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Diet 6 petals: an approximate menu for every day, reviews of nutritionists and results

6_ petals

A diet with such a beautiful and even romantic name "6 petals" perfectly suits those people who do not wish to limit themselves in the amount of food consumed, but want to achieve quick and noticeable results.

This method is officially recognized by the Association of Dieticians .According to the results of voluntary tests, in which 15 people took part, the six-petalled diet had a positive impact not only on the health indicators of losing weight, but also on their overall well-being.At the same time, the majority of participants in this test lost 500-800 grams per day.

Table of contents: Essence and key features of the "6 petals" diet. Prohibited foods with "6 petals" diet. "6 petals" dietary products, menu for every day. Advantages and drawbacks of the "6 petals" diet.

. Essence and key features of the diet"6 petals"

The six-petalled diet from dietician Anna Johansson from Sweden is based on the concept of separate nutrition, which, according to the author, provides her with a high enough efficiency

.Six petals is a kind of symbol of six mono-diets, which the slimming one must follow one after another strictly in the sequence recommended by the Swedish dietitian for six days. That is, each individual mono-diet lasts 24 hours, during which a person should only eat products that are identical in biochemical composition and belong to one of the following groups:

  • fish and some types of seafood( shrimp, squid, octopus and mussels);
  • vegetables;
  • chicken;
  • are cereals;
  • cottage cheese;
  • fruit.

Why does the figure "6" appear in the diet name, is this clear, but where are the petals?The fact is that the author of the technique with the purpose of maintaining the "fighting spirit" of his losing followers came up with the following psychological trick. Before the diet, Anna recommends making a flower with six petals, on which the name of each mono-diet should be written.It should be placed in a conspicuous place, as an option, attached near the wall calendar.Daily tearing off the flower on the petal, losing weight will be better aware that he "lasted one day" and left very little.Thanks to this unpretentious trick, according to the author and according to the reviews already losing weight according to this method of people, the diet is transferred much easier.

The main features of the six-petalled diet :

  • must be fed frequently, but in small portions so as not to overload the digestive system.However, it is worth noting that the author does not limit the number of meals and the size of portions;
  • it is recommended to consume food without hurrying, diligently chewing and getting pleasure from each piece;
  • drink should be clean water or tea, it is advisable to give preference to green tea.The amount of liquid consumed is not limited, but during the meal it is not recommended to use it in large volumes so as not to disturb the digestive process;
  • from the diet it is necessary to completely exclude sugar and sugar-containing products;
  • allowed the consumption of salt, natural spices and seasonings, herbs;
  • an important role is played by observing the strict sequence of mono-diets in the order suggested by the author:
    • Day 1( fish) - only fish and some kinds of seafood are used;
    • 2nd day( vegetable) - only vegetables are present in the diet;
    • Day 3( chicken) - meals exclusively with chicken meat;
    • 4th day( cereal) - the menu consists only of cereals;
    • 5th day( curd cheese) - there is only cottage cheese in the ration;
    • 6th day( fruit) - you can eat fruits only, but in any quantity.

Prohibited products with the "6 petals" diet

The six-petalled diet assumes a complete exclusion from the diet of the following types of products:

  1. Baking of any kind( except for whole grain bread).
  2. Confectionery.
  3. Sweets( not fruits), chocolate and any other sugar-containing products.
  4. Any kind of oil.
  5. Smoked meats, preservatives and semi-finished products.
  6. Coffee drinks, soda, compotes, juices( freshly squeezed juices are allowed on the sixth day of the diet).
  7. Other product groups not included in the diet menu.

6 petals

Allowed products of the "6 petals" diet, menu for every day

It is important to understand that all menu ingredients must be of high quality, fresh and correctly processed to exclude food poisoning.

On the first day of , the entire diet should consist of fish and seafood( shrimp, squid, mussels, octopus). It is allowed to consume also fish of fatty varieties.It should be cooked or baked.Dishes can be seasoned with salt, herbs or natural spices and seasonings. With this "protein shock", in the beginning of a diet, the body starts the process of intensive fat splitting, and the excess weight is quickly lost .


Food option in the 1st day of the diet:

  • Breakfast - boiled hake fillet with salt and seasonings.Lunch - fish baked in foil.
  • .As a seasoning, salt and greens are used.
  • Lunch - a rich fish soup, cooked on the basis of fish, shrimp meat and meat of rapana.Vegetables or other ingredients are prohibited.
  • Snack - spicy fish cooked in a double boiler.
  • Dinner - boiled fish of low-fat varieties with a minimum amount of salt.
  • Between meals - unsweetened green tea or herbal decoction.

On the second day of the diet, only vegetables can be consumed, but they can be on the menu in any form of : cooked steamed, boiled, stewed or raw.It should be remembered that all dishes, including vegetable, are prepared without adding any oil.

Food option on the 2nd day of the diet :

  • Breakfast is a stew from a mix of vegetables stewed in its own juice with the addition of herbs and salt.
  • Lunch - vegetables baked in foil( carrots, beets, potatoes).
  • Lunch - potatoes cooked in a double boiler, and stewed cabbage.
  • Snack - puree from celery without oil and vegetable slicing( tomato, cucumber, paprika).
  • Dinner - cauliflower, steamed, with greens.
  • Between meals - green unsweetened tea, freshly squeezed vegetable juices or vegetable cocktails mixed with a blender.

On the third day of the diet, the slimming menu can include only chicken, cooked in various ways by the .Of course, the amount of chicken consumed is not limited, which makes it possible to completely eliminate the possibility of a feeling of hunger.

Variant of nutrition on the third day of the petal diet :

  • Breakfast - boiled chicken fillet.
  • Lunch - baked chicken fillet in a sleeve with the addition of natural spices and a minimum amount of salt.
  • Lunch is a rich chicken soup with meat and greens.
  • Snack - chicken, cooked on the grill( without the skin).
  • Dinner - chicken breast, boiled in slightly salted water.
  • Between meals - unsweetened herbal drink, light chicken broth.

On the fourth day of the dietary diet, only cereals can be present in the diet, in the preparation of which it is also permitted to add salt, greens, natural spices and seasonings.

Power variant in the 4th day of the diet :

  • Breakfast - porridge from bulgur, cooked on the water.Lunch - buckwheat salted porridge.
  • .
  • Lunch - porridge "Hercules" with the addition of nuts( up to 5 tablespoons).
  • Snack - porridge from brown rice.
  • Dinner - barley porridge with herbs, cooked on the water.
  • Between meals - herbal drink or green tea without sugar.

On the fifth day of the diet, you can only consume cottage cheese without any additions. The only thing the author authorizes to diversify his diet at this stage is a small amount of low-fat milk - no more than one glass a day.

Food option on the 5th day of the diet:

  • Breakfast is a curd without any additives.
  • Lunch - a little salted curd.
  • Lunch is cottage cheese with a little milk.
  • Snack is cottage cheese without adding anything.
  • Dinner - low-fat cottage cheese with 1-2 tablespoons of milk.
  • Between meals - unsweetened tea in any quantity, milk.

In the last, sixth diet day, followers of Anna Johansson have the opportunity to pamper themselves with an unlimited amount of fruit .They can be cooked in any way, but it is most useful to use them in raw form, after having properly treated.

Food option on the 6th day of the diet:

  • Breakfast - two whole apples.Lunch Banana.Dinner - grapefruit and two kiwi.
  • Snack is a bunch of grapes.
  • Dinner - two whole apples.
  • Between meals - juices, squeezed out of fresh fruit, herbal drink or green tea, compote without sweeteners.

The author of the technique recommends for the higher results to repeat the "6 petals" diet after a week's rest.

Advantages and drawbacks of the "6 petals" diet

The main advantages of the petal diet include :

  1. High efficiency.For six days following all the recommendations of this technique can be reset to 4 - 5 kilograms of excess weight.
  2. Easy to tolerate the diet.The majority of women who lose weight by this method positively responded that it is quite easy to observe the regime, and it does not cause psychological dissonance, which is usually inherent in almost any mono-diet.
  3. The lack of a constant sense of hunger, which is very often disturbing in the course of most diets.

Important! It should be added that the exit from the "6 petals" diet does not require any special preparation, but in the first few days it is desirable not to include in your diet fried, smoked and fatty foods( which, in principle, you can and completely refuse), And not to drink alcoholic and carbonated soft drinks.

It is important to know that the "6 petals" diet is contraindicated by :

  • during pregnancy;
  • for mothers breastfeeding;
  • to people suffering from kidney disease.

The main disadvantages of the petal diet and its effect on the body :

  1. The need for frequent fractional supply of special products.The diet takes a lot of time with which working people, as a rule, have problems.This technique is more intended for non-working people and those who can freely dispose of their time.
  2. Increased workload on all internal organs and human systems.Any mono-diet is a kind of stress for the body, since nature does not provide that a person can get all the vitamins and other useful trace elements from a single product.Unfortunately, this is impossible, and therefore such diets are completely unnatural.Consequently, with the diet of "6 petals" the body, even for a short time, gets some substances in excess, and other microelements necessary for its work can not get at all.This imbalance has a negative effect on the work of its organs and systems.
  3. Uniformity of the menu can not be sustained by far not everyone.If, for example, a slimming person does not like chicken meat, but he needs to eat it all day, then the probability of a breakdown increases.This diet is built without regard to individual needs and preferences, which reduces its comfort.
  4. This technique is developed on the basis of the concept of separate food, which supposedly has certain advantages.However, scientists already have many arguments against the fact that separate food in general can bring any benefits for those who want to lose weight.
  5. The six-petalled diet does not solve the main reason for the appearance of excess adipose tissue.As you know, excess weight is mostly the result of the fact that a person consumes more kilocalories than spends during the day, and, as a rule, this excessive intake of calories into the body is regular due to improper eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle of a person. The petal diet helps to get rid of excess weight, but not from the reasons for its appearance.As a result, after the end of the diet quickly discarded pounds, just as quickly return, if not change their attitude to food and exercise. It turns out that a slimming person excruciates his body for the sake of a short-term effect.

It should be added that according to the majority of experts, it is necessary to dump excess kilograms using such methods, which are based on direct control over the calorie content of the diet( for example, calorie diet).Such diets help to eliminate the main cause of the appearance of excess weight - hypercaloric nutrition.

To top it all, we present the results of randomized clinical trials to which a diet was developed based on the principles of separate nutrition.Patients with obesity were divided into two groups.For six weeks they used the same food.The difference in their diet consisted only in the fact that one group fed on the principle of separate food, and the second consumed the same amount of calories through a normal balanced diet.As a result of the tests, it was found that both groups lost an equivalent amount of excess kilograms, the biochemical blood test also showed no differences, and in the waist and hip volumes the patients decreased approximately equally. As a result, scientists came to the unequivocal conclusion that in the process of getting rid of excess weight, separate food does not play any special role, since the patients of both groups managed to lose excess kilograms only due to the reduction in caloric content of the menu.

Evtushenko Oleg, endocrinologist

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