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Nails break and break: the causes of the problem and treatment

Nails break and break

Many people are faced with the problem of brittleness and foliation of nails - this cosmetic defect( this is how it is classified by the inhabitants) makes it necessary to hide hands from others, or resort to complex, aggressive procedures for nail extensions.Changes in the appearance of nail plates can be triggered by external factors, but often the cause of the problem is any internal disease.That's why you need to know what factors can cause stratification and fragility of the nail plates, which will indicate these reasons and what methods of eliminating the problem are available.

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Why do fingernails and toes hang?

External provoking factors

The structure of the nail plate can change for the worse for the following external reasons:

  • improperly held care of hands and nails;
  • prolonged exposure directly to the hands and nails of ultraviolet rays;
  • trauma of a mechanical nature;
  • Nails_distal-splitting-10-a-photo forced long-term contact with water( even with the usual clean without chemical additives);
  • selection of poor quality nail files for processing nail plates;
  • illiterate manicure done;
  • poorly performed nail extensions;
  • regular exposure to hands and nails too hot or too cold temperatures( eg hot water);
  • permanent contact with various chemicals - detergents / cleaning products, building materials, nail polish remover and more.

These factors can lead to dryness of the nail plate, its trauma.The result will be the stratification of the nail, its pronounced dryness and fragility.

Internal provoking factors

Any health problems can lead to a malnutrition of the nail plate. But doctors identify the most common of them:

  • adolescent and children's age;
  • rigid diets, which lead to inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • stresses and any disturbances in psycho-emotional terms;
  • endocrine system diseases( eg, diabetes mellitus, thyroid function abnormalities);
  • any hormonal system;
  • deficiency of vitamins B3, B5, A, E, C;
  • deficiency in the body of potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, sulfur and phosphorus;
  • the person has bad habits - alcohol addiction, smoking, drug addiction;
  • progressive psoriasis;
  • pathology of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system;
  • fungal diseases.

These internal provoking factors lead to a disruption in the structure of the nail plate - furrows, areas with unnatural color, roughness and indentations appear on it.In this case, no modern means of external use and cosmetic procedures will not help to correct the situation, only a thorough examination of the whole organism and a full course of treatment will solve the problem of the state of the nails.

Typical external nail changes

Characteristic external changes in nails

If the cause of the condition under consideration is internal disease, the appearance of the nail plates will vary as follows:

  • with progressive psoriasis - dents and indentations of fuzzy localization appear on the plates;
  • blood circulation disorders - the color of the nail becomes pale, a bluish tint appears;
  • progressive or recently transferred infectious diseases - the nail plate thickens, fissures, there appear grooves in the form of longitudinal strips;
  • liver pathology - the color of the nail becomes yellowish;
  • Hyperfunction of the thyroid gland - the nails become soft and brittle, the permanent gloss of the surface of the plate becomes characteristic;
  • in diabetes mellitus - on the nail plate appear small bumps and whitish spots without clear boundaries;
  • is a progressive viral infection( it can occur in secretive mode) - on the nail clearly defined small tubercles in the plural( imitation of pearls);
  • disease of fungal etiology - the color of the nail can be brown, black or gray, the plate strongly stratifies, thickens.

The external changes described above allow the doctor to suspect an internal disease.Then a complete examination of the patient's body is carried out, the true cause of abnormalities in the structure of the nail plates is revealed and the course of treatment of the underlying disease is prescribed.Such a competent approach will not only help to normalize and stabilize the body's work, but will solve the problem of exfoliating and brittle nails.

What will help in the fight against stratification and fragility of nails

Before you start taking any medications and carry out specialized procedures, you need to eliminate external provoking factors that exacerbate the problem. General recommendations from specialists include:

  1. In work with iron wool, detergents / cleaning agents, any chemicals, building materials, rubber gloves should be used.
  2. Avoid contact with water that is different in duration.
  3. You need to trim your nails as neatly and with sharp, quality manicure scissors.
  4. To grate vegetables for food on a grater it is necessary extremely accurately.
  5. The nail plate should be sawed only with a high-quality tool - the optimal choice will be a glass nail file with special spraying.On the sides of the nails are not filed, during the procedure, the nail files are sent from the edge of the nail to its middle.
  6. Refuse to use poor-quality decorative varnishes and liquids for their removal with acetone content.
  7. Avoid exposure to hands that are too hot or extremely cold.
  8. It is impossible to use decorative lacquer too often - it can be applied only once a week, and for 10-15 days a year it is necessary to give a complete rest to the nails and keep them in natural form.
  9. You can not abuse the build-up of nails, gel-shellac coating, if lamination of the plate is already present and clearly expressed, then it is better to abandon such procedures altogether.
  10. Before applying a decorative varnish of bright color, a special protective agent must be applied to the nails.

In order for these recommendations to give a positive result, you need to adjust the diet, learn how to properly nail and periodically conduct specific salon procedures.

Correction of a food ration

If the considered cosmetic defect of nail plates already takes place, it is necessary to radically reconsider the food ration - most likely, it is monotonous and does not provide the body with the necessary quantity of vitamins and minerals.A similar correction will be needed in the event that it is decided to prevent the stratification and fragility of the nails. In both cases, you need to remember which products must be present in the menu:

  • Spinach, cheese, figs, egg white, nuts, sesame seeds, cauliflower - they contain a lot of calcium;
  • any seafood, buckwheat, radish, onion and radish - products rich in sulfur;
  • poultry, meat, chicken eggs and sea fish are sources of keratin;
  • liver beef, pine nuts, wheat, meat, buckwheat and peanuts - they contain zinc;
  • beans, soybeans, red rice, whole grains of wheat, oats - magnesium sources;
  • young shoots of nettle, any mushrooms, leeks - will saturate the body with silicon;
  • feijoa, seafood, kelp( sea kale), walnuts - sources of iodine;
  • cornelian, peanuts, pomegranate, milk, legumes, brewer's yeast, liver, apples - contain iron.


If we talk about vitamins, then you also need to be able to make a right menu. And to realize this, remember which products contain vitamins:

  • B1: pasta, any nuts, lentils, liver beef and poultry, pork;
  • B3: champignons, liver, corn, chicken liver, nuts, peas, wheat;
  • В5: sea fish, mushrooms, rye flour, nuts, liver beef, brewer's yeast;
  • A: greens, butter, garlic, brynza, wild garlic, sea kale, processed cheese, seafood;
  • C: oranges, kiwi, sea-buckthorn, gooseberries, wild rose, blueberries, bell peppers;
  • E: dried apricots, nuts of any kind, spinach, sea buckthorn, whole wheat, viburnum, sorrel;
  • D: sour cream, sea fish, cream, seafood, chicken eggs, liver.

Vitamin Complexes

To restore damaged nails, stop and eliminate the stratification and fragility of the nail plates, you can take special vitamin complexes. The most effective specialists include:

  • Revalid;
  • Biotin;
  • Vitasharm;
  • Calcium D3 Nycomed;
  • Perfectil and Perfectil plus;
  • Medobyotin;
  • Lady With the formula;
  • Ageless leather;
  • Volvit.

Please note: to determine which vitamins and minerals are lacking in the body, only a doctor after a full examination can.And only the doctor has the right to determine the necessary daily dosages and the duration of intake of these vitamin complexes.

Care for problem nails

There are a lot of tools that can be prepared at home and actively used in care procedures for exfoliating and brittle nails. Here are just some of the popular and effective:

  1. Care for problem nails Bath with vegetable oil.It is necessary to mix the vegetable oil( preferably olive) and green tea in a 1: 4 ratio, then the prepared solution is heated in a water bath and put hands in it for 20 minutes.After the specified period, hands are wiped with a paper towel, after the procedure, cotton gloves must be worn.It is advisable to conduct a similar procedure in the evening, just before bedtime, the course of treatment - 10 days in a row.
  2. Tray with salt.Take a glass of the maximum warm water( but not hot!) And dissolve in it 1 tablespoon of sea salt, put the hands in the solution for 20 minutes.The course of treatment should not exceed 14 days.
  3. Bath with gelatin.In ¾ cup of warm water you need to dissolve ½ teaspoon of normal food gelatin, put the hands in the solution and let stand for 20 minutes.This procedure should be done 3 times a week for 30 days.
  4. Tray with needles.Chopped needles in an amount of 1 teaspoon is poured into a glass( 200 ml) of boiling water, the agent is infused for 30-40 minutes.Then, in a coniferous solution, add half the glass of brewed green tea, the finished product warms up.The procedure is carried out according to the classical scheme: put hands in the solution for 20 minutes, then dry with paper towels.Scheme of the procedure: a day for 2 months.
  5. Applications.There are a lot of them, but the essence of the procedure is as follows: cotton discs are wetted in the product, superimposed on the nail plates and fixed with thin elastic bands or threads( you can not pull the finger!), Cotton gloves are worn on the hands.The procedure should be carried out at night for 2-3 weeks daily.And here are the possible formulations for the application:
  • 200 ml burdock oil, 8 drops of iodine, a teaspoon of lemon juice;
  • 10 ml of olive oil, 10 drops of vitamin A and the same amount of lemon juice;
  • 20 ml of olive oil, 3 drops of iodine, 4 drops of lemon juice;
  • cranberry juice or lemon juice or black currant juice.
  1. Wax.It's about sealing the nails with wax at home, although this procedure applies to salon.You need to make a bath for nails( for example, from sea salt), then any vitamins oil is rubbed into the cuticle( you can use the usual vegetable).Beeswax is heated, vitamin oil is added to it in a ratio of 1: 4 - this remedy and rubbed into the nail plate with a piece of suede.

Salon procedures

Of course, in the salons offer a lot of procedures that will help solve the problem of stratification and fragility of nail plates.But the question arises about the advisability of carrying them out - it's no secret that beauty salons often just "pull" money out of customers.In order not to fall for such a trick, you need to know exactly which salon procedures will be really useful in dealing with the problem in question. There are only a few of them:

  1. Sealing of nails.For this procedure, special compositions based on beeswax and various vitamin supplements are used, but a little higher in the text is given a prescription for sealing at home - a choice for the client.
  2. Paraffinotherapy.The equipment is heated with paraffin, various vitamins are added to it and the hand is treated with the product.After 20 minutes, paraffin is removed with one layer, and the hands and nails are treated with a moisturizer or vitamin oil.Strengthening of nails with biogel.
  3. .The composition of this tool includes substances that are designed to strengthen the nail plate.After applying this biogel these same substances stay on the nail for a long time and "do their work".

In addition, clients in the beauty salon can be offered a course of professional nail masks - they are, according to experts, quite effective, but also very expensive.

The problem of stratification and brittle nails is very relevant at any time of the year.This cosmetic defect can seriously complicate life, so you need not only to know how to fix the problem, but also to study ways to prevent the appearance of delamination and brittle nail plates.

Tsygankova Yana Alexandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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