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How to get rid of cellulite: effective means and procedures

How to get rid of cellulite

Very few of our fellow citizens know the meaning of the phrase "gynoid lipodystrophy".It's just cellulite!But both these names characterize one condition - the presence of dystrophic changes of subcutaneous fat, leading to a violation of microcirculation and the formation of small tubercles, which give the skin the appearance of an orange peel.Fortunately, these changes are not a disease, but only a cosmetic defect.Are they surprised?Yes, yes, the need to treat cellulite began to speak only in 1973.

Table of contents: Beginning of anti-cellulite campaign How cellulite is formed Cellulite varieties and stages Causes of cellulite development How to get rid of cellulite Salon treatments for cellulite Treatment for cellulite at home

Initiation of cellulite campaign

The beginning of anti-cellulite campaign Launched a wave of "anti-cellulite" hysteria Nicole Ronsard, Published in the journal Vogue article "Cellulite: these lumps, bumps and tubercles, from which you could not get rid of earlier."The main purpose of the publication was to advertise the services of the beauty salon, the owner of which was Nicole Ronsard.

The raised theme has hooked the target audience for alive, has brought Николь millions dollars and has begun the very profitable direction of cosmetology.Since then, just over forty years have passed, but during this time, many methods of combating the "orange peel" have been invented and popularized, ranging from simple wraps to expensive salon procedures performed using the latest hardware.

How cellulite is formed

Before starting a conversation about the fight against cellulite, you need to have a clear idea of ​​the mechanisms of the formation of this skin problem.Human life activity is associated with energy consumption.Moreover, one of the tasks of the body is the accumulation of energy reserves in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

The best way for this purpose is to cure fatty tissue, consisting of specific cells - adipocytes.Their number in the body of each person is formed during the first five years of life and never changes again.But adipocytes, taking and storing in themselves "surpluses", can increase quite strongly in volumes.

Achieving certain sizes and continuing to grow, fat cells clamp blood and lymph vessels, which leads to a slowing of metabolic processes in these areas and the subsequent accumulation of droplets of fat and various food components( dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancers, emulsifiers, etc.).

This is an internal accumulation of toxins, slags, excess water in the subcutaneous fat and gives the skin a tuberous-nodular appearance, for which we do not like cellulite.Ugly?Yes!Harmful?Yes!With this you need to somehow fight?Yes!But let's talk about everything in order.


Types and stages of cellulite

Depending on skin type, location and severity, cellulite can have different structure.It is usually formed in the buttocks, hips, shoulder girdle, around the knees. In this case, the following are distinguished:

  • Soft cellulite - very well visible to the naked eye, affects large areas of the body, is not connected to the muscles, which contributes to its sagging along with the skin.Easily amenable to correction.
  • Hard( hard cellulite) - very difficult to treat, develops in people who are physically challenged and who lead an active lifestyle.Almost invisible.

The development of cellulitis occurs in several stages:

  • The first stage - cellulite is almost invisible, and the skin remains smooth for the time being.The only thing that a woman can notice is some increase in the volume of buttocks and thighs, sometimes - the abdomen, as well as loss of skin elasticity.At this stage, tuberosity characteristic of cellulite can be seen if you compress the fold of skin with your fingers;
  • The second stage - the characteristic signs are already becoming visible - the subcutaneous fat is thickened, and the tuberosity of the skin is noticeable without additional manipulation;
  • The third stage is characterized by a pronounced orange peel and a violation of the sensitivity of the skin in the area of ​​localization of the problem;
  • The fourth stage is the latest and most advanced stage of cellulite, on which the skin becomes bluish, it becomes hard and uneven.When feeling, many women feel painful.

The development of cellulite

Causes of cellulite development

Cellulite treatment is unthinkable without knowing the reasons that led to this skin condition.There are so many factors that contribute to the appearance of cellulite. The main ones are:

  • hormonal disorders in the body that result from diseases of the thyroid gland, organs of the genital area, and also due to physiological reasons, for example, pregnancy, etc.;
  • disturbances of protein metabolism;Inaccuracies in the food;
  • ;
  • bad habits;
  • is a sedentary lifestyle.

It should also be noted that the development of cellulite can be indirectly associated with hereditary predisposition, the use of medications that promote weight loss, lack of water in the body.Constant stress and strict diets also refer to provoking factors of cellulite development.

Please note! Contrary to the common misconception, cellulite is not at all the lot of only the full fair sex representatives, in thin women it meets at least.Also, cellulite is not ordinary fat, which can be easily removed only with the help of diet or exercise .

How to get rid of cellulite

How to get rid of cellulite Unfortunately, there are no magic remedies for cellulite that could get rid of it once and for all.Beautiful, smooth and elastic skin is the result of constant work on yourself.So where should the fight against cellulite begin?First, every woman should pay close attention to her lifestyle.

One of the key components of beauty and health is the proper nutrition. The diet should be constructed in such a way that the consumed food is saturated with fiber, vitamins and trace elements, but it is desirable to refuse from semi-finished products, baked pastries and sweet soda.Food is recommended to be taken three times a day without snacks, observing the drinking regime( not less than one and a half liters of liquid per day).

It is impossible not to mention the importance of adequate physical exertion.The fact is that cellulite feels fine with complete rest, but physical exercises will help to speed up blood circulation, creating favorable conditions for an effective fight against the "orange peel".Of course, a healthy lifestyle can not be combined with harmful habits, for good reason, cellulite is several times more common among women who smoke.

Important! The main thing that you need to achieve in the treatment of cellulite is the activation of blood circulation in problem areas.At the cellular level, cellulite is simply a field of conservation of human body waste.The blood does not just spread the nutrients, but also takes away all the toxins and toxins from the problem areas.

In general, there are several main goals of cellulite treatment:

  • acceleration of the lipolysis process, that is, the breakdown of fat cells;
  • elimination of edema;
  • strengthening of vessel walls;
  • increased muscle activity;
  • normalization of skin condition in general.

Revision of one's own way of life is only the first step on the way to the ideal body.Invaluable help in the fight against cellulite will be hardware and home procedures.

Salon treatments for cellulite

Modern cosmetology clinics and salons offer a rather wide variety of hardware techniques that allow, if not get rid of cellulite, then somewhat reduce its manifestations.And one of such techniques is massage, conducted with the help of special techniques.With its help, muscles and the subcutaneous fat of the problem zones are kneaded, which activates the lymph drainage and metabolic processes and improves the skin condition.

Salon treatments for cellulite

In hardware cosmetology, several types of anti-cellulite massage are actively used, for example, vacuum can massage, as well as LPG massage, which promote activation of lipolysis processes and improve the skin condition in general.

Well-proven and such procedures against cellulite, as:

  • mesotherapy - injection injection mesoterapevticheskih cocktails in problem areas to improve lipolysis and microcirculation;
  • Carboxytherapy - an injectable injection of carbon dioxide, as a result of which there is an expansion of the vessels and an increase in the flow of oxygen to the tissues;
  • ultrasonic cavitation - hardware softening of the subcutaneous fat layer to improve lymph flow;
  • ozonotherapy is a curative and caring procedure that presumes the effect of ozone-containing preparations on skin areas affected by cellulite;
  • electromyostimulation - stimulation of muscle activity by electrical impulses;
  • shock wave therapy is a modern method of combating cellulite, based on the pointwise action of acoustic waves, which destroy the screeds between the nodes of adipose tissue;
  • electrolypolysis - destruction of lipocytes under the influence of electric current, accompanied by stimulation of the processes of excretion of toxins and toxins through the urinary system;
  • Pressotherapy is a procedure with a pronounced lymphatic drainage effect, which helps to remove stagnant fluid from the body together with harmful substances.

Attention! Any hardware and injection procedures against cellulite have a number of contraindications, therefore it is recommended to resort to their use only after consulting a doctor.

Treatment of cellulite at home

Not every woman has enough time and money to go to a cosmetology clinic, but she wants to be beautiful and healthy.If the body has attacked cellulite, treatment at home can be no less effective than salon procedures.

The weapon in the fight against cellulite can be:

  • anti-cellulite massage;
  • sauna and contrast procedures;
  • home wrapping;
  • Use of special cosmetics

Anti-cellulite massage

Anticellulite massage Anti-cellulite massage can be performed not only in salons, but also at home.It is very effective honey massage, which is best done after taking a bath.On steamed skin, it is necessary to apply honey and rub it with palms in circular motions.Honey will become very malleable when it warms up a little.

Please note! Honey massage is good because it is able to ensure the correct circulation of lymph.The more intense the massage movements, the more effective will be the procedure .

No less useful and massage in the treatment of cellulite using blue or yellow clay.For its conduct, the skin must be cleaned beforehand and take a hot bath.Then clay powder is applied to problem areas, which is rubbed with a body brush for ten minutes.It is desirable to use a brush with natural pile.

Contrasting procedures and sauna against cellulite

Temperature changes increase the flow of blood to the tissues, which is beneficial for the skin condition with gynoid lipodystrophy.Contrast procedures will be especially effective if conducted in a sauna or a bath.Having a good steam, you can dip into a cold pool, but to achieve visible results, you need to repeat the procedure regularly.If there is no possibility to visit the bath, you can take a contrast shower.In addition to treating cellulite, this will help to strengthen the immune system.

Home anti-cellulite body wrap

Home anti-cellulite wrap Wraps help to comprehensively influence the body, they are especially effective in observing the right diet and exercise.

Home wraps use honey, brown seaweed in combination with scrubs, creams and massages.Today in the pharmacy you can buy special compositions for wraps.They are applied to problem areas of the skin, wrapped in film, insulated, for example, with a blanket and left for a while for exposure.You can prepare the composition for wraps and yourself, using clay, honey, vegetable and essential oils and other ingredients.

Anti-cellulite cosmetics

The modern beauty market is ready to offer women a huge selection of all kinds of anti-cellulite cosmetics.These are various creams, gels, serums and scrubs, which must be used clearly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.Cosmetic agents are applied to the skin with massage hands, some of them are left until completely absorbed, others are used for wrapping and washing, others are recommended to be used before or after sports, etc.

Anti-cellulite cosmetics Treatment of cellulite with the help of appropriate cosmetics will reduce visible manifestations of gynoid lipodystrophy, tighten the skin, restore its elasticity and elasticity.As a rule, cosmetics is effective in the first stages of cellulite in combination with a healthy lifestyle in general.

Important! Not all anti-cellulite cosmetics are equally effective.Before buying, carefully study its composition, with particular caution, refer to the drugs containing hormones and medications.Their use is possible only after consulting a doctor.

Such ingredients as coffee and cocoa extracts, guarana, mate, seaweed, menthol, camphor oil, citrus oils, nicotinic acid, rosemary extracts, neroli and other ingredients have a pronounced anti-cellulite effect.

So, we have considered many methods of cellulite treatment, which, with a competent approach, will give good results at any stage of it.The main thing that should not be forgotten - getting rid of the hated orange peel, prevent it from appearing again will help only a healthy lifestyle and constant attention to one's own body and health.

You will receive more detailed information on the methods of cellulite treatment by viewing this video review:

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