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Diet Maggi - menu for a week, results and health hazards

Dieta maggi Excess weight can rightfully be called a scourge of modern society.This problem is more worried about women and in the fight against overweight are taking different ways, for example, are dieting.One of the most popular and sensational of them is the Maggi diet.What is it, and why should not you be addicted to this diet?

Table of contents: Main principles of the Maggi diet Maggi diet - daily menu Exit from the diet Contraindications The benefits and harms of the Maggi diet

The basic principles of the Maggi diet

It is not known who created this diet.However, there is a legend that the diet was named in honor of Margaret Thatcher herself or abbreviated "Maggi".As a basis for the diet of Maggi, features of the diet of the "Iron Lady" are taken.However, the current diet Maggi by and large has little to do with the diet of Lady Thatcher.Who invented the Maggi diet, whether the author had a medical education - these are questions without an answer.

The Maggi diet is essentially a protein diet with a severe restriction of carbohydrates.Its feature is also that the main ingredients are eggs or low-fat cottage cheese( 1 egg = 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese).

Eggs have high energy value, they contain proteins, fats.That is, it is assumed that the eggs can provide a feeling of satiety with a very scarce diet.But it's also worth remembering that eggs contain cholesterol.

The Maggi diet also involves the use of citrus fruits, in particular grapefruit.This fruit has an antioxidant effect, and also lowers cholesterol.Grapefruit, if desired, can be replaced with an orange.

The Maggi diet requires strict adherence to the following rules:

  1. Duration of the diet is two( four) weeks;
  2. The optimum portion of meat - 200-250 grams, fish - 150 grams, vegetables - 100-150 grams;
  3. You can not remodel the daily menu, replace products;
  4. You can not change the main meals;
  5. Dieta maggi Use liquid in sufficient quantities( regular drinking water);
  6. You can drink coffee and tea, but only without sugar, milk;
  7. Vegetables must be prepared in plain water without meat broth, oil;
  8. Salt and spices are allowed;
  9. Salads can not be refueled;
  10. With severe hunger, it is allowed to have a snack with a vegetable, but only only two hours after the main meal;
  11. If the course has been interrupted - it is necessary to start anew;
  12. Prohibited products: potatoes, bananas, grapes, mangoes, figs, dates, cereals, pasta, flour products, pastries, lamb, pork.

It can be concluded that this is a fairly tough diet.Most likely, it will be difficult to follow, since with such a low-calorie diet, the hunger for will become a true companion.Of course, the weight after such a diet will decrease, but at what cost?

Maggi Diet - daily menu

Maggi's diet can be two- and four-week. Still, it's very dangerous to stay on a low-carbohydrate diet for so long - we'll analyze it just below.Next, a daily menu will be provided to understand what the given diet is.Do not take this information as a guide to action.

During of the first week of , breakfasts are exactly the same.These are two cooked chicken eggs and one grapefruit, coffee, tea is allowed.So, the first week of the Maggi diet looks like this:

The breakfast of the second week is already familiar: all the same two eggs and one grapefruit.In the menu of the second week, the number of chicken eggs increases significantly.

Dieta maggi

At the third week of , the usual breakfasts disappear.It can be noted that in the diet this week, the amount of meat is severely limited, while fruits and vegetables are included in abundance.


At , the fourth week of the , the usual breakfasts are also absent.Throughout the day, you can eat any permitted product in any quantity.


Leaving the diet

Maggi( 1) The Maggi diet allows you to lose a few extra pounds, but to keep the weight at the desired mark you need to leave the diet gradually .In the first week after finishing the course, the diet should contain those foods that were used during the diet.This is poultry meat, low-fat cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits.It is necessary to avoid fried potatoes, macaroni, flour, confectionery products.

Food should be divided: three main meals and two snacks.Be sure to eat breakfast, because it depends on it, whether you will suffer hunger all day long or not.The last meal should be no later than three hours before bedtime.If the evening is very concerned about hunger - you can eat lean cottage cheese or fermented baked milk.


Such a tough diet for many will be a real test and follow it to all people without exception, .First of all, it is worth remembering that many people have an allergy to eggs and citrus fruits.Therefore, people with such a food allergy, the Maggi diet is contraindicated.Due to the excess of citrus in the diet about this diet, it is also worth forgetting people with diseases of the digestive tract, in particular, with hyperacid gastritis.

The Maggi diet is low-calorie and not suitable for pregnant women, as well as nursing women.During this period of life a woman should eat healthy and fully.

Benefits and Harms of the Maggi Diet

A benefit from the Maggi diet can be considered to be getting rid of a few extra pounds.Weight will go away, but at what cost? The Maggi diet is classified as low-carbohydrate.Already after a few days of such nutrition, the body will be catastrophically short of carbohydrates.Subjectively, this will be expressed in a feeling of hunger, a depressed mood, a decline in efficiency and even apathy. How can you work and do business in this state?

The basis of the Maggi diet are chicken eggs.It is known that eggs contain a large amount of cholesterol.Accumulation of this substance in the body leads to the development of atherosclerosis.In general, a healthy person can be eaten without fear of a day no more than one or two pieces.


In addition, such protein diets have a significant burden on the kidneys. Protein breaks down into purines, and those in turn to urate and salts of uric acid.With a protein diet, the kidneys have to work hard to remove the formed metabolites from the body.With this diet, all problems with the kidneys "float up".

Given the complexity of the tolerance of the Maggi diet and the potential harm from such a diet, it becomes completely unclear why such a mockery of yourself?Do not reinvent the wheel, because the principles of healthy weight loss have long been developed by doctors and trainers.A full and varied diet, active physical activity - will soon lead to normalization of weight and do not harm your health.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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