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Oily skin of the face: basic rules of care, home masks

Shirnaya kosha lica Determine that you have a fatty skin type is easy.This is first of all the excessive shine of the epidermis, which arises as a result of its excessive salting and insufficient blood circulation.In addition, on oily skin, there are a few acne and acne.Its outer layer is uneven and resembles an orange crust.In the expanded pores, dirty sebum accumulates, forming black dots.

This skin becomes especially rough and even sticky to the touch in the period of approaching menstruation.At the same time on it there are the centers of inflammations.And the period of puberty is the most difficult for the owners of fatty epidermis.The condition of the skin almost leaves them no chance of attractiveness.In many respects, because no one explains to teenage girls that their skin requires special care and a certain lifestyle.

Table of contents: Oily skin: characteristics, features Main causes of fatness Regular facial skin care Oily skin for oily skin

Oily skin: characteristics, features

If someone doubts their own type of epidermis, helpCan a simple cosmetology test: you need to wash with warm water, wait for the skin to dry naturally, and then put a napkin on the face and get wet.Fat spots on the cheeks, the forehead and nose will be evidence of fat( and the corresponding type) of the skin.


By the way, owners of oily skin can suffer from dryness of the covers, then it is a question of dehydration of the epidermis caused by improper care, in particular, using so-called "drying" cosmetics.

Shirnaya kosha Do not think that oily skin is some kind of anomaly.This type is just one of four possible variants of the norm and occurs in about 30% of women on earth. But if as a result of improper care or the development of some disease in the body, the fat content will become pathological in nature, you can talk about seborrhea.When the production of sebum is not simply increased, but its qualitative composition undergoes a decrease: the content of unsaturated fatty acids decreases and bactericidal properties disappear.Against the background of seborrhea the probability of pustular eruptions is high and, as a consequence, the development of acne.

As for the factors that stimulate the fat content of the skin, they can be attributed to the overgrowth of the epidermis and increased activity of the sebaceous glands .Thickening of the upper layer of the facial skin provokes fatty acids.This leads to the expansion of the pores and the formation of a large amount of moisture, which contributes to the swelling of the porous edge.

In turn, hypersecretion of sebum leads to the formation of a fat gloss and pore clogging until the plugs .Difficulty of dermal respiration occurs, inhibition of natural processes of purification and exfoliation.In the environment of pollution, bacteria are actively developing, and hence all the inflammations, pimples and acne.And they, balancing, making pores even more.And everything repeats itself.

The main causes of fat

What's the matter?Why is someone for oily skin - not a problem, but someone is constantly suffering from inflammation and irritation?What are the main causes of skin fat? Among the main ones we can name the following :

  1. Heredity. In all people, sebaceous glands react to hormonal emissions.However, each has its own sensitivity, and it directly depends on genetics.Here nothing can be fixed and it remains only to provide oily skin with a decent care.
  2. Shirnaya kosha Incorrect diet. Increased fat content provokes an abundance of spices in food, as well as sharp, fried and sweet dishes.Plus soda, coffee, buns.To high fat content it leads to dryness and vitamin-mineral deficiency in the body.To remove the problem, you need to adjust the menu, balance it.
  3. Illiterate selection of caring cosmetics. Purchase of "drying" cosmetics, which leads to dehydration of the epidermis and even more stimulation of the activity of the sebaceous glands, designed to protect the skin from lack of moisture.It is necessary to choose care with an experienced beautician, correctly assessing the condition of the epidermis, and the situation will equalize.
  4. Frequent peelings and as a result of microtrauma of the skin. This entails an even greater defensive reaction of the sebaceous glands.They start to produce more fat.Conclusion: having a fat skin, with peelings you need to be very, very cautious.
  5. Use of too fatty creams, masks, fluids. These drugs block the already clogged pores and do not allow the skin to breathe at all.That is why the doctors-cosmetologists recommend their patients to choose cosmetics that clearly correspond to the type of skin.
  6. Negatively affecting atmospheric phenomena. Especially harmful for oily skin is the increased humidity in the room.And we need to come up with something to protect our own epidermis.
  7. Increased level of testosterone. It is this hormone that stimulates the formation of sebum and increases the pore size.Increasing its level is especially characteristic for adolescents and during this period it is important to ensure proper cosmetic care.
  8. Metabolic disorders .Here, only specialists - endocrinologists - can help and recommend something.
  9. Health problems - chronic diseases of the digestive tract, liver, pancreas and thyroid gland, adrenal glands.All this is solved only with the help of narrow-profile medical specialists.Correctly prescribed treatment guarantees a normal condition of oily skin, at least for the period of remission.
  10. Shirnaya kosha Long-term stress and chronic fatigue. Nerve endings of the skin, being in an excited state, also stimulate the production of the sebaceous product by glands.You should take care of yourself from such excesses.And if you can not get rid of panic attacks, depression and depression yourself, you need to seek the help of qualified specialists.
  11. CNS and mental disorders. They act as well as stresses with accumulated fatigue, only at times stronger and faster.To medical help in such situations it is necessary to resort immediately.Then the skin condition is normalized.
  12. Chronic or acute infections, as well as taking certain medications. Means for improving the condition of the skin - to be treated, and treated only with effective drugs, knowing in advance about their side effects.

Regular facial skin care

A regular care plan for oily skin with the participation of a cosmetologist will guarantee the excellent condition of the epidermis.And any professional will say: fatty integuments need both in salon and in home procedures.

In the beauty salon specialists recommend doing:

  • Mezoterapiya gentle ultrasound cleaning of the face, which effectively removes dirt and smooths the stratum corneum;
  • surface chemical peels, narrowing the pores, removing the gray shade and returning the freshness to the epidermis;
  • sessions of bio-cybernetic therapy, normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands and removing harmful substances from skin tissues;
  • LPG-massage, which improves blood circulation and cures edema;
  • biorevitalization procedures, successfully solving the problems of dehydration of fatty epidermis after using improperly selected cosmetics;
  • mesotherapy, with the help of which necessary vitamins, trace elements and medicines are delivered to the skin( directly into the desired area).

As for home care, the owners of oily skin are shown here:

  • cleansing( 2-3 times a day using special foams and gels);
  • rinsing with cool water or rubbing a piece of ice, contrasting facial cleansers;
  • special "light" creams and fluids, hydrogels;
  • non-comedic cosmetics;
  • specially selected for skin type mechanical peelings( not more than once a week);
  • adherence to the dietary intake;Dieta
  • Prevention of stress( including with the use of sedative means of plant origin before exams, speeches and other important events).

Home masks for oily skin

Oily skin requires the mandatory inclusion in the regular care plan of the use of home-made masks.

With egg white

Means with this ingredient return the natural epidermis brightness and freshness, remove the ugly greasy sheen and apparently narrow the pores.The protein also works great in combination with lemon juice, sorrel, oatmeal, aloe.

With kefir

Kefir masks not only help to get rid of negative manifestations of fatty epidermis, but also moisturize it.Effective with the addition of juice of parsley and / or lemon, any meal, starch.After using such formulations, you should moisten the cleansed skin using a light daily cream.

With curd

Masks with cottage cheese also have a beneficial effect on the skin of a fatty face.They narrow the pores and partially reduce the secretion of sebum.For the curd to hold better, it should be flavored with natural yogurt without additives.

With yeast

The masks with yeast have a whitening and tightening effect.They slightly dry the fatty epidermis.Baking yeast, as a cosmetic ingredient, perfectly harmonizes with apple, grape, strawberry or currant juice.

With cosmetic clay( white or blue)

Such home-made cosmetic compositions cleans the skin and saturate it with necessary minerals.To prepare the most effective mask, clay is mixed with warm water or curdled milk.

With lemon

Homemade masks with lemon juice and / or zest are perfectly working with oily skin products.They clean and dry the epidermis, smooth out its color and increase elasticity.Lemon ingredients are best mixed with honey or oatmeal.

With tea tree oil

Perfectly cleans greasy skin and a home mask with tea tree oil if mixed with honey, egg whites and oatmeal.

Important: Home care masks are selected according to the current skin condition, conducted by courses or used for regular care.

Svetlana Zhukova, medical reviewer

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