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Benefits of baths for the skin: how to achieve maximum effect?


It has been known to everyone for a long time about the benefits of a sauna or a bath.Someone does not like thermal procedures and visits such establishments only from time to time in order to improve.And someone is just crazy about hot steam and at every opportunity orders a room in the nearest sauna.

If you have long been looking for a gentle way to rejuvenate and lose weight, without harmful chemistry and surgical intervention, then another trip to the bath can be tried to use to achieve your goal.

Table of contents: How do steam procedures work on the skin?Cosmetic procedures for the steam room Skin care after the bath What kind of bath is better?

How do steam procedures work on the skin?

Skin is the largest human organ.It performs many functions, not only protective.Among them - the removal of toxins and toxins, excess salts and other harmful waste substances, as well as the regulation of heat transfer.In addition, oxygen and nutrients also flow through the skin to the cells.But only in the event that its condition is normal, and it is well cleaned.

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What happens when a person enters a steam room?After 5-7 minutes, the skin warms up to a temperature of about 40 degrees. This is in principle not harmful, and even useful:

  • pores are revealed;
  • widens the vessels;
  • is stimulated by the separation of sweat;
  • , metabolic processes are activated, lymph drainage, and fat begins to split.

Bathhouse Interesting! In a normal state, the human epidermis contains only 10% moisture - this is very little, at the slightest negative factor the skin will dry up and peel off.After visiting the bath the epidermis is saturated with moisture by 70% - which is why the skin becomes so elastic and smooth.But such an effect, unfortunately, is short-lived.After several hours, a maximum of 24 hours the epidermis will be dehydrated again.Therefore, in order to achieve a lasting effect, a bath should be visited at least once a week, and not once every six months from case to case.

In addition, the work of the body's immune system is activated during steaming.The skin becomes more sensitive, it starts to breathe.Do not take advantage of such a moment, so as not to put on it an additional nutritional and restoring remedy - just a sin.You can be sure that it will penetrate to the deepest cutaneous and subcutaneous layers and will act with maximum efficiency.But - you need to choose the right tool and prepare the skin for its application.

Cosmetic procedures for the steam room

Bath and sauna are the popular methods of cleansing and improving the body.Therefore, it is better to use natural remedies for skin care. Take with you:

  • Honey massage honey natural;
  • cream, sour cream or yogurt;
  • yeast;
  • salt;
  • coffee;
  • extra virgin olive oil.

Masks from these components can be applied to clean skin without makeup or before entering the steam room, or immediately after exiting it.

You can also do this: before the steam room, apply a cleansing mask on the face, exit the steam room, wash it off and apply the following, nutritious or moisturizing:

  1. For oily skin, a mask of honey and salt is suitable as a cleansing mask.For nutrition, you can combine yogurt and yeast, or yolk and yeast.
  2. Any product is suitable for normal skin.For example, combine sour cream, honey and egg yolk and apply all this on the face and neck for a quarter of an hour.
  3. For dry skin, you should combine sour cream, olive oil and honey or yolk.

Do not forget about the skin of the body - it also needs cleaning and care.It's high time after visiting the steam room to stimulate lymphatic drainage and get rid of cellulite .A help in this self-made scrub from ground coffee with the addition of honey or salt.It is applied after leaving the steam room on problem areas and rubbing in circular motions.After a quarter of an hour the scrub can be washed off under the shower, apply a mixture of honey and sour cream on the body and enter the steam room again.You will see how taut, soft and velvety your skin will become.

Tip! If you are planning to make several complex masks or scrubs, it is better to prepare them in advance at home and take them in plastic or glass jars.And in the bath to fully enjoy the rest and care of the face and body.

Skin care after bath


The most important rule - after visiting the bath must take a shower.The fact is that when heated, the skin begins to actively release through the pores of salt and slag.As the cooling cools, the pores will narrow and re-entrain the released harmful substances if they are not removed by the .That's why the shower is needed.

If you did any cosmetic procedures in the bath, used scrubs and applied masks, then the skin may have slight redness.This is a normal phenomenon, which in a few hours, and a maximum of a day, will pass by itself. All that is required of you now, in order not to get a global annoyance, is:

  • not to go out in the open sun for several hours;
  • not to visit the solarium for at least 24 hours;
  • do not use scrubs with exfoliating particles;
  • does not rub the face and body intensively.

To use decorative cosmetics is also undesirable - let the skin take a little breathing and recover naturally.

Which bath is better?

If you are impressed by the effect of the sauna and bath on the skin of the face and body, then you will have to choose where to go for wellness procedures in the coming weekend. It is easy to find today such variants of the steam room:

  • Russian bath;
  • Turkish bath;
  • Finnish sauna.

What is their difference and features is a vast issue, which should be dedicated to a separate article. And in this I would just like to say what kind of bath for which type of skin is best for you:

  1. Girls with a dry and sensitive skin are better to stop picking on a Turkish bath - it is the most sparing in its effect.
  2. For a combined and prone to oily skin shine, a dry Finnish sauna is ideal.
  3. Well, our traditional Russian bath will benefit everyone - the main thing is to follow the rules of visiting the steam room and not abuse.

In one session, complete cleansing and rejuvenation have not yet been achieved.But if you visit the sauna or bath regularly, in a few months, others will envy you with envy the secret of youth.And in return you can sincerely and amicably advise everyone to go to the bath.

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