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Nasal Moisturizers: An Overview of Drugs


The first nasal lavage remedy appeared in pharmacy chains about 15 years ago, but already today dozens of similar products are offered to the consumer that have similar properties, but still have some differences.The most popular are the means for washing the nose on the basis of sea water.

Table of Contents: What and when to use seawater medicines Overview of nasal scouring tools

Why and when to use seawater medicines

The vast majority of preparations intended for nasal washing are made on the basis ofSea or oceanic water. But there are exceptions, when the rinse aid contains an isotonic solution of sodium chloride, which, like seawater, has the following properties:

  • dilutes mucus and ensures its full and rapid elimination from the sinuses;
  • moisturizes the nasal mucosa;
  • stimulates goblet cells, which causes the normalization of nasal mucus production.

Seawater has a truly unique composition that provides:

  • fast healing of the nasal mucosa( it is often damaged due to inflammation);
  • increase the protective properties of the mucosa;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • increased cleansing of the mucosa.

Sredstva nos Nasal flushing agents should only be used according to indications - for example, the first appearance of mucus in the nasal passages does not apply to such.Doctors recommend resorting to the medications under consideration with vasomotor and / or allergic rhinitis, adenoiditis and any inflammatory processes in the sinuses( including, and in genyantritis).

Often, drugs that have seawater in their composition, doctors prescribe as prophylactic measures - regular irrigation of the nasal cavity prevents germs from entering the mucosa, reduces the risk of infection.Not bad "work" means for washing the nose on a salt basis and as a moisturizer, which is important in the winter, when due to active heating in the premises dry air is constantly present.

A distinctive feature of all the drugs under consideration is their safety.Rinsing of the nose with special medications can be done to infants, pregnant women and even those who have an allergy to medicines.

Overview of nasal lavage products

As already mentioned above, the range of drugs under consideration is huge and for the right choice it is worthwhile to study the quality characteristics of the most popular ones.

Humer - expensive and efficient

The French pharmaceutical company Urgo represents a whole line of Humer products, which contain only undiluted and sterile sea water from the coast of Brittany.Moreover, all trace elements that are contained in sea water are preserved and are present in full. The most popular representatives of this line of drugs are:

  1. Sredstva nos Humer for infants and children - designed for use at the age of 1 month - 15 years.The bottle with this tool is equipped with a special tip-sprayer, which allows a high-quality and safe irrigation of the nasal cavity even to small children.
  2. Humer for adults.The nozzle of the bottle with this content is equipped with a special nebulizer, which is adapted to the anatomical features of the nasal cavity of adults.
  3. Humer monodose - is presented in the form of a set of vials, each of which has a volume of 5 ml.This product can be used by both infants and adults.
  4. Humer hypertonic solution - the concentration of sodium chloride in this drug exceeds the rate of 0, 9%.Assign Humer hypertonic solution in diagnosing total nasal congestion and severe swelling of the mucosa in the period of respiratory infections, allergies or on the background of sinusitis.

Aqualor - available and natural

Aqualor is not the name of the drug proper, but the name of the brand, which represents a variety of preparations for the nose wash.Produced in France, they also contain sea water from the Atlantic.

Nasal preparations Aqualor


Aqualor baby.This is an adapted drop and spray that can be used for babies from birth.The composition of this drug is isotonic seawater.

Akvalor software is an aerosol with isotonic sea water.This representative of this line of funds is intended for those people who suffer from allergic rhinitis or the usual dryness of the nasal mucosa.Aqualor software is prescribed for children over 6 months of age and adults.

Aqualor norms - a spray that is effective in treating colds in adults.It is used in pediatric practice - it is prescribed to children from the age of 6 months.

Aqualor forte is a series of two products that differ in volume.They are used for severe nasal congestion, they contain a hypertonic solution.Akvalor forte is allowed to apply not only to adults, but also to children from 2 years of age.

Aqualor Extra forte.It also contains a hypertonic solution, but it is more suitable for those who have inflammation of the paranasal sinuses or a bad cold.Only in Aqualor Extra forte contains additional components - an extract of aloe and Roman chamomile, which have an immunostimulating and antiseptic effect.

Note: except for nasal sprays in the Akvalor line includes sprays for irrigation of the throat, so be sure to check with the pharmacist when buying.

Aqua Maris - available and qualitatively

This range of nasal washing products is represented by several products.

Akva maris

Aqua Maris Plus

In addition to the isotonic solution of sea water, this preparation contains dexpanthenol, the active component that has a healing effect.As soon as this additional component enters the nasal mucosa, activation of restorative, anti-inflammatory actions begins.

Aqua Maris Plus refers to the drugs of choice for sinusitis, which are accompanied by atrophy of the nasal mucosa.In addition, the drug can be used to prevent or treat rhinitis and sinusitis in pregnant and lactating women.

Please note: Aqua Maris Plus should not be used more than 8 times a day, and the general course of treatment should not exceed 4 weeks.Repeat treatment is possible only in case of emergency and not earlier than one month after the end of the previous one.

Aqua Maris Sens

This composition contains not only sea water but also ectoin, a biologically active substance that protects cells from damage.It is ectoin that prevents the development of allergies.

Aqua Maris Sens is often prescribed for the treatment of sinusitis, triggered by allergies.You can also use this medication in pediatric practice, but the child should be 2 years old already.It is not recommended to use Aqua Maris Sens more than 4 times a day, but the course of treatment can be long and make up the entire season of allergies.

Aqua Maris Strong

Recommend this tool for washing the nose with a strong cold, sinusitis and sinusitis.Assign it to children older than 1 year and adults.Aqua Maris Strong has a powerful enough effect, as its composition is a hypertonic solution of sea salt.

Note: is allowed to use this preparation at most 4 times per day.And the duration of application, however, like all hypertensive solutions, is strictly 2 weeks.

The three most well-known lines of nasal scouring agents have been described above, but there are others!And, their cost will be quite adequate, and the effect is not worse. These tools include:

  1. Physiomer.This line is presented by a spray for children over 2 weeks, a nasal spray for adults and a physiognomy forte spray, which is contraindicated in children under 6 years of age.
  2. Marimer.There will also be several release forms:
    • spray for children over the year and adults;
    • nasal drops for any age.

    Drops of Marimer are produced in small bottles of 5 ml and are used for various diseases of the nasopharynx and sinusitis, including sinusitis.

  3. Otrivin More.These are Swiss preparations made on the basis of the sea water of the Atlantic Ocean.In the line there is Otrivin More( isotonic solution), Otrivin More Eco( hypertonic with essential oils of eucalyptus and wild mint) and Otrivin More Forte( hypertonic solution
  4. Quix. It is a hypertonic solution with sea salt concentration of 2, 6%. This drugCan be used no more than 4 times a day and only for 2 weeks.No pediatric practice is used.

There are several other ways to wash the nose:

  • Dr. Thais Alergol;
  • Dolphin;
  • Morenal;
  • No-salt;
  • Saline

How to use the nose flushing remover

It seems that there is nothing special about the application of the spray for washing the nose, but in fact it is not.Apply a spray to treat a small child, then you need to consider the structure of the nasopharynx of the baby.In addition, it is very important to provide for the possibility of getting the drug into the throat of the child - the drug under pressure can lead to intense bronchospasm.

How to wash your nose

Do not panic at once - in fact, according to the doctors, the means for washing the nose are safe. To prevent the development of dangerous situations, you just need to adhere to some rules and recommendations of specialists:

  1. When the nose is watered, babies younger than 2 years:
    • put the child on his back and turn his head to one side;
    • as carefully as possible to irrigate the nasal passage, which is located from above;
    • put the baby in and give him a good blow-nose;
    • repeat the procedure with the second nasal passage.
  2. For irrigation in children older than 2 years and adults:
    • procedure can be performed standing and sitting;
    • for the preparation to maximally irrigate the nasal passage, you need to turn your head to one side;
    • the nasal passage before irrigation needs to be cleared of the accumulated mucus, it is possible to apply for this purpose vasoconstrictive preparations.

Nasal flushing agents are effective and safe.And nevertheless, their application should be agreed with the attending physician.And what a drug to choose, depends only on the financial capabilities of the patient.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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