useful qualities, they will deteriorate, and the pathogenic bacteria will multiply in their remnants.

For the preparation of home masks, use only high-quality and fresh products. So that there are no signs of rotting on fruits / vegetables, mold marks in dairy products or decomposition in oils.

But to make masks cooked at home, they only bring good, they need not only to competently prepare, but correctly to impose.And first of all to check - whether this or that composition does not give an allergic reaction.This can be done by applying a droplet of the finished product on the wrist.If after 10 minutes there was no redness, no irritation, no burning, no itching, the mask can be safely used on the face.At the slightest hint of allergy, the use of the drug must be abandoned.

Home cosmetic masks, like any other, are placed exclusively on pure epidermis, so before the procedure it is better to use a scrub, tonic or other cleanser.

Such formulations are recommended for course use.The optimal period of use of one remedy is 2-3 weeks .Then you need to take a break.And alternating masks, solving actual problems with the dermis.So that the skin is not accustomed to any one home remedy and does not stop responding to it.

The best home face masks from wrinkles

Anti-aging home masks, effectively fighting wrinkles on the face, it is better to use the type of skin.Because some ingredients work superbly on dry epidermis, and others qualitatively affect only the normal.Still others rejuvenate only oily skin.

For the dry type of the epidermis

The main thing in rejuvenating masks for dry skin is to prevent its even more drying.This dermis needs fat!Therefore, the base products for the home production of cosmetics should be vegetable oils. And

Anhydrous lanolin( 10 g) can be used as additional components if mixed in a water bath with olive oil( 20 g) and water( 40 ml), in which a cosmetic drill was previously dissolved( 0.5G).This mask is hampered for uniformity - until it becomes thick and white.And then put on the face for 20 minutes.Then rinse thoroughly with cool water.

Whipped egg whites with lemon juice, glycerin and olive oil( 10 drops total).The composition is mixed, applied to the cleansed face for a quarter of an hour, and after a good wash.

Flaxseed( 3 tbsp), which must be boiled in 200 ml of water until liquid jelly is obtained.Then add honey( half a teaspoon) and 1 ampoule of pharmacy vitamin A on an oil base.Mask on the face is applied for 15-20 minutes, under a polyethylene film.Then it is removed from the skin with warm water.

For oily skin

In the rejuvenation of oily skin, it is important to regulate the production of sebum and protect the epidermis from inflammation, as well as prevent its overdrying.And in other respects, such a derma itself "keeps the brand", for a long time it does not grow old and keeps freshness.That's why masks are recommended for home anti-aging care for oily skin with:


Cleaned and grated finely pulp ginger root( stl) to mix with cosmetic clay( 2 tbsp) and decoction of chamomile( st.l) until the formation of gruel.Apply the face to the face for a quarter of an hour, and then rinse with cool water.This mask perfectly tones, tightens the contour of the face and eliminates small wrinkles( after the course application), and also struggles with high fat content and focal rashes of pimples on the face.


To prepare the cosmetic mixture, mix the mashed banana pulp( 2 tablespoons) with milk( hl) and lemon juice( hl).Hold for 15 minutes, then wash off.This means successfully eliminates small "mesh" wrinkles.


This mask is difficult to prepare, but extremely effective.The main ingredient for it will have to be prepared in advance.Tear off the leaves of aloe( 10 pieces per course), just press down them, put them in a cellophane bag and send it to the refrigerator for 2 weeks.Then a tablespoon of obtained aged aloe juice will need to be mixed with lanolin and a stem of olive oil.The resulting mixture should be allowed to "warm up" to room temperature and then apply to a previously cleaned face( for a quarter of an hour).After the remnants of the product should be removed with a damp cloth, and rinse the skin with cool water.

For normal and combined epidermis

It only seems that there is no need for normal skin and care.She, as well as the combined epidermis, like no others, need special anti-aging care for wrinkles and other traces of epidermis wilting. And home masks can help with this:

Grape juice

To prepare this mask, you need 1.5 tbsp freshly squeezed grape juice, which will need to impregnate the gauze mask-napkin.Gauze is applied to the face for 20 minutes, which is then rinsed with warm water.This remedy prevents flabbiness of the skin and restores its elasticity.

Masks Curd

The main ingredient for the preparation of a mask will require 2 tbsp.Add to it you will need a yolk of one egg and a glass of olive oil.All grind properly( until homogeneity).And put the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


To prepare this fine pull-up product, which also effectively works against wrinkles, it will require the pulp of a persimmon( one fruit) without skin, olive oil and sour cream according to st.Everything is mixed, and for the thickening of the composition you can use flour or starch.The finished mask is applied to the face( for 30 minutes), and then washed off with warm water.For greater effect, you can wipe the epidermis with a piece of ice after the procedure.

Svetlana Zhukova, medical reviewer

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