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How a man cure thrush

Symptoms of thrush

Fungal diseases that cause the development of thrush( candidiasis), belong to the category of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms.They are in all the mucous membranes of the human body, but the development of thrush( candidiasis) specifically in men is possible only if there are favorable conditions for the growth of fungal colonies.

According to statistics, thrush in a man begins to develop much less frequently than in women.This is due to the peculiarities of the structure of the genital organs: in women, the growth of fungal colonies begins in the vagina, even with a minimal provocative factor, in men the genitals are arranged so that it is very difficult for candida to begin their growth.

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How to treat thrush in men: drugs from thrush

Treatment of thrush in a man should begin with a complete examination of the patient.Doctors should be convinced either in the presence of an exceptionally fungal disease, or isolate each infectious agent in order to select an effective treatment.In addition, if a man has a permanent partner, then she needs to undergo a checkup and get an appointment for treatment of thrush - most likely, the woman will also be infected.

Note: can not be treated independently even if there are severe symptoms of thrush.The matter is that at any moment of development of a candidiasis to the pathology the latent sexual infection can join.

thrush If in the course of the examination only candidiasis was diagnosed in a man, the treatment will be either exclusively by local drugs( creams and ointments of antifungal action) or using a tablet form of medicinal antifungal drugs.As a rule, the treatment of thrush in men is limited to the use of local remedies, but if the patient has a promiscuous sex life and leads an antisocial lifestyle, the treatment will be long and complex - it will be necessary to cure not only of the fungal disease, but also of sexual infections.

The most frequently prescribed antifungal medicines for thrush in a man are:

  • Miconazole - Dactarine spray, Mikozon cream;
  • Ketoconazole - cream Dermazol, tablets Fungavis, tablets Oronazole;
  • Econazole - cream Ifenek, cream or solution Ecodax;
  • Clotrimazole - cream Imidil, spray Kanisten, solution Kandid.

The duration of treatment of thrush in a man and the desirability of using any specific means for this can only be determined by the attending physician.

Thrush in men, after full treatment, rarely gives relapses.If this happens, the doctors will put either a decrease in immunity, or a secondary contact with a sick partner.The problem of recurrent candidiasis in men is that the regular use of antifungal drugs over time leads to the resistance of fungi.Therefore, with recurrent candidiasis, a man should not only undergo medical therapy, but also adjust his way of life.

Nutrition and herbal medicine for recurrent thrush

thrush Doctors say that one of the important factors that can provoke a thrush in relation to thrush is the man's diet.For example, if a person prefers bread and bakery, confectionery, sweets and foods with fast carbohydrates, the development of thrush can be easily predicted - all of these foods are the optimal environment for feeding, growing and multiplying fungi.

In the fight against thrush, men should also use rational nutrition - from the menu it is necessary to exclude the above products, and introduce vegetables and sour-milk products.Doctors recommend during the treatment of thrush restrict the man to use pickled, salted and smoked dishes, as well as alcoholic beverages.

As far as phytotherapy is concerned, the most effective medicinal plants against candida fungi are calendula, barberry, cloves and chamomile.Of these plants are prepared decoctions and infusions, which treat the external genitalia, it is allowed to make local baths and herbal applications.A man can take a decoction of chamomile and a drug inside - this remedy has anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects.

Please note: from the above mentioned plants can prepare a collection( mix them in equal parts) and then already prepare a medicinal broth, but you can use one and the same ingredient.A man must firmly know that he does not have allergies to the medicines used!

Normalization of the intestine

To provoke the development of thrush in men can also disruption of the intestines - dysbiosis.It develops due to malnutrition, prolonged intake of antibacterial drugs( antibiotics), regular stresses or food poisoning.During the examination of a man for the presence of fungal disease and sexual infections it is necessary to check it for the presence of dysbiosis.A man can insist on such an examination himself if he is disturbed by constipation or diarrhea, flatulence, periodic abdominal pain( intestinal colic).

In case of confirmation of the diagnosis of dysbacteriosis, the doctor prescribes probiotics and / or prebiotics for the patient - Hilak forte, Acipol, RioFlora immuno and others.

Personal hygiene

To treat a thrush in a man was really successful, you must completely change your underwear, or( if you can not do it), wash everything thoroughly, boil and iron.In this case, men's underwear should be free and made of natural materials.

During the treatment of thrush, a man should completely eliminate sexual contact, in extreme cases - use a condom.You should refrain from bathing in the bathroom( enough shower), do not use body care products for washing the external genitalia.

Thrush in a man is quite an unpleasant disease.It is quite possible to cure it, but for successful therapy it will be necessary to consult a doctor and observe all of his prescriptions and recommendations.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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