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How to get rid of fatty shine on the face?

Shirnoe lico

Oily skin has its advantages - it is not so prone to aging and wrinkles.But it often appears acne, acne and ugly sebaceous shine.Coping with such trouble is difficult even with the help of a thick layer of powder and corrector.And it is not necessary - to struggle with a fat shine on the face follows absolutely other means and methods.

Table of contents: How to identify the problem?How to start treatment?Proper cleansing of the skin Masks for the face from greasy shine

How to identify the problem?

Annoying "radiance" on the forehead, nose and chin - unfortunately, not only the problem of adolescents.According to the research, sebaceous shine spoils the mood and appearance of more than 10% of adult women, long past the period of puberty.It is most pronounced in the summer season, less noticeable in autumn and winter.Sometimes even the owners of dry skin begin to shine.Some begin to actively rub the face with alcohol lotions, cover with matting creams.But not always it gives the expected result, but in most cases, even on the contrary, it only hurts.

Shirnoe lico

How can you understand that you have oily skin prone to greasy shine? Cosmetologists recommend such a simple test:

  • wash your face without any lotions or gels;
  • it is good to wipe it;
  • not lubricate with cream and do not wipe - it's very important;
  • after a few minutes, pull your face against the mirror.

If the mirror remains fat spots, then the skin is oily and she needs special care.It is not only the use of various cosmetics of the appropriate type.Solve the problem need to be integrated.

Where to start treatment?

Observing a few simple rules, you can cope with the trouble quite simply.Sometimes they alone are enough to completely get rid of greasy shine. Here's what experienced cosmetologists and dermatologists advise:

  1. Tonal cream for Clean and properly clean the skin .Use for this purpose delicate products on a soft basis and a neutral pH level, in no way exfoliating scrubs and gels.
  2. Do not forget to moisturize the skin.But to use for this purpose it is moisturizing creams, and not nutritious on a heavy basis.Some girls on the contrary refuse from creams, but this is fundamentally wrong.Eliminate the skin from greasy luster, and not to deprive it of moisture.
  3. Refuse from dense foundation and powder.They can hide a greasy shine, but only for a while.As a result, the pores of the skin will clog up and produce even more fat - which is exactly what you do not need.It is better to give preference to translucent liquid makeup bases with a slight masking effect.

Of course, resisting not to bully quickly shiny forehead, nose and cheeks and solve the problem radically, it is difficult.However, we will have to suffer - the effect will be, but not immediately.And now it's time to understand in detail what you need to do to get rid of the fat glitter on your face once and for all.

Proper cleansing of oily skin

Lico To thoroughly clean the pores of fat accumulation, you will need to purchase a special brush with soft villi or a sponge.In the beginning, it is wetted, then it is applied with a delicate gel and foams. Now you can wipe your face with neat, circular motions.Do not strongly press, and after the end of washing, wash off the foam along with the leftovers of make-up and dermal fat with warm water.

Do not use normal soap or too aggressive scrubs for washing. They will overdry the skin and provoke increased production of sebum.And this will certainly lead to the appearance of shine on the face.

Skin prone to acne formation should be wiped.But be careful to ensure that the lotion had a low alcohol content.Pure salicylic acid can only lubricate individual inflamed pimples and do it no more than twice a day.

As for the deep cleansing of oily or combination skin with peelings and scrubs, you need to do this two or three times a week with a gentle gel or emulsion. If you can not do without make-up, but you need to apply powder and cream as thin a layer and always have special matting wipes for blotting problem areas.At the same time on the street, especially in the heat and sun, it is better not to go from 11 to 15 hours.

Face masks for fat gloss

It is important not only to find the necessary recipes that will help cope with the lack of skin, but also to use them correctly. Here are the procedures that can be done with a shiny face skin:

  1. Lico After washing, make a steam bath.To do this, boil a half or two liters of water, throw a couple of spoons of chamomile flowers, nettle twigs or sage leaves into boiling water.Then bend over a bowl, cover with a towel or diaper and give the skin a good steam.This will take about ten minutes.After such a therapeutic "bath" the face is not wiped, but gently dabbed with a dry napkin.
  2. Then you can make a mask, for example, from low-fat kefir.In kefir it is necessary to impregnate a cotton sponge and treat the face.After fifteen minutes, rinse the leftovers with warm water or a decoction of chamomile, left after the steam bath.The skin is slightly stretched due to lactic acid, but at the same time retains a healthy color and dullness.
  3. To narrow the pores and get rid of excess shine on the face, it is recommended to whip one protein to a light foam, add a spoonful of very small lemon peel.This mixture is applied to the face for 10 minutes.The protein will dry up and tighten the skin.This is normal, but do not keep the mask for too long.Rinse it off with a soft sponge soaked in warm water.
  4. Well cleans, tones and mats the greasy skin mask from fresh yeast.Approximately a quarter of the pack should be crushed and combined with warm milk - milk is added a little to get a thick gruel.Then, a few drops of fresh lemon juice are squeezed into it and applied to the face.Keep the mask until completely dry.
  5. Refreshes, tightens and removes the greasy shine of the skin mask from grated fresh cucumber.Apply it comfortably on gauze.

Also from home remedies for rubbing oily skin, carrots, cabbage or cucumber juice are suitable.It is better for them to wipe their face and neck before going to bed.And after that, apply moisturizer.

All these procedures are quite simple - proper cleaning, a bath and a mask will require no more than half an hour and the simplest components.But the skin will be grateful to you for such care and very soon will cease to "please" with greasy sheen and inflammations.

Saponenko Marina, dermatologist

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