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hair loss

Hair is constantly updated and grows cyclically, the average life span of a single hair is three years.Some bulbs die and then the hair falls out, and in its place a new one grows.

How to understand that it's time to find an effective, if possible inexpensive and natural mask against hair loss?To do this, experts advise to conduct a simple test: to calculate the hairs that fell during the day.Hair loss is a normal process, which is very active until 25-27 years, then gradually slows down and in old age almost freezes.But , if to the advanced years is still far, and hair fell more than 100 per day - it's time to think about their strengthening.

Table of contents: Effective means for hair loss Mustard for hair loss Vitamin mask for hair loss Essential oils for hair restoration Professional remedies for alopecia

Effective means for hair loss

Hair loss is in fact a serious problem to solveWhich can be, finding the cause of such a sad phenomenon .It can be the most banal - for example, improper care or damage to the structure of the hair under the influence of frost, sun, poor quality water.

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And maybe more serious, requiring medical attention.This is a violation of metabolic processes, a lack of vitamins or iron, hormonal disorders.In any case, it is necessary to seriously approach the fight against baldness and prepare for a sufficiently long process - in fact the problem also arose not in one day.

The following methods are used:

  • hair adjustment of lifestyle and nutrition;
  • treatment of detected diseases, if required;
  • vitamin therapy;
  • the most gentle hair care - not only a good shampoo, but also a temporary refusal of chemical waves, plaques, ironing, hot hair dryer;
  • folk remedies for hair strengthening;
  • cosmetic masks for hair restoration and their nutrition.

The last two items will be discussed in more detail in this article.What masks, professional and domestic, can be done to stop the hair loss and make the hair again thick and shiny?

It has already been said that the most important and frequent cause of hair loss is the lack of vitamins and other nutrients.Therefore, it is necessary to establish which deficiency of which vitamin arose, and to make up for it. A help in this medicinal herbs, vitamin capsules from the pharmacy, essential oils and some other natural ingredients that are sure to be found in the house.

Mustard for hair loss

This is not only a spicy seasoning, but also a medicinal plant, the seeds of which are used to treat a variety of diseases.It is known that mustard has pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.What is it useful for a strong hair loss? Everything is very simple: it provides a warming effect by stimulating blood circulation.To the hair follicles surges more blood - and, therefore, they get more oxygen and nutrients, become stronger and thicker, grow faster.

The simplest mask is to dilute the mustard with warm water until a thick slurry is obtained, add a spoonful of oil, for example, olive or burdock, so that the mustard does not burn the scalp.Then the mixture is rubbed into the roots of the hair, the head is covered with polyethylene or foil and a warm kerchief or towel.Keep this mask for at least 20 minutes.

Also mustard can be mixed with such components:

  • honey;
  • egg yolk;
  • kefir;
  • sugar;
  • butter.

So that the hair does not dry out from mustard, the composition is applied only to the roots of the .Owners of oily hair can use this recipe every 5 days, normal - and once a week, and those who have hair dry, do not do it more often once in 10 days.

Vitamin masks

The main source of vitamins for humans is food.But not always they can be provided in sufficient quantity, and sometimes they just are not fully digested. So, you need to energize the hair with vitamins from the outside.Doctors recommend using such substances:

  • vitamin B6;
  • vitamin B12;
  • vitamins A, C and E.

All of them are sold in a pharmacy and are quite inexpensive.You can experiment and choose those that are most effective and well tolerated, and then mix 1-3 capsules with honey, lemon juice or egg yolk and rub into the roots of the hair.

It is recommended to keep this mask for at least 40 minutes, and you need to do it once a week.You can just rub the liquid vitamins into the scalp.But in this case, you do not need to wash them off.

acid Very well strengthens hair and speeds up their growth of nicotinic acid.It is also sold in a pharmacy in ampoules .This substance very intensely affects the vessels of the scalp, stimulates the flow of blood to the hair bulbs.It rubs literally by drop in the skin, do not rinse.

Do this procedure no more often than once in five to seven days , repeat it daily does not make sense, because the maximum effect is achieved during the day after application and remains several days.

Essential oils for hair restoration

Very pleasant procedure - a mask against hair loss based on essential oils. These fragrant ingredients should not be used in their pure form - they are very concentrated and can burn the skin or cause an allergic reaction.Because the basis is taken by some neutral substance( an ordinary decoction of chamomile or nettle), in which oil is dissolved, and then rubbed into the roots of the hair.Such essential oils will be useful:

  • coriander;
  • is a chamomile;
  • burdock;
  • rose bush;
  • is orange;
  • of grape bones;
  • almond.

It is best to choose 2 - 3 favorite fragrances and mix them in 3 drops, and then dissolve in 3 tablespoons of the base.

Such masks feed hair, make them dense and elastic, and for a long time give them a delicate aroma.The procedure is carried out not more than once a week, if the scalp is dry, then you can not wash the mask, and for greasy - wash off after 20 minutes after application.

Professional tools

Most girls love to cook for themselves and their beauty home masks from improvised ingredients, conjure over bowls and bottles, and then takes pride in the result.But some do not like this occupation, and others simply do not have enough time.In this case, the already ready funds from a pharmacy or a store of good cosmetics will help. Which ones to choose?

  1. Black "Moroccan" mask from the domestic manufacturer of "Organic".The composition of this product includes vitamins F and E, essential oil of neroli, noble laurel oil and olive oil containing as many as 16 amino acids necessary for strong and thick hair.Use it 2 times a week.butter
  2. Mask "Strength of Argenina" from "Loreal".The products of this company belong to the professional, but it costs an order of magnitude cheaper than pharmacy hair cosmetics.This mask is rich in amino acids, which strengthen the hair along the entire length to the root and stimulate their growth.It is simply applied 1 to 3 times a week along the entire length after washing the head - it takes just a few minutes to get a great effect.
  3. Nioxin Professional mask against hair loss from "Nyxin".Under this brand, you can buy a whole series of products to treat hair prone to hair loss, restore them and stimulate growth.The mask is very convenient to apply thanks to the dispenser on the bottle.To wash it it is not necessary - hair is simply dried and put together as usually.The result is noticeable after 2 - 3 applications.
  4. Mask against hair loss from "Alaran".This is the most expensive is not a cosmetic, but a remedy, which can only be found in a pharmacy.We developed it to combat strong hair loss and alopecia.The agent should be applied to the roots 2 times a week, and after a quarter of an hour, rinse with warm running water.The course of treatment lasts a month - this is enough to make the hair again luxurious and thick.

Finding your own prescription against hair loss is sometimes not so easy - you can not try all of the tools, and those that are advised by friends and doctors do not always help.But do not despair, there are really many masks, some will do.If you combine the chosen product with other methods of treatment, you can get the desired result in 4 weeks.

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