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Dry hair tips: what to do?

Dry tips

Most women have a combined type of hair.This means that the roots of their hair are greasy and quickly polluted, but the ends of the curls are always dry and brittle."In the people" it is believed that the only way to solve the problem is to regularly cut the dry tips, but this is a mistaken opinion.In order to revitalize the dry / brittle tips of hair, you need to apply special care, have patience.

Table of Contents: Cause of Dryness of Hair Tips Dry Face Recipes

Cause of Dryness of Hair Tips

To achieve the desired result, you first need to determine the cause of the dryness of the tips of hair and eliminate it.There are several factors that can lead to the evaporation of moisture from a certain part of the curls. These include:

  1. The lack of vitamins in the body.Useful substances that are in the body in a limited number simply do not have time to "reach" the ends of the hair, are absorbed by the cells "along the path".
  2. Regular exposure to hair by thermal tools.We are talking about loved by many hairdressers, ironing, nippers, thermobigues.Their negative impact is directed just at the tips, high temperatures simply evaporate the moisture.
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  3. Disorders of metabolic processes.In this case, the sebaceous glands of the scalp work incorrectly, and all the fat produced settles on the roots of the hair, not reaching their tips.
  4. Hops-for-growth-hair Low level of immunity.This condition leads to various infectious diseases, which causes a significant increase in body temperature.If the hyperthermia( high body temperature) lasts several days in a row, then the result will be the appearance of dry ends of hair.
  5. Exposure to negative factors from outside.It is about too low air temperatures, sea water, steam impacts and too high air temperatures.
  6. Violations of the psycho-emotional background.Stresses, neuroses, constant irritation, depression and any other disturbances in the nervous system work in 60% of cases end with the desiccation of the tips of the hair.Disturbance of nutrition and drinking regimen.A person should drink a half or two liters of water a day.And, it means pure water, not compotes / teas / coffee.Meals should be full and varied, include fruits / vegetables, low-fat meat / fish, nuts, decoctions of rosehips, fruit berries.
  7. Frequent chemical attack.It implies the coloring, highlighting and perm - procedures that many women conduct regularly.

If there is at least one of the above reasons, it significantly violates the water and fat balance and there is a problem of dry tips with oily hair.It is absolutely necessary to solve the problem!First, it is necessary to eliminate the cause that triggered the development of the condition in question, and then seek professional advice.

Recommendations for specialists in the restoration of hair health at dry tips:

  1. It is necessary to undergo a course of treatment with vitamins and specific procedures: cryomassage, mesotherapy, darsonvalization.These "measures" normalize and stabilize the metabolic processes and abundantly moisturize the ends of the hair.
  2. At least twice a week, you need to give your hair "pleasure" - moisturizing masks help to quickly restore the health of the tips of the hair, smooth the type of curls.
  3. It is better not to be zealous with head washing.It is enough 2 times a week to maintain the purity, and do not cause even more damage to the strands.And the indicated number of hygienic procedures is the maximum allowable!You can use natural substitutes for shampoos.
  4. You can not use hot or cold water to wash your head.You need to find a "golden mean" - the water should be moderately warm, you can use it and slightly cool.
  5. It is necessary to rinse hair after washing with decoctions of medicinal plants.You can use nettles, St. John's wort, linden, thyme, chamomile, mother-and-stepmother.It is highly desirable after each washing of the head to apply the hair conditioner.
  6. Do not use a hairdryer.Drying hair should be done only in a natural way, it is also recommended to refuse the chemical wave, dyeing and use of forceps / hair curlers for the entire period of restoration of hair health.

In addition, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle - adjust the diet, keep drinking, lead an active lifestyle, strengthen immunity.It seems that these banal advice can not in any way affect the normalization of dry hair tips, but in fact the condition in question "signals" that there are some violations in the body.Just a correction of the way of life will positively affect the general state of health.

If you adhere to the above recommendations, you can achieve recovery of hair health.Excellent "help" will also have hair masks that are prepared and used at home.

Recipes for masks for dry hair tips

It is very easy to prepare masks for the restoration of dry hair tips at home, they do not have to be applied to the roots and the entire length of the curls, but even if it is done, it will only have a positive effect.

If everything is done correctly, then the algorithm of the procedure will be as follows:

  • in the prepared product it is necessary to lower the dry ends of the hair;
  • punctures the processed part of the curls on the crown( you can use an elastic band or hair clip);
  • on the head put on a polyethylene hat and wrapped in a towel;
  • removes the mask from the hair after half an hour, it is advisable to apply a moisturizing shampoo.

Seed / kefir

Gorchichnaja-maska You need to find kefir with the highest percentage of fat, but you can replace this sour milk product and homemade curdled milk( sour natural milk).It dips the dry ends of hair and conduct the procedure, strictly adhering to the above algorithm.

Cosmetic oils

You can take burdock, castor, jojoba or almond oil.Before using them, you need to perform the procedure of heating the oil in a water bath.

Experts do not recommend mixing these types of vegetable oils, it is better to use any one.

Complex mask

To make it, you need to mix burdock oil in the amount of 2 tablespoons, honey in the amount of 1 tablespoon and 1 raw yolk.Preliminary it is required to preheat honey and oil on a water bath.

Onion Juice

Prepare the mask easily: mix 2 tablespoons of onion juice, 2 tablespoons brandy, one raw yolk of chicken eggs, 1 tablespoon honey, castor oil and lemon juice.Be sure to add 10 drops of lemon essential oil to the resulting mass.Do not forget to warm up the oil and honey in a water bath before mixing the ingredients.

After applying the mask on the basis of the onion layer from the woman, a rather sharp, specific aroma can emerge.To prevent this from rinsing the hair, use water with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or any / favorite essential oil.


The most fatty cream in the amount of two tablespoons will be needed, which must be mixed with wheat germ oil in the amount of 1 teaspoon.Then two teaspoons of lemon juice are added to the mass, but ether lemon oil( not more than 5 drops) can be used instead.If wheat germ oil is "not at hand", then it can be replaced with almond oil - the effect of the mask will not change.

Dry hair tips - this is a real disease, which must be treated with all seriousness.Constant haircut is far from a way out of the situation, this can only slightly improve the appearance of the hairstyle.If you hold a course of moisturizing procedures using the most common products, the problem will be solved quickly enough.Just do not forget to make an objective assessment of your lifestyle, change something in it, and then the results will be quick and expected.

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Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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