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Lamb: benefit and harm


Meat is a product that appears on our table if not every day, then several times a week for sure.Meat is necessary for man as a source of protein and energy, as well as meat contains iron and other microelements important for normal metabolism.But it is of great importance which kinds of meat to choose, so that it is nutritious, but at the same time it is easily assimilated.Lamb is one of those.

In our region, mutton is often unfairly ignored - many people do not buy it, simply because they do not know how to properly choose meat and cook it, what's valuable in it.But in the countries of Asia and the Caucasus it is very valued - and quite deservedly.For the preparation of the first and second dishes, mainly flesh of young sheep and lambs is used.It is tender, juicy, but at the same time less heavy and caloric than pork or beef. But the most valuable meat of dairy lambs, it is soft pink, very soft, just melting in the mouth, if properly cooked.This delicacy is appreciated all over the world.

If you are prejudiced against mutton, because once you were treated to a hot fry with a lot of fat and an unpleasant smell, then you just were not lucky - it was the meat of an old ram that is better for not using at all.Adult sheep are bred mainly for obtaining wool.


Why are dieticians so strongly advised to include in the diet exactly lamb, if possible replacing pork, goose or ducklings?It's all about the unique composition of this kind of meat. Here's what's in the pink slice of this meat without skin and fat :

  • almost all the vitamins from group B;
  • vitamins E, D;
  • is a very rare vitamin K that is not produced by the human body;
  • Manganese, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and sodium.

The content of lamb protein is in no way inferior to beef and pork.But by the amount of fat significantly inferior, for which it is appreciated by nutritionists.

Interesting! Caloric content of mutton depends on which part of the carcass meat is taken.Most of the calories contain the brisket and the dorsal part.The least caloric scapula and back.And most importantly - lamb is rich in lecithin, a substance that is the destroyer of the notorious cholesterol.


Useful properties

Judging by the composition, there is no doubt that mutton is really useful for every person. But this kind of meat is especially recommended in such cases:

  • for iron deficiency anemia;
  • for nervous system disorders, frequent stress;
  • with a tendency to elevated cholesterol and atherosclerosis;
  • for obesity and diabetes mellitus;
  • for gastritis, peptic ulcer and digestive tract disorders.

Important! Lamb chops are recommended for pregnant and lactating.A tender fillet steamed, or meatballs from minced lamb meat can be included in the ration of babies as the first meat complementary foods.

Fat in this case it is necessary to remove .It can be used for other purposes.In the East, overturned mutton fat with dry medicinal herbs is used as an effective rubbing for colds.

Harm and contraindications

Absolutely useful products do not exist - it's a sad fact.Especially when it comes to meat. Lamb is not an exception, despite all the usefulness, some people do not recommend its use:

  1. mutton As this meat is digested long enough, they should not be abused by patients suffering from poor digestion and insufficient production of gastric juice.
  2. Lamb gives a mild choleretic effect - this means that it is undesirable for people with impaired gall bladder function and kidney failure.
  3. Arthritis and gout are another contraindication to the use of lamb meat.

In the period of exacerbation of gastritis and stomach ulcers, too, do not get carried away by this tender meat. In some diseases of the heart and blood vessels, doctors also do not recommend eating lamb.And, of course, it is undesirable that only this sort of meat appear on the table, it must be alternated with beef and poultry for a full metabolism.

Useful advices and recommendations

To get from lamb not only a gastronomic pleasure, but also the maximum benefit, it is important to choose it correctly.


First of all, you need to focus on the color of meat.It should be pink or light red, and fatty veins - white. The darker the meat, and the more yellow the grease, the older the drum that was scored.And this means that the meat will be tough and poorly digested.


The second parameter is the smell.The old and stale lamb has a very specific smell, which does not go away, but becomes stronger during marinating and cooking.The quality, fresh meat of a young lamb has no unpleasant smell.

If you are going to bake lamb in the oven, then choose a leg or back with a bone - a square.For a classic pilau of lamb, a scapula or a neck is suitable.Very tasty and boiled broth will come from a brisket.For a shish kebab any part without pits will do.

Lamb perfectly combines with almost all spices, but it is especially good with garlic, thyme, rosemary and mint.Serve with juicy, tender meat grilled vegetables or ratatouille from eggplant, zucchini, sweet pepper and tomatoes, crispy lavash or baguette and dry red wine - and you will be a skilled culinary and gourmet among your home and guests.

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