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Pimafukort cream: instructions for use, analogues


Cream Pimafukort is a combined preparation intended for topical topical application in many dermatological diseases of infectious and inflammatory genesis.

Table of contents: Composition of the drug How does Pimafukort work?In which cases is the cream given Pimafukort?Diagram of the use of Pimafukort cream When is Pimafukort contraindicated?Side effects In addition Storage rules and dispensing conditions from pharmacies Analogues of cream Pimafukort

Composition of the drug

The drug is produced in the form of cream and ointment.

Pimafukort cream contains the active fungicidal substance natamycin, broad-spectrum antibiotic neomycin and glucocorticoid hormone hydrocortisone as active ingredients.

In 1 gram of cream contains:

  • neomycin - 3500 units;
  • natamycin - 10 mg;
  • hydrocortisone - 10 mg.

Components successfully complement each other, mutually reinforcing the therapeutic effect.

The drug is supplied to pharmacy chains in tubes of aluminum or polymeric material equipped with membranes( removed before first use).The volume of packaging - 15 or 30 g. The tubes are placed in a cardboard box( inside it there is also a sheet with an annotation).

How does Pimafukort work?

Pimafukort-cream Unique cream provides complex antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of .

Neomycin is a potent antibiotic belonging to the aminoglycoside group.It is active against a very wide range of pathogenic bacteria, including E. coli, streptococci, staphylococci, enterococci and Klebsiella.

Natamycin destroys yeast-like fungi of the Candida genus and dermatophytes due to damage to their cell wall.

Synthetic hormone hydrocortisone has a vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory effect.It helps fight the local itch.Due to decreased vascular permeability, the substance reduces puffiness in the affected area.The hormone accelerates the metabolism and stops the symptoms of allergies.

When is Pimafucort cream prescribed?

The drug is prescribed for various skin conditions complicated by a secondary infection( fungal or bacterial).

Pimafukort-cream Among the indications:

  • acute and subacute wetting dermatoses;
  • eczema;
  • psoriasis;
  • diffuse neurodermatitis.

Pimafukort is also indicated for allergic dermatitis.

Diagram of application of the cream Pimafukort

Pimafukort-cream The multiplicity and duration of the application do not depend on the age of the patient;They are determined by the nature of the lesion, the course of the disease and the degree of severity of clinical manifestations.

The cream is intended for topical topical application.The course therapy is shown, the duration of which should not be more than two weeks.

Pimafukort is applied to the affected area with a thin layer of light movements from 2 to 4 times a day.

To avoid the development of side effects, the daily dose should not exceed 30 g.

Note: treatment of children with Pimafucort is carried out under constant supervision of a dermatologist.

When is Pimafukort contraindicated?

The vast majority of patients perfectly tolerate the treatment with Pimafucort cream.

Contraindications include:

  • Individual hypersensitivity to one or more of the components of the agent;
  • intolerance to other antibiotics from the aminoglycoside group;
  • viral lesions of the skin( antibiotics and fungicides do not act on non-cellular forms of life);
  • unhealed wound surfaces in the affected area;
  • cutaneous tuberculosis;
  • ichthyosis( genetically determined severe skin disease);
  • ulcerative and erosive skin lesions;
  • acne( acne);
  • rosacea( so-called "pink acne").

Side effects of

Possible undesirable effects include:

  • contact dermatitis( due to the presence of the antibiotic neomycin);
  • skin itching;
  • irritation and dryness of the skin;
  • local atrophic changes in skin( in extremely rare cases).

Please note: has not received any information about drug overdose.

Neomycin is characterized by nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity.With prolonged application of Pimafukorta to extensive skin areas, the negative effect of this component on the kidneys and hearing organs is not ruled out.


Pimafukort-cream Special care should be taken when administering Pimafukort cream for the treatment of infants of the first year of life, as well as women during pregnancy and lactation .There is evidence that the drug can be absorbed, penetrated through the hematoplacental barrier and found in breast milk.

Do not allow the cream to enter the eyelids and the cornea, as this can lead to increased intraocular pressure.

Storage rules and dispensing conditions from pharmacies

Combined preparation Pimafukort is sold by prescription.

The cream should be stored in factory packaging at room temperature( not above + 25 ° C).

The shelf life is not more than 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Keep out of the reach of children!

Analogues of cream Pimafukort

Important: no exact analogues of Pimafukort are currently available in pharmacies.

There are preparations containing antibiotics, fungicides and hormones in various combinations.

These tools include:

  • Candiderm;
  • Gyioxysone;
  • Flucin;
  • Dexa-Gentamicin;
  • Acryderm;
  • Oxycourt;
  • Canison plus;
  • Pollortholone;
  • Cortomycetin.

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