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Sauna scrubs: home recipes and rules of use

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Skrab sauna Visiting a sauna is not only a pleasant but also a useful procedure.Under the influence of hot steam, the pores of the skin open, blood circulation is increased, metabolic processes are stimulated, and the whole organism is cleaned and rejuvenated naturally.It would be wrong to not use this effect for carrying out cosmetic procedures - for example, to make a scrub for the face and body.The steamed skin will better perceive the active components of various agents, their effect will increase several times - you will immediately feel the effect and feel the result.

You can use both home-made scrubs and purchased ones.The most important thing is that they fit your skin type.


Recipes for sauna scrubs at home

If a woman watches herself, she has in stock some simple home recipes in case the purchased cosmetics are unavailable or over, and go to the store once.Many prefer to use only scrubs of their own preparation - they are natural, usually do not cause allergies, and are also much cheaper.Make the skin more clean, young and healthy, taut and velvety will help such recipes.

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Honey and cinnamon

2-sap-sugar-for-beauty-leather Usually in a sauna these two products are served for tea.But you can take a little more and treat your body with a very delicate and fragrant exfoliating scrub. Preparing the scrub is very simple: just mix two tablespoons of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

The obtained mixture is applied to the whole body in a circular motion, rubbing slightly.It is especially recommended to massage your elbows, knees, feet - in a word, those places on which the skin is particularly coarse.After 10 minutes, scrub is washed off with warm water, promakivaet skin and apply a nourishing cream or milk.

Coffee with cream

Prepare to visit the sauna in advance, collect coffee grounds in a jar and take with you.In the sauna, dilute the thick with warm cream and apply circular movements on the body.

Coffee tones the blood vessels and promotes the breakdown of fats, this is an excellent tool for fighting cellulite.Therefore, pay special attention to problem areas - the stomach, buttocks, thighs.Wash off the scrub after ten minutes, you can finish this procedure with a contrast shower.

Blue clay

blue clay This is a universal cleanser for any type of skin.With the only difference that for oily skin clay is diluted with warm water to a gruel-like condition, and for dry water it is better to take sour cream instead.

Clay can be applied to the face and body, keep such a mask-scrub to dry, then gently wash off with warm water.The skin will be fresh and supple, soft and velvety to the touch.

Orange peel

orange If you like citrus, do not throw away the crusts, dry them naturally, and then grind in a coffee grinder.Pour the resulting powder into a jar and take it with you to the sauna.Mix it better with olive oil.But you can just dilute with water.

This fragrant orange scrub perfectly fights with the same "orange peel" on the thighs and buttocks, and also exfoliates the upper stratum corneum .Keep it after the application should be at least a quarter of an hour to get a good effect.


Sol It is better to use natural sea salt without dyes.But if this was not at hand, then the usual kitchen.Sea salt should be ground a little bit in a coffee grinder.

For convenience of application it is recommended to combine salt with shaving gel - this remedy softens the skin and does not allow it to dry out under the influence of salt.In a circular motion, a saline scrub is applied to the entire body and left for ten minutes, and then the remnants are removed with warm water under the shower.

Important! Almost all of these recipes are suitable for both the face and the body.But if you decide to make a facial scrub in the sauna, massage the skin very carefully and do not hold the scrub for more than five minutes.The warmed up skin is very sensitive, with careless handling you can scratch it and get a strong irritation.

Alternative to home scrubs

In general, cosmetologists with prejudice refer to the use in the sauna of purchased funds for the body and face.And this is true: since the skin will be cleaned naturally, it should also be helped by natural means without synthetic components.

In addition, no one can predict the reaction of the purchased product to high temperatures and steam. But if you decide to use a professional tool, then pay attention to such products:

  1. Organic Shop Body Scrub Organic Coffee &Sugar - a natural coffee scrub with sugar.
  2. Salon Professional SPA collection Scrab - exfoliating and nourishing sugar scrub.
  3. Natura Siberica is a natural cleansing scrub with sea buckthorn and honey.
  4. Energy of Vitamins Body Scrub Salt is a foam saline scrub that cleanses.
  5. Planeta Organica 100% Natural Body Scrub Jamaica - scrub with coconut and papaya.

Purchased sauna scrubs are applied in the same way as domestic ones, the usage rules are indicated on the packages.

How to do the procedures in the sauna?

Sauna So that the skin is optimally cleaned and rejuvenated, before entering the therma it is necessary to rub it with a stiff mitten or a brush, and then take a shower.All contamination will be washed away, and the skin will better take any procedures.

Remember one iron rule for visiting a sauna: is not recommended to enter a wet-body therma is strongly recommended, you can get a skin burn.And the hair must be covered with a special cap or at least wrapped with a towel.

After the steam room, you should dip into the pool or rinse under the shower to wash away the sweat.And only then apply scrubs or masks .Experts advise to start cosmetic procedures in the sauna after the second or third call in the steam room - then the pores are optimally opened, and the maximum result is achieved.But if you do not tolerate a therma very well, you do not have to torture yourself: there will be enough one session, after which you can go to scrubs.

And one more tip in the end.If you want to get a tangible result, visit the sauna once a week for at least a month.Going here for health purposes once every six months does not make sense - it's absolutely nothing, well, unless you relax and have a nice time in the company of friends.

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