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Nitevaya lifting: the pros and cons, the essence of the procedure


For each person, beauty is a source of joy, a pledge of self-confidence.Therefore, it is so unpleasant, when the former attractiveness begins to fade, loses its power.

With the appearance of the first wrinkles and age-related skin sagging, everyone wants to stop this process as soon as possible and return the young and radiant look.Modern beauty salons offer many simple and effective ways to stop the loss of beauty.One of them is a nifty lifting.

Table of contents: The essence of the method How the procedure proceeds The result of the tightening of the threads Pros and cons of the filament lifting Important points Contraindications Rehabilitation after surgery

The essence of the

method The filament lifting is a minimally invasive tissue lift in the head region.Passing along the contour of the face, it fixes the line of the cheeks and the lower jaw, makes you stretch the skin on your forehead and eyebrows.Due to the versatile tension, wrinkles and swelling in the middle of the face disappear.

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Filament lifting is a fairly old method of rejuvenation.Doctors-cosmetologists are constantly working on improving the process since the 70s of the XX century, since this procedure was invented.To make the first threads for braces, gold was chosen as the most inert and compatible with the human body metal.

Unfortunately, the use of a pure alloy directly under the upper layers of the skin provoked the appearance of unpleasant side effects, so the doctors-specialists worked hard to improve the technology and achieved their goal. Now we can safely say that the filament lifting is an effective, and, most importantly, safe for the body procedure .It is used not only for facelift, but can also be used to improve the contours of the buttocks, abdomen and other problem areas on which there are swelling, sagging and other manifestations of skin flabbiness.

How the procedure passes

Thread-lifting Directly, the process of filament tightening of the skin is that the unique threads , which are unique in nature and completely compatible with the human body, are implanted under the skin.Experts fix them along the contour of the pulled up part of the body in a certain direction, due to which the skin tension is stretched, its sagging of any etiology is eliminated and wrinkles are smoothed out.

The implantation of threads together with the preparation for the process takes no more than 3 minutes.It is performed under anesthesia or local anesthesia , depending on the preferences of the client and various specific medical facts, for example, individual tolerability of anesthesia.

Before the surgery, the doctor must determine the exact points on the face in which the tissue will be fixed, after the skin is seized and transferred to the desired location of the .Perhaps the patient will be asked to bring a photograph in his youth so that it is easier for the expert to understand exactly where the skin was located before he was subjected to sagging.In fact, the facial skin is simply returned to the place where it was earlier, before the age-related change, therefore, the trauma of the epidermis and deformation of the contours will not occur.

In order to perform rejuvenation, the doctor will need special hooks for fastening, needles and directly threads that have been clinically tested and proven to be safe in carrying out this procedure.

Mezoniti During the surgical procedure, each thread is inserted under the skin, passes from the inside of its upper layer and is securely attached to the desired side. With the help of a special loop, the skin is thus held and does not "move" back.Depending on what technology the physician prefers, it can be used either manually input the threads under the skin with needles, or with the help of a special device.

For additional fee, the doctor can use the recently introduced in fashion in cosmetology cabinets 3D-mezonite.They provide a double effect for the patient: not only a facelift, but also mesotherapy.

Please note! In cases where lifting is performed in areas prone to intense facial expressions, specialist doctors perform additional injections of botulinum toxin under the skin to ensure that the upper layer of the epidermis is properly stretched and there is no inaccuracy in determining the fixation points.

If the chin line is too susceptible to age-related changes or has large fat deposits, beauticians strongly recommend starting liposuction in this area.Otherwise, biologically compatible threads will not withstand the weight and burst right under the skin.

Result of the drawback of threads

The effect of the lift is noticeable after the healing of wounds and edema that have occurred as a result of surgical intervention. Patients note the following notable changes to :

  • a clearer oval face, a noticeable contour change for the better;
  • disappearing flabbiness under the chin;
  • smoothing wrinkles;
  • marked improvement in the condition of the top layer of skin on the face, the freshness of the color, smoothing and healing of the skin in problem areas;
  • tightening and strengthening of sagging cheeks.

The duration of the effect with due care and careful implementation of the doctor's recommendations is maintained for many years.

Yarn lifting

Advantages and drawbacks of the filament lifting

The facelift with biologically compatible threads, like any cosmetology procedure, has both positive and negative sides.

The undoubted advantages include:

  • speed of the procedure;
  • is a rather short period of rehabilitation and restoration of functioning of skin metabolic processes;
  • marked effect after healing of the first small wounds;
  • the possibility of combining several beneficial effects for the skin in the process, depending on the choice of materials and techniques;
  • the possibility of conducting a repeat procedure using the same threads, but only in those cases when the lift was performed not by medical self-absorbing threads, but by special thin implants.

By the minuses of the procedure of the tightening of threads, cosmetologists call:

  • a large number of contraindications;
  • severe swelling throughout the healing period;
  • discomfort in the process of rehabilitation: the face can not touch for 2 weeks, sleep solely on the back, so as not to damage the process of tension under the skin.

Yarn lifting

One thread tightening procedure is performed in only one anatomical area of ​​the .If you need to adjust both the cheekbones and the chin, the doctor will need to perform two operations, and the fixation points of the threads must be determined and strictly stable.If during the surgical intervention previously implanted threads are affected, the results achieved will be completely leveled.

As with any salon procedure of rejuvenation with the help of surgical intervention, the implantation of the threads is quite expensive and requires a financial investment in the care process.The operation itself in one zone, depending on the cost of materials and the status of the clinic, can cost up to 50,000 rubles.

Before making a decision on carrying out this method of braces, consult a specialist doctor.If for any reason it does not fit, then the cosmetologist will choose an alternative solution.

Important notes

Before agreeing to a thread lift, it is worth remembering the following nuances.

  1. Lifting It is necessary to get a sufficient consultation from the doctor about the procedure, the length of the rehabilitation period, the cost, the composition and types of materials, their compatibility with the skin and the possibilities of cessation if something goes wrong.
  2. The result depends on what condition the skin was before the operation. With a deep wrinkle and strong sagging of the skin, the filament lifting will be absolutely useless, it is much more preferable to perform a plastic operation on a circular suspender .
  3. The rehabilitation period will be long, during it you need to take care of your health and do nothing that could damage the implanted threads and damaged tissues of the face.
  4. Physical stress and the use of any kind of cosmetics are contraindicated.
  5. In order to avoid the irritation associated with the inevitable downtilt of filaments, it is best to use self-absorbing materials.This will help to avoid negative side effects, accelerate the healing process and prevent the implanted threads from dissecting the tissues under the skin.

After receiving the detailed consultation of the doctor, you need to prepare for the operation, observing all the rules, and tune in to a positive result and return the former beauty and radiance of the skin.


The filament lifting is strictly contraindicated in the following cases:

  • pathologies of the heart and vessels of acute and chronic nature;
  • disorders of humoral regulation, for example, diabetes;
  • psychopathological diseases;
  • abnormalities of blood clotting;
  • neoplasms of any origin;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • age after 50 years;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • damage to the upper layer of the skin;
  • catarrhal diseases of a bacterial and viral nature.

If there is at least one of the above contraindications, the physician has every right to refuse the patient to perform a nifty lifting.

Rehabilitation after operation

Lifting Recovery after the filament lifting occurs within 1.5-2 weeks.At this time, the skin will be swollen and swollen, perhaps some, especially sensitive to discomfort, will have to take painkillers.

The edema should go off by itself, it triggers protective processes in the body and gives the skin a chance to strengthen itself.Two weeks to the skin can not touch, even wash will be prohibited, only extremely light wiping with a wet cotton pad after several days of rehabilitation.The mechanical effect on a person made earlier than the doctor will allow, will result in the skin shifting directly to the threads and forming an "accordion" from the warehouses of the upper layer of the epidermis.

For some time, the skin will be aching along the thread and puncture-fixation points.A few days later the discomfort will pass.

After a decline in swelling and smoothing of the skin, it will be possible to notice the high-quality effect of surgical intervention.

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