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How to remove the second chin: conservative techniques and operation

Two chins

The second selection is fairly common, even for very young people.This cosmetic defect deforms the face oval, visually adding to its owner a few extra years and a kilogram.Therefore, it is important to know what makes the second chin and how to get rid of it?

Table of contents: Double chin: reasons for appearing in men and women How to get rid of double chin in the cabin Double chin: operation

Double chin: causes of appearance in men and women

The second chin, in its essence, represents a subcutaneous fatFold, formed in the lower facial area, under the jaw.

Note: is most often faced with the problem of the second chin faced by the fair sex in the age category over 45 years, which is due to the natural aging processes of the skin, reducing their elasticity and elasticity.

According to experts, the following factors can provoke the appearance of this cosmetic defect:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • obesity;
  • sharp decrease in body weight;
  • incorrect, irrational power;
  • the habit of sleeping on high and soft pillows;
  • disorders of posture, scoliosis;
  • individual anatomical features in the structure of the neck and larynx;
  • incorrect position of the body in a dream or while lying down.
  • hormonal disorders;
  • disturbance of metabolic processes.

Sometimes the second chin appears in expectant mothers, but, as a rule, after the appearance of the baby, this problem goes away by itself!

Important! You need to understand why you have a second chin, and try to eliminate these provoking factors!Only in this case, further procedures will bring the most positive, and most importantly, stable and lasting results!

How to get rid of the double chin in the cabin

Cosmetology offers a number of fairly effective procedures aimed at eliminating the second chin. The most popular and effective of them are:

  1. Two chins Mesotherapy is a modern and very popular salon procedure.Gel preparations of hyaluronic acid, as well as vitamin mesococtails are injected into the subcutaneous layer of the client by injection.This procedure helps to increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, eliminate its sagging and signs of aging.To solve the problem of the second chin, it may take about 10 sessions.Results will become visible after 5 procedures.
  2. Vacuum massage increases the tone of the muscle tissue and skin of the face, pulling the neck and chin.This procedure improves the elasticity of the skin and slows down the aging process, but the massage will be effective only with the initial, minor manifestations of the second chin.
  3. Photorejuvenation is a fairly new procedure consisting in the effect on the skin of the neck and chin with special light radiation.In this case, the skin is tightened, rejuvenated, and becomes elastic.To eliminate the second chin, at least 10 sessions are required.The effect of the procedure, with the right way of life and self-care, is saved for about six months.
  4. Threaded correction is a very effective procedure, during which special threads are introduced under the skin of the client, forming a kind of skeleton that supports the skin of the face in the correct position.Thanks to the use of a thread brace, you can forget about the second chin for several years.
  5. Cryolipolysis is an apparatus procedure aimed at destroying fat cells in the neck and chin by the action of low temperatures.
  6. Ionophoresis is an apparatus procedure that causes the destruction of fat deposits in the chin area by the action of current pulses.The method is fairly efficient and almost painless, but several procedures are required to obtain the desired effect.
  7. Radio wave lipolysis - exposure to deep layers of skin by radio wave radiation.This hardware technique not only destroys fat deposits, but also rejuvenates the skin, stimulates the natural processes of elastin and collagen production.

Please note: is the optimal kind of salon procedure for eliminating the second chin selected by a specialist cosmetician individually, taking into account such factors as the degree of manifestation of the problem, the age and health of the client, the presence of certain provoking factors!

Plastic surgery: indications and contraindications

The methods of plastic surgery in dealing with the problem of the second chin are considered the most radical and effective.However, due to high traumatism and health insecurity, it is recommended to resort to plastic only in particularly difficult cases, for example, with pronounced manifestations of the second chin due to age-related changes, and in the absence of efficacy of more sparing salon methods.

As for contraindications, surgical removal of the second chin is not recommended for patients in the following cases:

  • Best-plastic Diabetes mellitus;
  • thrombocytopenia;
  • acute infectious processes or period of exacerbation of diseases that occur in chronic form;
  • individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to anesthetics;
  • malignant neoplasm;
  • skin integrity disorders, wound or burn lesions in the neck and chin area.

Important! Plastic with the second chin is strictly forbidden to make future and nursing mothers, persons under the age of majority!Surgery is not recommended for patients over 65 years of age!

How to prepare?

Second chin plastic surgery is a full-fledged surgical operation, therefore, in order for it to pass as safely and safely as possible, it must be properly prepared.

Important! Before surgical removal of the second chin you need to undergo a medical examination in order to exclude possible contraindications!

Patients are assigned the following types of diagnostic tests:

  • laboratory blood test( general and biochemical);
  • electrocardiogram;
  • Fluorography;
  • laboratory test of urine.

In addition, during the preparation for surgery( approximately one month before the operation), the patient should observe the following medical recommendations:

  • refrain from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages;
  • as little as possible in the direct sun;
  • Do not take blood thinning medications( eg, aspirin).

Surgical procedures aimed at eliminating the second chin, there are several, the specialist chooses the optimal method of surgical intervention, based on the results of medical examination and the individual characteristics of the individual patient!

What operations are carried out?

The following surgical procedures are recommended for the problem of the second chin:

  1. Operacii Liposuction is a procedure aimed at destroying and removing excess fat deposits in the chin and neck area.Performed through small incisions, and therefore characterized by the absence of postoperative traces( scars, scars) and accelerated recovery period.
  2. Mentoplasty is a plastic surgery that allows to remove the second chin and make the outline of the face more clear by installing special implants( silicone or bone-cartilaginous).
  3. Platysmoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at eliminating the second chin by tightening the muscular groups of the lower facial part.The procedure is especially effective in reducing muscle tone and sagging of the skin in the chin and neck area.The surgeon first removes excess fatty tissue, and then produces a direct lift.
  4. Lipomodeling is a modern and low traumatic procedure.Under the skin in the neck and chin are injected by injection special preparations that promote the active splitting of fat and its transformation into an emulsion, derived with the help of the same needles.

Note: modern specialists prefer the liposuction method to correct the second chin, since it is considered not only very effective( even with pronounced age changes), but also low-traumatic .

Complications and rehabilitation

The duration of the rehabilitation course after plastic surgery of the second chin can take from 2 weeks to one and a half months, depending on the type of surgery and individual characteristics of the patient.

In the first days after the operation, manifestations such as pain are possible.Edema, bruises - this is considered the norm. However, in some cases, the plastic of the second chin can provoke the development of such complications that require urgent treatment to a specialist:

  • inflammatory skin lesions;
  • scar formation;
  • loss of sensitivity in the chin area;
  • facial asymmetry.

Note: with postoperative complications after surgical removal of the second chin, according to statistics, about 2% of patients are facing!

Accelerate the recovery process and reduce the risk of complications if the following doctors' recommendations are observed following 2-3 weeks after the operation:

  • sleep with a raised head, lying on the back;
  • not to drink alcohol;
  • to eat soft( preferably liquid), light food;
  • wear a special compression bandage around the neck;
  • not to use caring and decorative cosmetics;
  • wash your hair only a week after the operation with lukewarm water.

On prevention

To prevent the appearance of the second chin, always look young and attractive, experts recommend the following:

  • to go in for sports and do special facial exercises against the second chin;
  • sleep on a high orthopedic pillow;
  • is right, balanced eating;
  • to abandon bad habits;
  • use special anti-aging care cosmetics;
  • to do neck and chin massage( good results are given by ice cube massage, and also by water jet effect);
  • follow your posture;
  • to struggle with excess weight in stages, as a sudden weight loss often leads to the appearance of a second chin.

Exercises for the prevention of double chin:

Two chins

The process of eliminating the second chin is long, painful and expensive, so it's better to take care of your skin beforehand, preventing such problems!

Совинская Елена, medical reviewer

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