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How to make a child an enema?


While the baby is breastfed, it rarely occurs with bowel movement.Defecation in infants normally occurs up to 10 times during the day.If, for some reason, stool retardation develops, it is advisable to put the enema in the child.In carrying out this procedure it is important to follow certain rules so as not to cause the baby harm.

Contents: Why do I need an enema?What are the enemas?Technique for the procedure Basic rules What should I pay special attention to?

Why do I need an enema?

It is necessary to stimulate the release of the intestines with constipation, since a delay in the body of toxins leads to intoxication of the body, ie, actually begins poisoning with toxins formed during normal metabolism.

Older children with difficult bowel movements may be given laxatives or, alternatively, can introduce more products with a lax effect into the diet.With the kids all the more difficult - many pharmacological agents are simply contraindicated to them, and the diet even at the beginning of complementary feeding should be quite strict.

Indications for setting the enema are single constipation, when the chair is not available for 24 hours or more.If the problem occurs regularly - this is a serious reason to contact a specialist.

Important! Self-medication in such cases is simply dangerous.It is possible that the child develops a serious disease of the digestive system.

The main objectives of the procedure:

  • purification of the lower gastrointestinal tract;
  • introduction of pharmacological preparations;
  • detoxification for food poisoning.

Some drugs are administered rectally in order to accelerate the absorption( absorption) of their active components.

With constipation, the procedure stimulates intestinal motility by mechanically stimulating the intestinal wall with a large volume of fluid.

Important: contraindication for the establishment of enemas is a suspicion of acute conditions - appendicitis, intestinal obstruction or adhesions.

What are the enemas?

Basic varieties of enemas:

  • cleaning( conventional);
  • oil;
  • medicinal;
  • siphon.

In the cleansing enema, the boiled water is injected into the intestine by means of a rubber pear with a tip. It should be room temperature.Cold water can provoke spasms, and the warm water is actively absorbed through the intestinal wall, so the effect of non-observance of the temperature regime is likely to be zero.

Indications for the introduction of Vaseline, hemp or sunflower oil are constipation in newborns .The oil solution must be heated to body temperature, i.e., up to 36.5-37 ° C.It is able to distribute evenly across the walls of the intestine, enveloping them, and providing a gentle laxative effect.

Enema child Medicinal enemas are required if the toddler can not take the necessary drugs orally, particularly if he is unconscious or when vomiting of has started.Rectally can be administered anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs, as well as funds for combating helminths( intestinal parasites).Such an enema is placed after the previously performed cleansing act, that is, after about half an hour, works.The intestine freed from toxins absorbs the solutions better.

Please note: any drug must be heated to 35-36 ° C to accelerate its absorption.After the introduction of the solution, the baby should be reassured, and persuaded to lie down for at least half an hour, so that the solution is absorbed.It is necessary that he tried not to go to the toilet before even with strong urges.

The main indication for the siphon enema is the severe poisoning.The procedure can be performed only by a qualified specialist in a hospital.

Technique for the procedure

Permissible volumes of injected fluid( by age):

  • the first month of life - up to 25 ml;
  • 1-6 months- 30-60 ml;
  • 6-12 months- 120-130 ml;
  • from 1 year to 2 years - 200 ml;
  • 2-5 years - 300 ml;
  • 5-9 years - 400 ml;
  • 10 years and older - 500 ml.

Step by step instructions:

  1. The rubber pear should be thoroughly disinfected.Detergents and antiseptic solutions for its treatment should not be used.It is enough to fill the container several times with boiling water.Before use, the remains of hot water are important to completely remove, strongly squeezing the pear.This is necessary to prevent a burn of the intestinal mucosa.
    Note: can be used with small syringes to induce enema infants.Before the procedure, they must be boiled in a sterilizer or a conventional saucepan for 30 minutes.
  2. Then the necessary amount of liquid is collected in the enema( see above for permissible volumes).Excess air is removed by squeezing the pear until water emerges from its opening.Deal-enema
  3. A tight tip is important to lubricate well with petroleum jelly to minimize discomfort when introducing and preventing tissue damage.
  4. On the surface reserved for the procedure, spread the maple.
  5. The toddler needs to be laid on the backrest and raise its legs upward.Children from a year are better to lay on their side and pull their knees to their stomachs.The tip is gently inserted into the anus for 3-5 cm. Do not force it!
  6. Now you can slowly compress the container.After complete emptying, it is removed, not releasing.

The buttocks of the toddler need to be squeezed so that the water does not start to flow out ahead of time.In this state they are held for 3-5 minutes by .Then the baby can be left in a supine position or turned on its side( you can put on a diaper).It is better to plant an older child on a pot.

For older children, the enema is placed in the prone position on the left side, ie, just like the adult. The tip is inserted somewhat deeper - by 6-8 cm. The child should be asked to wait at least 7-10 minutes before going to the toilet.In the rest - you need to follow the same recommendations as the procedure for the smallest.

Important! According to pediatricians, it is advisable to use not only boiled water, but weak saline solution, for carrying out the purification procedure.It is less absorbed in the intestines, which makes the enema more effective.

Basic rules

Enema to the child To combat atonic constipation in children, you can add substances that stimulate peristalsis - 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil or 2 tsp.Glycerin on a glass of water.In a number of cases, it is advisable to use a warm broth of chamomile medicine( 1 tsp to 200 ml).

With salvage constipation help to cure laxative oily or glycerin enemas.They "work" not immediately, but 3-4 hours after the procedure.Single volume - 40-180 ml of oil, heated to 36-37 ° C.

Please note: in pharmacy chains you can purchase microclasms of Mikrolaks( 5 ml).The drug is already supplied in a special disposable container( tuba).Babies under 3 years of age are injected at ½ the length, and children older are completely injected.The remedy allows to solve the problem of feces in 15 minutes!

The enema can not be made too often by the child, as this can provoke the development of bowel dysfunction, or the baby will just gradually disaccustom to strain the abdominal wall, i.e., pushing .There may be a situation that defecation without additional mechanical stimulation with a significant volume of fluid will present certain difficulties.

Remember that if you are suspected of food poisoning, you should not try to cope with the situation yourself by cleaning the child's body.In such cases, it is necessary to call the district pediatrician, and if the condition worsens - the "" ambulance team.Probably, there are indications for hospitalization of the baby in the profile hospital, where the treatment procedures will be conducted by doctors and nurses.

It is recommended that the child be given an enema only if more conservative measures do not help.First you need to give him probiotics, massage your tummy and try to cope with the problem with the help of glycerol suppositories.

Different types of pears are produced for children of different ages.

Optimal adaptations( by age):

  • up to 3 months.- can No.2( 50 ml);
  • 3-12 months- No. 2.5( 100 ml);
  • 1-3 years - No. 4( 170 ml).

Esmarch Note: , for children under 3 years of age, an enema can be made using a device known as "Esmarch's mug" instead of the usual rubber pear.

These tools must have a soft tip that excludes injury.

What should I pay special attention to when handling?

When starting an enema, do not forget the 5 simple rules:

  1. Before you make an enema baby, wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap!
  2. Use only solutions and medications recommended or approved by your doctor.
  3. Thoroughly monitor the temperature of the liquids.
  4. Avoid strong pressure and sudden movements during the procedure.
  5. Do not allow the child to move actively immediately after the enema is given.

Compliance with these simple recommendations will help you avoid mistakes and reduce discomfort in the child.

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