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Poultry on the hands - the causes of the appearance, the ways of treatment and prevention

Poultry on hands

After walking in the cold air, the skin of the hands becomes dry and red?Touching the water brings real anguish?On the surface of the skin began to appear cracks?"Congratulations" - you have pimples on your hands!This problem is familiar to many, but very few people know that it is possible not only to treat the skin hand disease, but also to carry out prevention - in this case problems will be successfully avoided in the future.

Table of contents: Causes of the appearance of pimples on the hands Symptoms of pimples on hands Treatment of pimples on the hands

Causes of the appearance of pimples on the hands

The causes of the appearance of pimples on the hands It is believed that the main reason for the appearance of the problem under consideration is cold or wind, in some cases - both of these phenomena.Sometimes they do not help to protect themselves from pimples on their hands and gloves - for example, if they are too thin and do not have a warming effect, on the street you play with the child in snowballs, they are exposed to rain in the cold wind.And if in the history there is an increased sensitivity to cold, an allergy to low temperatures, then pronounced symptoms of pimples on the hands can not be avoided.

But in order for the state in question to be developed, there will be only one effect on the hands of cold air - doctors say that there should be some provoking factors. These include:

  • thin and dry skin on the hands;
  • not enough professional care for hands, the irregularity of its conduct;
  • abuse of aggressive substances - they include even basic household chemicals.

Very important point - if the skin of hands differs increased sensitivity to internal and external influences, the probability of occurrence of pimples on hands raises in times.So it was physiologically formed - it is on the hands that there is practically no fat layer, and he is a kind of protective "shell".It is not surprising that the increased sensitivity of the skin of the hands can develop and against the background of hormonal disorders in women, and when taking hormonal drugs, and with unbalanced diets, and due to insufficient intake of vitamins.

Symptoms of pimples on the hands

Symptoms of pimples on the hands Signs of development of the state under consideration are pronounced, therefore they immediately attract attention.The skin of the hands acquires a red color, swelling / swelling of the hands and fingers is noted, small cracks may appear, some patients complain of not intense itching.It is very important to rule out more serious diseases - the above symptoms may also indicate the development of scabies, eczema, psoriasis and other pathologies.

Please note: in order not to make a mistake in diagnosis, not to miss the early onset of the development of the pathology of the skin or internal organs, it is necessary to remember whether the hands were exposed to cold or wind in the recent past.

Having determined that the hands have really appeared pimples, you must immediately start treatment - this state is not harmless, as it seems at first glance.If the skin has small cracks, it means that the path of infection in the body is open - prepare for the fact that these microcracks will soon expand, turn into real open wounds, can even appear purulent contents on the wound surface.

Treatment of pimples on the hands

Before using any medications, you just need to follow the recommendations from specialists - in many cases this will be enough to get rid of an unpleasant phenomenon.

Cold hands and wind chicks

Chicken on the hands from cold and wind When out on the street, wear gloves or mittens.Preliminarily, you can lubricate the skin of your hands with a thin layer of nourishing or moisturizing cream - this will become a protective layer for the sensitive skin.Be sure to change your woolen mittens or gloves - this material can greatly irritate the skin, the condition of the hands will deteriorate significantly.

When you come home from the cold, never try to warm your frozen hands under a stream of warm or hot water - this will only make you worse.It's enough just to get into a warm room, spend 15 minutes in it, periodically rub your hands about each other.

Be sure to lubricate the skin of your hands with baby cream or medical petroleum jelly - this will be the first help with the already appeared pimples.

Hand-held chickens from frequent use of household chemicals

Poultry on hands Take the habit of washing dishes and washing clothes only with rubber gloves!Can be used from thick rubber with a cotton inner layer, you can use medical gloves, you can use to protect your hands and latex products.It will be very convenient and carry out caring procedures - before putting on gloves, grease your hands with any fat cream, apply it directly in a thick layer and get the effect of the greenhouse.

It is desirable to abandon the use of aggressive means of the category of household chemicals, you can also pick up something from folk recipes - for example, the dishes are washed well by dry mustard, and laundry can also be washed with soap.But not all are ready for such a "feat", so it will be easy enough to always use rubber gloves.

Puppies in the arms on the background of vitamin deficiency

Chickens on the hands amid beriberi Very often the condition in question is observed against the background of insufficient provision of the body with vitamins.In this case, it is recommended to use not only a hand cream with moisturizing and / or nutritional effect, but also various oils in which there is a high content of vitamins E and A.

It is necessary to make a correction of the diet - in the daily menu it is necessary to include vegetables in freshKind, fruit and sour-milk products.

Benefits for the condition of the epidermis of the hands will be:

  • beef liver in boiled and stewed;
  • bran;
  • leafy greens;
  • butter;
  • flax seeds;
  • wheat grains already sprouted.

Das-richtige-Speiseoel Please note: recommends saturation of the body with necessary vitamins, doctors recommend to use once a day a teaspoon of olive, corn or flaxseed oil.Visit the therapist, take a survey and get permission to eat pumpkin seed oil in the above dosage.

Puppies on the hands on the background of hormonal imbalance

And in this case only the doctor will help - an endocrinologist and gynecologist( for women) will be needed.But this will not be enough, you need to make your diet balanced and use hand care products( creams, oils).

Please note: if all the recommendations of the poultry do not pass on the hands for 3-4 days, the skin condition on the hands worsens, then you should definitely seek help from a dermatologist - it may be necessary to use specific medications, searching for the true cause of the progressiveState.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of pimples on the hands

Traditional medicine will also be effective in treating the condition in question - funds from this category have a calming, anti-inflammatory and healing effect.Of course, you need to have 100% confidence in the fact that you have pimples on your hands - then you can do without a doctor's prior consultation.

In a large bowl, pour a liter of warm water( not hot!) And add to it 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil( the best option is olive).Dip the pre-cleaned hands into the product for 15 minutes.Then the hands are wiped dry with a cotton towel, any nourishing cream is applied to the skin, and gloves made of natural material are put on - the time of their wearing is 20-30 minutes.This procedure should be done every evening before bedtime until the cracks on the skin surface and other symptoms of pimples on the hands disappear.

Treating pimples in the hands

Weld two potatoes "in uniforms", cool and clean.Then you need to crush them into large-mashed puree and add to it a cucumber juice in the amount of 2 teaspoons.The resulting product is applied to the cleansed skin of hands, then covered with a polyethylene film and left for 15-20 minutes.After the specified time, hands are washed with warm water and greased with any fat cream.

Burr oil Get in the pharmacy burdock oil - it is unique in its own way!If you lubricate your skin every day with burdock oil, it will not only help get rid of the already progressing pimples on your hands, but also saturate / nourish the epidermis with vitamins.

If you melt the goose's interior fat, and then apply it to the skin of your hands, then within 2 days you can get rid of the pimples on your hands.And to enhance the effect, it is recommended to carry out this procedure at night, put cotton gloves on your hands and go to bed in this form.

Take 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of flour from oats and 1 tablespoon of honey, mix everything.This composition is recommended to be applied to the skin of the hands once a day for 15 minutes.This folk remedy perfectly helps to remove inflammation, accelerates the healing of microcracks and prevents wilting of the skin.

Traditional medicine claims that all of the above means can be successfully used and as preventive measures - many people every cold season face pimples on their hands, they know perfectly well when to start prophylaxis.

Prevention of pimples on the hands

Recommendations of specialists are as follows:

  1. Hands must always be greased with fat cream or any vegetable oil.
  2. Before going outside, take care of protecting the skin of the hands - it must be dry and saturated with nutrients( they enter the epidermis from a special nutritious cream).
  3. You can add burdock or sea buckthorn oil to the hand cream used - nutrition and hydration of the epidermis will be increased.
  4. Do not use harsh chemicals( cleaning and / or cleaning agents) without rubber gloves.
  5. All work in the yard, connected with the care of the garden or the construction and repair process, should be carried out only with gloves.And after work, the hands should be washed with warm water and greased with a nutritious or moisturizing cream.

As a prophylaxis of poultry on the hands, you can use a tool recommended by dermatologists: mix glycerol and ammonia in the same proportions.Apply the product to the skin of the hands that has been cleaned and steamed( this is an obligatory condition!) - it immediately softens, and disinfectant appears.If you add a couple of drops of vitamins A, E or B to glycerin with ammonia, then the vitaminization of the epidermis will also take place.You can also add 1-2 drops of grapefruit or lemon juice.


Puppies on the hands, at first glance, do not pose a danger to overall health.But in fact, without proper care and the use of special products, the skin of the hands quickly becomes inflamed, microcracks accumulate dirt, infection of wound surfaces can occur.Therefore, the condition in question should be under constant control.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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