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How to remove stretch marks on the chest: a description of the various methods of removal

How to remove stretch

Beautiful breasts are the dream of every woman, without exception.Let it be not big, but elastic and attractive, seductively looking out of the edge of the decollete.But, unfortunately, dreams do not always coincide with reality, pregnancy, feeding, sharp slimming after hard diets, just age changes negatively affect the tone of the skin of the chest, and stretch marks are formed on it.What is it, why they appear and how to deal with them - about everything in detail in this article( a link to the previous article).

Contents: What are extensions and where do they come from?First aid How to remove stretch marks at home Massage of the breast against stretch marks Cosmetic means Exercises from the stretch marks on the chest Modern hardware methods of removing stretch marks

What are stretch marks and where do they come from?

Stretching is, in scientific terms, cicatricial changes in the skin of an atrophic nature, refer to a cosmetic skin defect.In the people they are often called stria.

They can be localized on calves, hips, abdomen - and on the chest, there are different lengths, widths and depths.Stretch marks come in different colors: from whitish to bluish and even purple.In any case, the spectacle is a little aesthetic, although everyone understands that the woman's fault is not there, often stretch marks become a real problem in dealing with the opposite sex, and simply bring moral discomfort.

Why does this happen?From the point of view of physiology, stretch marks are microfractures of epidermal tissues.They occur when excessive stretching.Then, when the forms return to their previous dimensions, a connective tissue is formed at the site of the ruptures - an ugly scar appears.Every woman can face the problem of stretch marks, at any age - even teenagers. The following factors are provoking this unpleasant phenomenon:

  • Rastiazgki_na_grudi a sharp increase in weight - for example, during pregnancy or lactation;
  • rapid growth of a teenager during puberty;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • rigid diets, when girls are hungry and quickly lose excess pounds;
  • incorrectly matched underwear for the big breast, not enough supporting it;
  • intensive workout in the gym with excessive strain on the muscles of the bust;
  • trauma and mechanical damage to the chest.

The hereditary predisposition to the formation of striae is also not excluded - if they appeared after the birth of your mother or sister, then most likely sooner or later you will appear.There are versions that bad habits, in particular, smoking, also affect the appearance of stretch marks.This assumption makes sense, since smoking narrows the vessels, tissues receive insufficient nutrition, therefore, the skin loses its elasticity.It is enough to first add a couple of kilograms, and then lose weight again - and you'll see for yourself what your breasts will turn into.

First aid

The fight against stretch marks should be initiated with the elimination of the cause of their formation and prevention of further education. Special attention should be given to such moments:

  1. To pick up qualitative, correcting and supporting underwear, which does not violate blood circulation and allows the skin to breathe - beautiful lace bras on bones are now excluded.
  2. Check hormonal background - almost all cosmetic defects need to be eliminated not only from the outside, but also from the inside.If there is a problem, the doctor will select the appropriate medication and give all the necessary recommendations.
  3. To refuse from rigid diets - in a diet there must be calcium and proteins, vitamins A, E and C. Deficiency of iron also negatively affects the skin condition, therefore it is necessary to donate blood to hemoglobin, and, if necessary, to drink a course of iron preparations.And it is necessary to supplement the diet with red meat, liver, eggs, buckwheat.
  4. Do sports, but without fanaticism.Enough 2-3 workouts a week, in a set of exercises, this includes exercises for the chest.
  5. Quit smoking - this in any case will not be harmful.

Sometimes compliance with these rules is enough to make the skin look much better.But it will take a long time to wait.Speeding up the process will help such methods of getting rid of stretch marks on the chest.

How to remove stretch marks on your chest at home

Before you start saving money for a plastic surgery and look for a good clinic, you should try to get rid of the stria on your own at home. For this, the following methods are used:

  • pharmacy products;
  • therapeutic massage;
  • cosmetic products;
  • exercises.

What can modern pharmaceuticals offer against such a disaster as ugly braces on the chest?As a rule, these are gels for external use.Do not confuse them with conventional cosmetics - the active ingredients in these preparations are selected very carefully and operate several times more efficiently.The price, respectively, is also higher.

The well-known ointment for resorption of scars and postoperative sutures of Kontratubeks has proved its worth.The components of this agent stimulate the renewal of epidermal cells and the natural production of collagen.But to get the result, you need to use the ointment every day for at least three months.

How to save-youth-breast The advantage is that this drug is suitable for pregnant and lactating children, it is not absorbed through the skin cells into the blood and can not harm the baby.The only warning is not to apply the remedy on the nipple and the area around it.

As an analogue of Medemma gel, its effect on epidermal tissues is practically the same.Thanks for such a gift is needed by the technologists of the German pharmaceutical company Merz Pharma.And, of course, it is worth buying vitamins - for example AEV.They can be taken orally, or capsules can be used to lubricate the skin of the breast.If you take vitamins inside, then not only the condition of the breast, but also the facial skin, hair and nails will improve.

Breast massage against stretch marks

Massage is generally an indispensable procedure for every woman.Even if there are no visible problems with health and appearance, all cosmetologists and doctors in one voice recommend doing it for prevention and maintenance of the tone at least once a week. When the massage occurs the following:

  • is stimulated by the circulation, the cells receive more oxygen and nutrients;
  • accelerates the outflow of lymph that accumulates unevenly between the skin cells;
  • muscles are tightened and toned.

The action of the massage will strengthen the special oil against stretch marks.But if this is not, then you can use wheat germ oil, peach, orange, almond or just olive oil.It is necessary to perform the massage very carefully, without squeezing the breast excessively.

Stretch marks At home, for self-massage, it is better to use with the Taoist technique .The chest is clasped from below by the palm, after which nine rotations are performed from the shoulder to the center of the body.Then the chest is covered with a palm and easily pressed.Massage is completed by stroking clockwise.When you massage, it is important to breathe deeply and evenly.Manual massage is best entrusted to a specialist: if you do not perform it correctly, you can overstretch the skin and even provoke the development of mastopathy, especially if there is a hormonal imbalance.


Find today in cosmetic stores and pharmacies lotions, gels and creams against stretch marks on the chest is not a problem at all - the problem is to choose really good.Which is better? You need to pay attention to the composition of the tool.Well, if it will:

  • vegetable oils - shea butter, jojoba, olive, coconut, walnut;
  • extracts of medicinal plants - perennial, chamomile, calendula, nettle;
  • extract of kelp - seaweed;
  • vitamins B5, A, E;
  • hydroxyproline is a substance that stimulates the production of collagen and elastane.

Stretch marks It's better not to regret money and buy quality products from a good manufacturer - for example, Lirak, Vichy, Sanosan, Mom Comfort. Although many very much praise the series against stretch marks from Avon.This is already decided by everyone for himself, how much he is willing to spend on the beauty of his chest.

You can do wraps from algae - dry kelp is sold in pharmacies.Immediately after the shower, the breast must be gently rubbed with a soft towel, then apply the oil against the stretch marks and apply the steamed algae.Cover the chest with polyethylene, wrap it in warmly and leave it for an hour.

Exercises from stretch marks on the chest

It is not necessary to visit the fitness center to make the breasts beautiful and supple. It is necessary to perform a minimal complex, which will also be very useful, at home:

  1. You have to face the wall, rest your hands on it and perform 10 pushing movements.
  2. Then sit on a chair, raise your hands and connect your palms at the chest level.With force squeeze them for five seconds ten times.
  3. Now you should straighten, drop your hands and try to keep the blades as much as possible.Hold for a few seconds, relax, repeat ten times.

You can do this every day, even during a break in the workplace - it will take a training session for your chest not more than five minutes.

Modern hardware methods for removing stretch marks

There are ladies who are not ready to do exercises daily and lubricate the breast with various means.They also do not want to wait, but because they are looking for radical methods of restoring beautiful breasts. Modern hardware cosmetology offers such options:

  1. Radio wave therapy.The breasts are exposed to high frequency pulses, they penetrate the skin tissues and cause the relaxed collagen fibers to twist again.As a result, the tissues are tightened and the stretch marks are smoothed out.To get a visible result, you need at least three sessions.
  2. Microcurrent effect.The principle is about the same.The skin cells are affected by the current of a small force, due to which all processes are reproached, the cells are rejuvenated and restored faster.To increase the effect before the procedure begins, little or a vitamin complex is applied to the skin against stretch marks.
  3. Laser grinding.The most radical method of removing stretch marks on the chest.The laser beam processes the problem areas of the skin - they are microdamaged, resembling a burn.In response, the body begins to intensively produce collagen, stretch marks are filled with healthy tissues and smoothed.
  4. Introduction of an oxygen-ozone cocktail under the skin.Injections stimulate fat metabolism and destroy fibroids, while improving blood circulation in tissues.To get the result, you need at least 8 procedures.
  5. Microdermabrasion - eliminates even long-lasting stretch marks forever.The top layer of the skin is grinded mechanically using a special apparatus and attachments.
  6. Mesotherapy.The procedure consists in introducing a mixture of vitamins and hyaluronic acid under the skin on the breast.Injections activate the metabolic processes in the skin tissues, and after three sessions it becomes more smooth, elastic and taut.
  7. Chemical peeling.In this case, an acidic preparation burning the upper layer of the epidermis is applied to the skin.After a while, it peels off and beneath it a new skin appears - young, beautiful and supple.

When choosing a radical method of fighting stretch marks, one should not rely on the cost of the procedure and not on the advice of girlfriends, but solely on the advice of a doctor.All procedures have their contraindications and side effects, require preparation and recovery period.The cost of a course of treatment stretch marks will depend on your region, the type of procedure and the required number of sessions.

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