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Hyperactive child: a norm or a disease?

46dd683887c68f24c384be3101e4eb80 Signs of hyperactivity occur in varying degrees in all children.Which parent did not encounter the behavior of his baby, in which there is excessive mobility, disobedience, cries, uncontrolled behavior, inattention, morbid stubbornness, outbursts of impulsive aggression?In this case, the child may be insecure, fearful and unsound.

Our task is to understand what causes such a state when it remains within the limits of the norm, and when it reaches the level of the disease.Also try to give some recommendations on what to do to parents if they have a hyperactive child.Is every excitable child sick?

.Symptoms of a hyperactive child Causes of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder Definition of hyperactivity disorder in children How does the syndrome of hyperactivity Behavioral rules and advice to parents of hyperactive children Psychologist's advice how to calm a child About children's games Treatment of hyperactivity syndrome

Is every excitable child sick?

In the 80s of the last century, this condition in children was given a separate name - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder( ADHD).In the classification of nervous and mental diseases, it was attributed to hyperkinetic disorders.The main behavioral sign of the syndrome is inability to concentrate, self-control.

We recommend to look!In this video review, advice to parents of hyperactive children is given by a child psychologist:

Signs of a hyperactive child

Signs of increased activity in a child are not immediately apparent.Up to 2-3 years a child can behave normally and even be excessively calm.The manifestations of ADHD in children develop gradually.Often parents do not give them due attention and seek help when a child enters an educational institution with obvious problems.

Note: , the later the painful manifestations are noted, the harder it is to combat the growing signs of the disease.

Developing hyperactivity in children can be suspected if:

  • develops a bad night's sleep - prolonged and restless sleep, cries and movements in the bed, conversations, frequent waking up, crying, lack of sleep;
  • in the afternoon increased fussiness, restlessness, inability to finish the business started, excessive anxiety;
  • instability( lability) of the emotional sphere, outbursts of impulsivity;
  • ignoring the requests of parents, inadequate behavior;
  • painful forgetfulness, inattention, lack of concentration on activities, propensity to scatter things;

Any kind of activity causes the child problems.


Causes of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder

Increased excitability is often observed in children whose parents themselves have a choleric character and temperament.Children often simply copy the behavior of adults in their family, in a more exaggerated and strong form.

When it comes to ADHD, there is a genetic predisposition for the transmission of this disease.

Note: About 30% of the parents of hyperactive children themselves had this pathology in their childhood.

Factors provoking the development of hyperactivity may be:

  • N2KdpHy8D6w pregnancy toxemia;
  • signs of intrauterine asphyxia;
  • rapid, or protracted delivery;
  • premature pregnancy;
  • conflict in the family;
  • "dictatorial" style of education;
  • disease, physical underdevelopment.

Definition of hyperactivity disorder in children

Detecting a child can only be diagnosed by a specialist - child psychiatrist, psychologist.

Analyzing the complaints and examining the child, the doctor clarifies from the parents:

  • features of the course of pregnancy;
  • possible diseases, both the mother, the father, and the baby;
  • variants of the behavior of a small patient at home, in public places.

Then the doctor examines the child, talks with him, assesses his reactions, level of development, behavioral subtleties.Symptoms of the disorder are summarized, and a preliminary judgment is made about the possible presence of the disease.

Oligofrenija-legkoj-stepeni-4 The examination is supplemented by special diagnostic methods, as well as by consultations of other specialists( psychologist, neuropathologist, endocrinologist, therapist).

Older children( 5-6 years old) are offered psychological tests that evaluate abilities for attention, perseverance, logical thinking, etc.

Additional studies include safe in terms of health - magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography, rheography.

After a complete examination, the doctor determines the presence, or absence, of the disease.Then a treatment plan is drawn up.

How does the

hyperactivity syndrome occur? Parents in most cases do not focus on the child's painful behavior, believing that it will "outgrow" over time.They turn for help when the disease is already in the advanced stage and its manifestations can not be overlooked.

In groups of kindergartens, pathology is just beginning to state "their rights".But when a child enters the school, the syndrome of hyperactivity manifests itself in all its power.Educational activity requires a certain organization of classes, just what a small schoolboy is not ready for.

Inadequate behavior at the lesson, super mobility and inability to concentrate attention makes the learning process impossible.Children with hyperactivity constantly require supervision by the teacher, since it is impossible to concentrate the student's attention on the topic, he is constantly distracted and engaged in his own affairs, the painful lack of attention affects.Qualifications and patience of the teacher are not always enough to cope with the destructive behavior.A response reaction is formed - the aggressiveness of the child.

School bully Note: The education system is not adapted to the practice of children suffering from ADHD.The development of hyperactive children always lags behind their peers.Teachers can not adjust to the developing illness of the student, and this leads to the development of a conflict situation.

A hyperactive child in school is often subjected to ridicule and bullying of classmates, experiencing communication problems.With him do not want to play and make friends.This causes increased sensitivity, recurrent outbursts of aggression, assault.The propensity of such children to leadership because of the inability to be such causes a decline in self-esteem.Over time, isolation can form.More pronounced psychopathic complaints develop.Parents have no choice but to finally take the little student to a specialist.

Rules of conduct and advice to parents of hyperactive children

1_rug_kids2 At home, we must remember the main thing: children often mirror the adult behavior pattern.Therefore, if the baby has a syndrome of hyperactivity, a calm and friendly atmosphere should prevail in the house.You should not shout loudly and find out on the elevated tones of each other's relationship.

The child should be given enough attention.Walking with him a lot in the fresh air, especially useful forest, mushroom picking, fishing, family hiking.Do not go to noisy activities that will overexert the painful psyche.It is necessary to correctly form the background of life.The house should sound calming music, do not have to scream the TV.You should not make noisy holidays, especially accompanied by drinking alcohol.

Important: in the case of an overexcited state, one should not shout at the suffering children, beat them.How to calm the child?You should find words of consolation, embrace, pity, listen in silence, take him to another place.Each parent must find an individual approach.Better than the father and mother, no one can cope with this task.

Psychologist's advice on how to calm a child

Every small patient who is consulted to a specialist is individual, so there can be no strict rules for correcting his behavior.It is necessary to take into account all the available subtleties of the nature and conditions surrounding the patient.Nevertheless, there are general provisions from which it is necessary to build on in the educational and therapeutic process.

Recommendations for parents whose children suffer from FGD syndrome.

  1. About creating prohibitions.Deficiency of attention and hyperactivity of children is manifested in categorical denial and rejection of prohibitions.In this case, the main rule that forms the correct attitude to understanding the prohibition is the absence of the use of the word "no" and "impossible."Instead, they need to build a phrase in such a way that it offers an active action, rather than a prohibiting wording.For example, not to say "Do not jump on the bed," you should say "Let's jump together" and take the child to the floor, then switch it to another activity, gradually calming down.
  2. Time control.Children with ADHD are often unable to correctly sense the time themselves.Therefore, it is very important to make sure that they carry out the tasks, keeping within the norms.It is necessary to notice and correct the cases of excessive switching of attention.Without violence, return the child to the goal.
  3. Sequence of tasks.Hyperactivity provokes children inattention, absent-mindedness.It is important to remember that the data at one time several tasks may simply not be perceived by the child.Educators should independently monitor the dynamics of the process and receive new assignments.
  4. Specification of execution.Painful changes in hyperactivity prevent little patients from observing logical mental chains, and abstract thinking also suffers.To facilitate understanding, one should not overload the sentences and phrases from which the task is formed by the semantic overloads.

About children's games

Games of hyperactive preschool children should be based on two important ideas.

First - playing time should be a normal emotional and physical relaxation.For this, the child needs a sufficient playing space.The game should be unobtrusively directed to the constructive channel.

Image 872 The second idea is to create a quiet phase, during which it is necessary to re-think the game activity, then after a short pause to continue it.It is important, before the end, to take advantage of the moment of physical fatigue and try to switch the baby to constructive activity, but without the shadow of coercion.

Older children are very useful in sports.It is necessary to determine which one exactly.One is more suitable game types, the other individual.In both cases, the problem of using an overabundance, the direction of it in a constructive channel, and training in sports discipline should be addressed.

Treatment of hyperactivity syndrome

As we see, raising a child with hyperactivity is a very laborious and complex process.That's why many parents do not want to do it themselves and lead the child to a doctor.

It is important at this stage to get to a competent specialist who, in addition to the prescribed treatment, will help the family deal with the awareness of the problem and the need for joint efforts in the treatment.How to do this is written above.

In the case of a long-gone illness, it is recommended to transfer a child of school age suffering from ADHD to a specialized school in which on the spot the class is determined in what grade it is necessary to study further to the patient.Perhaps, it will be necessary to correct the development of skills.If the student is behind in school, he will be sent to the class of children catching up.

Drug treatment of hyperkinetic disorder

Image 873 With the right selection of the drug has a very significant positive effect.Its efficiency reaches 80%.To be treated follows the years, possibly a drug correction will be required and at a later age.

Drug treatment consists of the use of sedative( sedatives) drugs, stimulating mental development, affecting the improvement of metabolic processes in the brain.With these tasks, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, psychostimulants and nootropics are good.In some cases, antidepressants and antipsychotics are used.

However, one should not attach excessive importance to medical treatment, since it is only symptomatic and does not eliminate the main cause of the disease.Also, it will never replace the main thing - the love of your child.It is she who can heal the baby and in the future give him the opportunity of a full life.

The pediatrician, Dr. Komarovsky, tells about the hyperactivity of children:

Alexander Lotin, medical reviewer, radiologist, narcologist
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