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How to wash off the paint from your hair

How to wash off the paint from your hair Errors in home cosmetology are inevitable and most often problems arise during experiments with hair.Women in fact non-permanent nature - constantly looking for a new image, try to express their inner self with the coloring of the hair, which ends either with an unsuccessful color of curls, or with dull / lifeless locks.There is a need to correct the error: return the color to the hair, strengthen their roots, restore the gloss and density of the strands.You can do it in a hairdresser with the help of professionals( effectively, aggressively and expensively) or at home( not too effective, but absolutely harmless and inexpensive).

Contents: Elimination of unwanted hair color in hairdresser How to wash off hair color at home How to return your hair color: home recipes

Elimination of unwanted hair color in hairdressing saloon

Elimination of unwanted hair color in hairdresser's shop is called scamping.To carry out this procedure, a special solution is applied to the hair, then it is washed off with water.After some time, you can adjust the color of unsuccessfully colored hair for 3-5 tones.Naturally, the pickling is carried out using aggressive chemicals - they penetrate deep into the structure of the hair, break their integrity and adversely affect health.Therefore, after the decapirovaniya professionals must spend their clients sessions of restoration and strengthening of curls.

To wash off a paint from hair

In the "arsenal" of master hairdressers there are several types of pickling:

  • surface( acid): carried out with solutions that do not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, the color can be changed by 2-3 tones;
  • deep( bleaching): 4 to 5 toning of hair is done, it is used only in exceptional cases - for example, if it is necessary to get rid of black hair on hair quickly and guaranteed;
  • homemade( natural): absolutely safe flushing, which has a weak effect, changes color only by 1 tone, but it perfectly takes care of the hair.

How to wash off the paint from your hair

Masters in hairdressing salons usually offer their clients first to use surface pickling, which is more sparing.If the desired result is not observed, then it is possible to go over to deep decapping.If there is no confidence in aggressive, chemical means of pickling, then conventional products can be used to eliminate unsuccessful results of staining.

How to flush the paint at home

It will not be easy to wash off the hair from the hair at home, but regular procedures will be absolutely safe for the health of the hair.

The algorithm of action:

  1. We find the recipe.It needs to be selected taking into account the type and color of the curls.There are remedies that relieve hair from black paint, but there are also those that are effective only for women who are brown.
  2. Preparing the product.This must be done in strict accordance with the instructions, since even a small deviation can provoke an unexpected reaction of the hair.If the recipe specifies water, then tap water is not suitable, you have to use either mineral without gas, or filtered.If the composition of the mask contains vegetable oil, the optimal choice will be burdock, olive or castor oil.
  3. We carry out the procedure.Apply the product on a dry and dirty head.Strongly it is not recommended when applying the mask to touch the scalp and even more so rub it into the roots of the hair.We cover the head with polyethylene and wrap it with a towel, the time of the procedure is 60 minutes.
  4. Final Steps.The product applied to the hair is washed off with warm water using shampoo, the procedure lasts until the clear water flows from the head.Then you need to dry your hair naturally( without a hair dryer!).

Note: the desired effect of home remover can not be obtained quickly, therefore it will be necessary to conduct repeated procedures.It is recommended to carry out the considered "measure" on washing off the hair 1-2 times a week.The duration of such procedures is not limited.After the final washing of the paint, the next hair coloring should not be performed within 3-4 days.

Yes, the process of pickling requires some knowledge and a lot of patience, but if you have self-confidence, then you just have to choose the right recipe.

How to return your hair color: home recipes

Not all substances are capable of penetrating deep into the hair and splitting the pigment of a foreign character.That's why the list of products that are useful for washing hair from hair is rather limited.

Home kefir

Mask-of-yogurt Just make a reservation that the ready-made kefir for pickling does not work, so you will need to prepare it yourself.It can be safely replaced with yogurt - milk is put in a warm place and fermented( becomes acidic).

It is applied kefir on hair without any additives, perfectly relieves light and red paint on hair.

Homemade kefir and chicken eggs

Kefir for this recipe is also suitable only for home.To prepare this mask you need to take 100 ml of homemade yogurt or curdled milk, add to the sour milk product two raw chicken eggs, 50 ml of vodka, a tablespoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of shampoo for oily hair.Mix thoroughly.

This recipe is not suitable for hair that is colored in dark colors, but quickly enough to get rid of red and light shades.

Household soap

It is enough to wash your hair with simple soap.Just do not need to soap the hair for an hour, it will be enough to find the formed foam for 5-7 minutes.Then carefully rinse hair with warm water.

Do not use this method for those women who have dry hair - laundry soap dries heavily and can lead to a powerful thinning of the hair rods.

Please note: after washing with household soap, you must use a special conditioner or a balm rinse aid.

Baking soda

Universal-means-at-different-problems-with-health-hair It is necessary to take 5 tablespoons of conventional baking soda, dilute in a liter of warm water until completely dissolved.Finished product is applied to the hair, aged for 20 minutes.

Categorically forbidden procedures for pickling with the use of baking soda for those women whose scalp is damaged( wounds, scratches).This product has a somewhat aggressive effect on curls, so the owners of dry hair need to have a prepared wash to test the skin behind the auricle, or moisten one strand and see the result.At even greater desiccation( the skin instantly begins to peel off, and the strand hangs lifelessly after drying), a solution of baking soda can not be used as a paint wash.

Vegetable oil

For washing the hair from the hair, the most suitable choice is burdock, castor or olive oil.But to mix them together is not worth it, it is better to use one.Directly before use, the selected vegetable oil must be heated in a water bath.

Procedures with the application of these types of oils on the hair not only allow you to get rid of the unwanted shade of curls, but also make them dense, shiny and bulky.


You can use only the classic type of this product, without the addition of lemon juice, quail eggs and olive oil.It's simple: mayonnaise is applied over the entire length of the hair, then the head is covered with polyethylene and a towel, after an hour the ringlets are rinsed with warm water using shampoo.

This washing is suitable for all types of hair.If a woman is the owner of dry strands, they will become more moist, and if the sebaceous glands work on the scalp, the hair will lose its fatty shine.

It is possible to wash off unwanted hair dye from the hair quickly and easily, or cheaply and slowly.What to choose - it is purely individual, but it must be remembered that chemical means for pickling always have a negative effect on the health of hair, but home remedies from ordinary products also care for curls.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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