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Prevention of hair loss

Prevention of hair loss

Normally, a person has about 50-100 hairs a day.And what if it seems, like curls climb bunches?It is critical to look at your habitual way of life, and sometimes even seriously take care of your health, because hair loss is a symptom of many diseases.How can I save my hair if my hair falls out?

Contents: Proper hair care Lifestyle as part of baldness prevention Head massage Folk recipes for hair loss Medications for hair loss Cosmetics for hair loss

Proper hair care


With increased hair loss, First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the typical mistakes made with the care of the head of hear.The appearance and strength of hair is greatly influenced by the condition of the scalp.So, with poor, insufficient cleansing of the scalp, the mouth of the hair follicles remain sealed with sebum, as well as dirt.These are the optimal conditions for the reproduction of microorganisms.All this leads to a disruption in the nutrition of the hair shaft and, as a consequence, hair loss.There is even such a thing as seborrheic alopecia, when the sebaceous glands intensively produce sebum, clog the mouth of the hair follicles, because of which the curls fall out.

But excessive cleansing of the scalp will also not lead to anything good.Skin fat has a protective function, covering and moisturizing the hair shaft.The hair shaft, not covered with sebum, becomes brittle.Therefore, the choice of shampoo should be handled responsibly, taking into account the type of scalp.But the skin can be dried not only by cosmetic means, but also by a hair dryer, paint, means for chemical wave or leveling.

Proper hair care

Very addictive effect has a habit of combing wet curls.Wet locks are very vulnerable, the attempt to comb tangled wet hair leads to simply pulling them out.It is better to comb the curls when they dry up, and to disentangle them, use a spray.

The habit of wearing tight hair, tightened tails, dreadlocks and afrokosichki can also lead to unpleasant consequences.There is even such a thing as traction alopecia, that is, hair loss due to excessive tension.

Lifestyle as part of hair loss prevention

It's no secret that the condition of the skin and hair is a reflection of the way of life.Stress, poor nutrition, smoking - all this can provoke an increased loss of hair.Separately it is necessary to stop on a food.Hair very responsive to changes in the nature of nutrition and lack of vitamins and minerals.

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Women with diet problems are very often faced with the problem of hair loss.This is due to the fact that inadequate nutrition is not able to ensure the supply of useful substances in full, from which the hair suffers.By the way, vegetarians can also face a similar problem.Eliminating meat from their diet, vegetarians restrict themselves to iron, the lack of which can lead to hair loss.Therefore, iron deficiency should be replenished with products containing this trace element or even with the help of vitamin-mineral supplements.

Immediately warn people who are faced with hair loss, from the thoughtless use of vitamin-mineral complexes.It is very common that hair falls out of the lack of vitamins.It certainly can be so, but often hair loss is associated with other causes, in particular, with health problems.


If a person is still concerned about the deterioration of the skin, nails and hair, it is worthwhile to see a doctor.If there are indications, the doctor will help you choose the optimal vitamin and mineral complex. Among the most popular vitamin-mineral complexes it is worth noting:

  • Panto-vair;
  • Revalid;
  • Perfectil plus;
  • Dragee Merz;
  • Vitrum Beauty.

The Panto-vair contains vitamins of group B, as well as amino acids cystine, keratin.According to the instructions, the drug should be taken one capsule three times a day.The course of treatment is long enough - from three to six months.The application of the Panto-navigator helps to strengthen the curls, reduce the loss, and also improve their appearance.

Revalid-1 Revalid is a complex preparation, in which the vitamins of group B, minerals( zinc, iron, copper), as well as amino acids( methionine, cystine) and plant extracts.The manufacturer of Revalid recommends taking the drug within two to three months.The use of tablets helps to improve the structure of the hair, reduce their fragility, improve nutrition of hair follicles, as well as reduce hair loss.

Often you can hear from friends or read on the Internet that this or that vitamin-mineral complex is not good enough, the hair both dropped out and continues to fall out.This again confirms the fact that multivitamin complexes should be taken only on indications, after consulting with a doctor.And if the use of multivitamin complexes did not stop the hair loss, the problem is probably not at all in hypovitaminosis.

Smearing the head of hear is a good reason to examine the body.Often, this problem occurs in people with endocrine diseases, for example, with thyroid pathology, and in women often with polycystic ovaries.So, having engaged in treatment of the underlying disease, after normalizing the hormonal background, the problem, as a rule, is eliminated by itself.

Head massage

Hair follicles receive the substances necessary for their development from the blood.Therefore, insufficient blood supply to the hair follicles leads to their dystrophy and as a result of hair growth disorders.Many factors can lead to insufficient blood supply to the scalp, in particular, in the osteochondrosis of the cervical region, the vessels feeding the scalp are compressed.

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To improve blood flow to the hair follicles, it is enough to do a simple procedure - head massage.Before the beginning of the session, it is convenient to sit down, it is better to make a sitting massage.Now, with your fingertips with light circular motions, massage your forehead, then the whiskey, the back of your head.Now do the same massage movements in the direction from the forehead to the occiput, from the crown to the ears.You can also divide the hair sequentially through the partitions and massage the skin in this area for two minutes.The duration of the massage should be about ten minutes.After that, it is not superfluous to massage the collar zone.The final chord of the massage should be light stroking movements on the head, neck and shoulders.


You can also use essential oils, such as rosemary or bay, during the massage.It is enough to moisten a little of the fingertips in the oil, and then start a head massage.Essential oils will strengthen the flow of blood to the hair follicles, strengthen the roots of hair.

Please note: Before using this or that essential oil, test your sensitivity to it.To do this, apply a drop of oil on your wrist or behind your ear, rub and observe the skin's reaction.The appearance of itching, redness of the skin indicate that the use of this oil should be avoided.

In addition, you can massage with a massage brush, only you should choose a natural hairbrush for this purpose.It will be enough 50-100 combing your head.

Folk recipes for hair loss

There is a large number of folk recipes designed to combat hair loss.As the main raw materials can be used plants, products of animal origin( milk, kefir, eggs), as well as other components.

Widely known recipes using mustard, pepper, dimexide.The purpose of these components is that they have an irritant effect, which increases the flow of blood to the scalp.But these funds are not suitable for everyone, for some people these components can cause allergies.And if the proportions are not respected, the duration of the procedure can not only dry the skin, but also cause it to burn.Therefore, the use of folk recipes must be approached with intelligence.

9071 To reduce hair loss, you can use the following mask: mix a tablespoon of aloe juice, three spoons of nettle broth, a teaspoon of castor oil, egg yolk, and juice squeezed from two cloves of garlic.All components must be mixed thoroughly.The resulting mass is rubbed into the roots of the hair.After half an hour you need to wash your hair.

You can also use a simple lotion.To make it, you just need to mix a tablespoon of juice, squeezed from a bulb with two tablespoons of vodka.This lotion should be rubbed into the scalp before every wash.

Also very popular is the cognac hair mask.To cook it you need to mix two tablespoons of cognac and honey, egg yolk, and a teaspoon of lemon juice.Stir the ingredients and apply to the scalp.Half an hour later, wash your hair.Cognac can dye your hair a little, so it's better for blondes not to experiment with such a mask.

Medications for hair loss

The use of drugs for hair loss is not resorted to in all cases.This is necessary if the cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. For the treatment of alopecia use such drugs:

  • Minoxidil;
  • Finasteride.

Minoxidil is available as a 2% and 5% solution.Women are recommended to use a drug with a lower concentration.It is necessary to rub Minoxidil( Regein, Kirkland) twice a day.The drug should be used for a long time.

Silokast_3 Finasteride( Propecia) is available in the form of tablets.This drug, which reduces the synthesis of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, an excess of which is observed with androgenetic alopecia.According to the instructions you need to take a pill a day.The course of treatment is not less than three months.The drug is indicated only for men.

In the pharmacy chain, you can also meet the stimulant of hair growth Silocast, produced in the territory of the Russian Federation.The composition of Silocast includes castor oil, dimexide, chloromethylsilatran.The product is applied to the scalp, distributing the hair along the perforations.After three hours, it is recommended to wash your hair with shampoo.For prevention of hair loss and to accelerate its growth, the drug is applied twice a week, you can leave it all night.With active hair loss, it is recommended to apply the product every day, alternating with a ten-day break.

Cosmetics for hair loss

Shelves in shops and shelves in pharmacies are full of a variety of cosmetics with the mark "Against hair loss."Some of them are less effective, others are more.With increased hair loss, it is better to pay attention to pharmacy, professional cosmetic products.

To reduce hair loss, you can use the means of the brand name System 4( shampoo, mask, serum). So, the composition of the serum includes klimbazol, pyroctonolamine, salicylic acid, which perfectly cleanses the scalp and also eliminates dandruff.The oils of menthol and rosemary stimulate the blood supply to the scalp.In addition, the composition of the remedy includes vitamins.The result of the application of the serum is a clean, healthy scalp, the acceleration of the growth of the head of hear and the reduction of its fallout.


In combating hair loss, you can use the ampoules Nouvelle Ultra Drops .The composition of the remedy includes an extract of ginseng, which enhances the flow of blood to the hair follicles.The solution must be applied to the scalp, rubbing into the roots of the hair.Use ampoules should be two to three times a week for two months.

Anastymium concentrate concentrate from Ducray includes tocopherol nicotinate + GP4G complex, non-arsenic, biotin, pine and sabal extracts.This tool is recommended for use in reactionary hair loss caused by stress, pregnancy, as well as seasonal changes, stress.Apply the lotion every other day for two months.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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