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Salicylic acid for the treatment of acne on the face: rules of application

salicylic acid

Pharmacy salicylic acid is an effective tool that helps fight acne on the face.More mothers and grandmothers of modern beauties treated the inflammation of the epidermis in such a proven way.Moreover, salicylic acid as a basic or auxiliary element is included in many expensive cosmetic preparations from well-known manufacturers - lotions, scrubs, tonics, recommended for the treatment of acne.And yet: is it so good?Is it really capable of making the skin clean by eliminating focal inflammations?Let's try to figure it out, including thanks to the feedback of those who used salicylic acid for therapeutic care of the epidermis.

First of all you need to understand: what is salicylic acid, how it is used in cosmetology and why should it, in principle, help in combating acne on the face?

Table of contents: Salicylic acid in cosmetology Salicylic acid against anti-acne on the face Contraindications

Salicylic acid in cosmetology

The official name for salicylic acid is hydroxybenzoic or phenolic acid.The chemical formula is C6H4( OH) COOH.It was first isolated from the willow bark by the Italian chemist Rafael Piria, and then it was synthesized.

Externally, these are colorless crystals, perfectly soluble in polar organic solvents( for example, in diethyl ether or ethanol) and poorly soluble in water.

The main advantage of salicylic acid for humans( as well as animals) - its vividly anti-inflammatory qualities. And these properties are actively used in medicine( for lowering fever, stopping pain, removing various foci of inflammation, irritation) and cosmetology( just when solving skin problems).

Why did they use salicylic acid to fight acne? Because this tool:

  1. Has a drying effect of . This should be remembered and used with caution.Especially if the treated pimple is not alone, so as not to overdry the epidermis.
  2. Copes with stains( post-acne).Thanks to the penetrating and renewing tissue qualities of salicylic acid, you can get rid of dark spots that remain after the pimples that have been poured( if there are already scars after extrusion, you need to look for another way).And yet this acid is able to discolour and dissolve black dots on the face.
  3. Destroys bacteria.It is those that cause the formation of acne.First, sebum clogs the pores and there are formed comedones.And as soon as bacteria enter this comedo( this happens quickly), the inflammatory process begins.So salicylic acid kills harmful bacteria.True, along with the useful ones that live on human skin.Therefore, you need to be very careful and use the tool for single pimples exclusively pointwise.
  4. Regulates the sebum secretion.So it reduces the fatness of the epidermis.Again, the use of acid must be very carefully, since a clear lack of sebum can, on the contrary, stimulate its increased production.

From all of the above, the following conclusion can be drawn: salicylic acid is a powerful medical-cosmetic product that should be used carefully to add new problems to existing ones.

Applying salicylic acid against acne on the face

Salicylic It's not enough to read that salicylic acid effectively fights against acne on the face, it's important to know how to use this remedy correctly.And keep in mind that pharmacies sell different solutions( in percentage of the main substance) - 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10%. The last two( 5 and 10%) in cosmetology are not applied.And with the rest you need to exercise extreme caution and begin to fight with pimples, using a 1% solution.

If inflamed pimples are a single phenomenon, they should be treated with a cotton swab dipped in the preparation.When several acne form a local area, you can wipe this area using a cotton pad.

How long should I work?Until you feel a slight tingling, in order not to overdry the epidermis.And to neutralize the effect of acid after the end of the procedure, you need to rinse your face with cool water.

Important: does not need to rub the solution into the skin!Do not forget that you are dealing with an acid whose excessive activity is fraught with a burn.

Lotion-for-make-up Salicylic acid can also be used as a prophylactic drug against the formation of acne.On the skin, prone to such education, and it is in those areas where acne usually occurs( whiskey, chin, etc.).It will take 2 wadded discs or two soft napkins and the same 1% solution of the drug.On one disc( napkin) is applied "salicylic", the other is abundantly moistened with cold water.First, the face in the right places is wiped with anti-inflammatory acid, then its action is neutralized by water.And so several times in a row.

Prophylactic procedure is recommended for use no more than once a week.And it is better to timed it to a period when the appearance of acne is expected - for example, before menstruation.Because salicylic acid does not belong to regular care products.And even for the purpose of prevention it is better to use it "according to the testimony."


In addition to the fact that salicylic acid on the skin should be used with caution, there are also contraindications for the use of this drug:

  1. Itchy face Peeling.If after the first accurate application of the epidermis began to peel off, it is very bad.Hence the use of salicylicum is contraindicated.And do not think that the skin is "renewed".This is a real burn.You can, of course, try to replace the solution with alcohol, but most likely, from the use of the drug in the fight against acne will have to give up and look for another, more suitable means.
  2. Dry skin type.This circumstance is also a contraindication for the use of a solution of salicylic acid in the fight against acne.If you still use this tool, painful overdrying of the covers can not be avoided.And then you will have to undergo a serious recovery course.
  3. Pregnancy.Experts in one voice do not recommend the use of salicylic acid in this period.Moreover, at possible pimples at such a time there can be very different reasons, rather than clogged pores and vital activity of pathogenic bacteria in comedones.
  4. Incompatibility with other cosmetic and medical products. In particular, with a basilon and zinerite. If you start the fight with acne during the application of the above funds, you can get a chemical skin burn, accompanied by profuse peeling, almost certainly.

In addition, you do not need to use a salicylic acid solution for too long.About one month after 2 regular use of this drug, the skin simply stops responding to it. And there are only drawbacks of use, all the advantages are lost.It is necessary to take a break( best of all for a month), so that the sensitivity to the salicylon returns to the epidermis, and the remedy becomes effective again.

Conclusion: has to admit that salicylic acid is very strong and for someone very effective.But not for everyone.So, if you use it yourself, it's extremely cautious.And with the slightest signs of ineffectiveness or side effects of the drug, immediately seek help from specialists - a cosmetologist or dermatologist.

Svetlana Zhukova, medical reviewer

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