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Genital herpes in men: symptoms, complications, treatment methods and prevention


Genital herpes is manifested as a blistering rash in the genital area.In this case, it affects not only the skin, but also mucous, causing burning and itching.

Important! This disease is difficult to diagnose and treat, since at the initial stage it is practically asymptomatic.

Most often, infection affects young people who have an active sex life.

Table of Contents: Symptoms of genital herpes in men Complications of genital herpes in men Diagnosis of the disease Treatment of genital herpes in men Prevention of the disease

Symptoms of genital herpes in men


The clinical picture of genital herpes in men depends on the course of the disease:

  1. Primary herpes( infection occurred for the first time);
  2. Recurrent( repeated and subsequent cases).
    • genital herpes The incubation period of the primary herpes is from 3 days to 3 weeks. After this time on the mucosa appears hyperemia, burning and itching.Subsequently, vesicles filled with liquid are formed.Their appearance is accompanied by high fever, decreased appetite, severe weakness, rapid fatigue, headache and dizziness.When urinating, there is pain and discomfort.With objective examination, there is an increase in lymph nodes, edema and hyperemia of the mucous membranes.After a week, the vesicles are opened and ulcers are formed in their place, which after a while are covered with a crust.After healing, the symptoms of intoxication completely disappear.When you join a bacterial infection, the sores begin to fester and become painful.
      Primary herpes in men is almost asymptomatic.
      The herpes virus, after ingestion, persists for life, and, under certain conditions and various internal or external factors, may recur.Infection with 100% probability is transferred to another person with unprotected intercourse.
    • Recurrent genital herpes in men is almost asymptomatic.Rashes are scarce, the vesicles are opened and heal in a short time.The localization of vesicles does not change, they are located in the same place where they originated during primary infection.

Complications of genital herpes in men

A man needs to be aware that a transferred infection can lead to serious complications that affect the reproductive system and cause sexual disorders.

Genital herpes in men can provoke the development of such diseases as: cystitis, prostate cancer, impotence, urethroprostatitis, infertility, proctitis and others.

The virus can disrupt the functioning of the nervous system, manifesting itself in the form of neuroses, painful sensations in the sacro-lumbar region, perineum, rectum and in the lower abdomen.Subsequently, inflammation can form cracks in the region of the anus.

The chronic form of the disease leads to psychological problems. Young men feel pariahs, avoid sexual relations and even can take suicide attempts against the background of a depressed state.


Diagnosis of the disease

For the correct diagnosis it is necessary to consult a dermatovenereologist, dermatologist or urologist .Based on the clinical picture, the specialist will prescribe a preliminary diagnosis.

For asymptomatic or atypical form of herpes, additional laboratory tests may be prescribed:

  • ELISA is a serological method that will detect the presence of antibodies to the herpes virus;
  • PCR study allows detection of DNA virus in samples of mucus, blood or other biological fluids;
  • Culture method.With its help, isolate and identify the virus by sowing it on a specially prepared culture medium.

The first symptoms of genital herpes are often similar to the manifestation of other diseases( allergies, food poisoning, colds). Therefore, it is important to correctly diagnose a viral infection, distinguishing it from other pathologies.

Treatment of genital herpes in men

Despite the fact that you can not completely rid the body of the virus, you can and can treat it . As a therapy, antiviral drugs are used that block the reproduction of the virus and relieve symptoms during an exacerbation of the disease.

The following preparations are used for treatment:

  • Acyclovir( Virollex, Zovirax).An antiviral drug effective against herpes simplex virus.Issued in the form of tablets, a solution for intravenous administration and in the form of a cream or ointment for the treatment of rashes.
  • Famciclovir( Famvir) - is used to treat a virus that has developed resistance to Acyclovir.Issued in the form of tablets for oral administration.
  • Valaciclovir.A modern drug that has high activity against the herpes virus.

Man-and-doctor-1 For severe disease, antiviral drugs are administered intravenously. The dosage and treatment regimen is determined by the physician, depending on the characteristics of the clinical picture.

The next step is immunomodulatory therapy, aimed at strengthening the protective properties of the body. Assign drugs that have an antiviral effect and stimulate the production of interferon in the body.

In genital herpes, it is recommended to take fortified preparations of plant origin: tincture of Echinacea, Ginseng or Eleutherococcus .Vitaminotherapy has proved itself well.

Subcutaneous administration of immunoglobulins will significantly reduce the frequency of relapses.

Rashes are treated with topical preparations :

  • Panivir gel.Prevents further spread of the virus to healthy areas of the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Gerpeferon ointment.Effectively anesthetizes.Reduces symptoms when exacerbation of herpes.In mild form, the drug is prescribed as a monotherapy.

During treatment it is recommended to refrain from intimate relations . Preparations and ointments do not interfere with the transmission of the virus, and therefore can not be protected from infection.

In addition to medical treatment, it is recommended to revise the diet, excluding alcohol, sweets, spicy, fatty and pickled food.It is advised to focus on the vegetable and milk diet, as well as drink more liquid.

Prevention of the disease

herpes Having a proven permanent partner and excluding promiscuous sexual intercourse is the main preventive measure against genital herpes.

For condoms, condoms should be used.This will help reduce the risk of infection, but does not exclude it completely, since the virus can spread and affect the skin in the thighs, groin and buttocks.

Even after protected intercourse, it is recommended to treat the groin area with an antiseptic solution.

For the prevention of recurrences, if the infection has occurred, it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits, eat right and play sports.This will strengthen immunity, which will become an obstacle to relapse.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, doctor of sexopathologist-andrologist of the 1st category

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