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Dufaston in Pregnancy

_Kr-l8Gs2J0 Conception, pregnancy, birth of a healthy child - these natural for most women events for some remain just a dream.The inability to conceive, save a pregnancy, endure a baby is often due to hormonal disorders, or rather, an inadequate production of progesterone.With this pathology prescribe dyufaston - a synthetic analogue of the adrenal hormone and yellow body.The drug affects the body of a woman like progesterone. Table of contents: Table of contents: Progesterone is the "pregnancy hormone" When is pregnancy prescribed dufaston Can I take dufastone for self-treatment? Dufastone intake Duftaston intake against IVF Dufaston: side effects How safe is DuPaston? DUFASTON: pros and cons

Progesterone is a hormonePregnancy ยป

Hormones_0 Progesterone in conjunction with estradiol regulates the menstrual cycle.The follicle ripens in the pre-ovulatory phase under the action of estrogens.At the time of ovulation( release of the egg due to rupture of the follicle) and into the postovulatory phase, the "main violin" is progesterone.

Produces its yellow body - formed during ovulation of the internal secretion of iron.Progesterone prepares the mucous membrane of the uterus for the implantation of a fertilized egg: the functional layer of the endometrium thickens, becomes friable. At occurrence of pregnancy a hormone of a yellow body:

  • prevents miscarriage, suppressing activity( motor skills) of smooth muscles of a uterus;
  • prevents the ovulation of newly formed follicles;
  • prepares breast tissue for breastfeeding;
  • promotes the formation of a cervical mucus in the cervical canal;
  • influences the psychoemotional state of a woman, removing excitement, having a calming effect.


With the correct hormonal status, all these processes occur in the woman's body "on the machine": conception, a normally occurring pregnancy, the birth of a healthy baby.The slightest deviation, failure leads to insufficient progesterone production.Problems begin: inability to conceive, miscarriage.It is in such cases that gynecologists appoint dufaston.

More details on the effect of progesterone on the body of a pregnant woman - in a video review:

When in pregnancy prescribe dyufaston

Because doufaston contains dydrogesterone( a synthetic analogue of the hormone of the yellow body), the drug is indicated with repeated spontaneous abortions(Miscarriages) and the inability to become pregnant due to insufficient progesterone production.In these cases, the synthetic analog( progestogen) compensates for the lack of its own "pregnancy hormone".Assign dyufaston only after determining the hormonal status.Note: blood "on hormones" is given after ovulation, that is, in the second phase of the cycle.It is desirable, in order to avoid mistakes, additionally make the analysis in other laboratories and compare the results.

Can I take djufaston for self-treatment

Uncontrolled reception of djufaston without careful medical examination and determination of the level of hormones in the blood is fraught with unpredictable reaction of the body. Do not forget that the drug is hormonal, so arguments such as "Svetke helped me get pregnant and help me" or "read on my favorite forum" is not enough to risk my health.The causes of infertility are many, low levels of progesterone - only one of them. Important : the wrong scheme of reception of dufastone sometimes gives the opposite effect: the pills "will work" as a contraceptive.

Admission of DuPaston


The regimen is prescribed by the doctor taking into account the phase of the menstrual cycle.Usually at the stage of pregnancy planning appoint 1-2 tablets from 11 to 25 day cycle for six months.At the onset of pregnancy continue to take the drug until the 16th week.At this time, the placenta is formed and the production of progesterone increases.If there is a history of spontaneous abortions, the drug is prescribed before the 20th week of pregnancy.In the case of threat of miscarriage take simultaneously to 40 mg( 4 tablets) with a subsequent reduction in dosage.

With the cancellation of Dufaston, the daily dose is gradually adjusted in decreasing order.The individual dosage reduction scheme is determined by the doctor. Important : Do not abruptly stop taking pills - it can provoke bleeding and even miscarriage.

Duftaston on the background of ECO

With IVF, dufastone is prescribed both for the preparation of the mucous uterus for implantation of a fertilized egg and for reducing the risk of rejection of the fetus( the drug blocks the cells of the immune system).

Dufaston: side effects of

The most dangerous side effect of dyufastone is breakthrough bleeding, which is stopped by increasing the dose of the drug.Possible violations of kidney function, nausea, prolonged headaches. Dufaston is administered with caution:

  • 366941-manual-therapist-in-cave for cardiovascular pathologies;
  • liver disease;
  • epilepsy;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • anemia;
  • is a migraine.

How safe is dyufaston

Opinions about the safety of DUFASTON are divided.If domestic doctors are confident in the harmlessness of the drug and exclude its negative impact both on the mother's body and on the fetus, their foreign colleagues consider it differently.

In the UK, DUFASTON is discontinued.This is explained by the little-studied effect of dydrogesterone and the possibility of its teratogenic effect on the fetus( embryonic developmental disorder, congenital malformations)

Dufaston: pros and cons

To accept or not to take dufaston?The question is complex, akin to Shakespeare's "to be or not to be."On the one hand, the drug helped many women forget the diagnosis of "infertility" and become the mother of the long-awaited baby.On the other hand, there is no guarantee that soon there will be no reports of ineffectiveness of Duftaston or its teratogenic effect.Therefore, one should be guided by the principle: "do no harm".Take the medicine should be only after the examination, consultations with several specialists( gynecologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist) and full confidence in the need for taking this particular drug.

Clinical pharmacologist, doctor of the highest category Nazarova Marina Sergeevna

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