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SPRS-therapy - rules for skin rejuvenation, contraindications

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Modern cosmetology technologies offer many simple and safe options for women to retain their youth and beauty for a long time.Complex complexes of manipulations of cosmetologists, biologists and chemists lead to the receipt of absolutely new substances capable of deceiving natural, inevitable transformations in the human body.

A special technique, called SPRS-therapy, helps to stop the processes of cell aging of the upper layers of the skin and significantly increase the amount of substances that help the skin maintain its elasticity, elasticity and attractiveness.

Table of contents: Reasons for triggering the aging process The essence of SPRS-therapy Indications How is the procedure of SPRS-therapy performed?Contraindications to skin rejuvenation

Reasons for starting the aging process

Age changes in the skin are usually due to a significant reduction in the required amount of fibroblasts producing collagen fibers, elastin and own hyaluronic acid.These substances support the skin elastic, promote intensive nutrition of cells, provide uninterrupted metabolic processes, which is the basis of cellular renewal.Without them, the upper layers of the skin begin to gradually fade under the negative impact of factors of the internal and external environment.

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Age-related changes

Many women have resorted to expensive procedures involving the introduction of these substances under the skin, but the human body is designed in such a way that it is easier for him to tear away the injected foreign substances than to force them to work for themselves.That's why the effect of artificial collagen fibers and hyaluronic injections is so short-lived.

The essence of SPRS-therapy

This latest technique is literally called the "individual skin repair service" .This is what makes it the main difference from most injection methods of restoring the beauty and youth of the skin.


SPRS-therapy was developed at the Institute of Human Stem Cells( HSCI, Moscow), the authors of the method are Vadim and Alla Zoriny.The procedure is protected by patents.The Institute of Human Stem Cells, along with the American company Fibrocell Science Inc.- the only companies in the world whose results of clinical studies on the use of autologous fibroblasts were published in international scientific journals.

The principle of cosmetology is that each patient receives an absolutely individual set of biological material.Thus, the substrate will be fully adapted to the cells in each kinetic case and, subsequently, will not be rejected by the body as an alien substance.


The specialists collect the material from the patient, carefully study its structural components, and then extract the necessary fibroblasts and in the laboratory, using the newest technologies of cellular reconstitution, synthesize a set of absolutely identical to those found in the taken analysis of .For each client, individually calculate the amount of fibroblast needed to restore youth and beauty to the skin.

Serum with fibroblasts is then injected into the client under the skin using very thin needles.Artificial material is easily mixed with the present and slowly built into the work of the whole organism, carrying out the processes of rejuvenation and recovery from within.New fibroblasts synthesize elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, gradually returning the skin to its former form.


The implementation of the cell rejuvenation process can be used for a very wide range of indications.A large number of studies prove that SPRS-therapy can help not only to restore youthfulness of the skin of the face, but also helps with natural changes in the skin of the hands, neck and chest area.

Cosmetic specialists actively recommend SPRS-therapy in the following clinical cases:

  • Springs a significant decrease in skin elasticity, as well as an increase in the fineness and permeability of the upper layer of the epidermis;
  • loss of a healthy, attractive shade;
  • ptosis of soft tissues;
  • formation of wrinkles on the skin, small and large wrinkles, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient's clinic;
  • scars of connective tissue, scars;
  • a significant increase in the number of age-related pigment spots.

In rare cases, the cell repair procedure is used after an aggressive attack on the upper layers of the epidermis, followed by tissue trauma.

How is the SPRS procedure performed?

The technique of cell rejuvenation is a complex and lengthy process, for the successful implementation of which it is necessary to perform a large number of manipulations that require professionalism and skill.

SPRS-therapy includes several stages.

  1. Springs Receive a specialist from a doctor to determine the need for rationality of this effect on the skin, as well as to determine the extent of existing age-related problems.
  2. Taking a material from a client of a cosmetology clinic, which in the future will be used to artificially remove the serum fibroblast substance( cut a piece of skin and take venous blood).
  3. Sending material to the clinical laboratory, followed by examination and processing, including the detection of the number of fibroblasts, miscalculation of the required level of recovery of these cells, the creation of an artificial substance and its separation for subsequent preservation up to the introduction under the skin of the client in a special refrigerator at a special temperature.
  4. Enter the resulting serum under the patient's skin.

The procedure itself can take no more than 60 minutes. Patients can complain of excessive soreness when administered, so before the procedure the doctor can offer preliminary analgesia of problematic skin areas.

The average SPRS-therapy is performed in 2-3 sessions with interruptions of about 8 weeks.

The result of this injection is an absolutely natural and safe return to the skin of a young, healthy species.The wrinkles under the action of collagen fibers are substantially smoothed out, becoming less deep and noticeable.

Contraindications to skin rejuvenation

Any cosmetic procedure, including SPRS-therapy, has a number of limitations in which it is not possible in this case:

  • sharp or seasonal exacerbation of present chronic diseases;
  • bacterial or viral infections;
  • autoimmune pathologies;
  • HIV / AIDS;
  • malignant neoplasms at any stage;

Cellular rejuvenation is a rather expensive procedure, but its effectiveness and safety are an order of magnitude higher than that of cheaper alternatives to the return of youthful skin.

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