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Medical problems of large breasts, how to reduce breasts

Large breasts The issue of size is now concerned not only with the strong, but also the beautiful half of humanity.Long legs are seen more as a psychological profit for a woman than the inconvenience of communicating with a man of average anthropology or with a short stature.Lips "grow" to an incredible degree of protrusion, even if it distorts the natural features of the face.And a separate topic - large breasts, the owner of which, as in that joke, can no longer pay attention to makeup, clothes, or manners.But there is also a behind-the-scenes side of a magnificent bust - the medical problems provoked by him.


Why women are in a hurry to get bigger breasts

With the onset of the 21st century, thanks to plastic surgery, the number of women with large breasts has increased dramatically. The reasons for this medical-aesthetic insanity are simple:

  • blind imitation of the imposed "standards" of pseudo-beauty;
  • new successful development of breast implants, the development and success of plastic surgery, reducing the number of complications after breast augmentation operations, as a consequence - increasing confidence of future plastic surgeon patients, then there will be no medical negativity after the operation, and the decision to increase the breast;
  • psychological deviations, which can not yet be called a disease, but can not be described as a norm - in particular, the permanent( constant) psychological insecurity of women who have experienced personal problems, who often try to get rid of psychological cargo by questionable methods, including - by visitingPlastic surgeon. Among such potential patients of psychoanalysts - owners of not only small, but also average size of a breast which is satisfied by the majority of usual women.

By itself, a large breast is not officially considered a deviation , and there is no clearly defined classification of pathological conditions that it can cause.Therefore, we simply dwell on the most common medical problems that can arise in women because of a lush bust.

Spinal disorders

rheumatism Normally, soft tissues "uniformly" adhere to the bone skeleton of the human body - in particular, the spine.The mammary glands are an exception, and this pair of kilograms does not affect the spinal column.But when in the projection of the thoracic region the asymmetry of soft tissues grows in the form of two large mammary glands - this breaks the statics of the ridge.The breasts force their owner to stoop, the tissue elements of the spine( in particular, the ligaments) are in constant overstrain. Because of the constant pathological tilt of the vertebral bodies, the pressure point shifts to the intervertebral discs, and this is the way to the spinal hernia.

Such changes develop not in a day and not in two, and this is a danger, because a woman does not attach importance to the curvature of the spine, writing off it to the kyphoscoliosis that was acquired in childhood.

Muscular disorders

The muscular apparatus of the chest, which takes part in the formation of the so-called muscle corset, suffers from large breasts at the same time as the spine.The readiness of the muscles before the periodic contractions-stretching prolongs the period of compensation, but at some point the muscles "get tired" and "give up."Externally( unlike the suffering thoracic spine) this does not manifest itself in any way, but the woman begins to suffer from myalgia - pain in the muscles, which leads to a decrease in physical performance.

Sleep problems

Son zhenshina Women with large breasts can not sleep on their stomachs - large breasts interfere with normal chest movements.On the side, sleep is also difficult because of a shift in the tissue mass of the mammary glands, stretching the skin and causing discomfort up to the pain.Especially suffer are those women who often change their position during sleep.From such physiological discomfort, a night rest is disturbed.Interruption in both the superficial and deep phases of sleep is fraught with the inability to fall asleep again.

Constant lack of sleep leads to a slow but constantly increasing deterioration in overall health :

  • headaches;
  • feeling of fatigue;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • reduced performance.

Forced lack of exercise

Big breasts interfere with full-time physical education and sports - this applies to all activities of :

  • run;
  • swimming;
  • aerobics;
  • sports games
  • and so on.

Activity is also undesirable due to overstrain of the muscular corset, which tries to keep the chest from dislodging during physical education and sports.

Changes from the skin

The large circles of the massive breasts lead to contact with the skin of the anterior abdominal wall.If it has an increased sensitivity, then such contact leads to its constant irritation, intertrigo and maceration( irritation with high humidity).

Cause of intertrigo If an infectious agent joins( and he sooner or later joins due to the complication of hygiene care) - this is the way to develop dermatitis:

  • of staphylococcal;
  • streptococcal;
  • pyococcal.

Surgical problems

Large breasts do not contribute to a full-fledged decantation during the lactation period( breast milk production and breastfeeding).As a result, mastitis occurs - inflammatory or inflammatory-purulent mammary gland diseases.The latter require surgical intervention.


Oncological risks

Large tissue mass of the breast - more opportunities to develop mastopathy( connective tissue seals all over the gland volume). This is a benign process, but doctors always warn: it is not known when he wants to behave like a malignant.

Risks in breastfeeding

The history of forensic science knows far from single cases of suffocation of infants with large breasts during feeding, when a tired mother just dozed off and missed the process of breastfeeding. There are two factors:

  • squeezing the baby's spout with a maternal breast, for this reason its upper respiratory tract is blocked;
  • pressure of the mother's mammary gland on the baby's chest, which is why her excursion( movement) is sharply limited, as a result of this, the ventilability( "ventilation") of the lungs sharply decreases and the lack of oxygen increases.

First comes hypoxia( the supply of insufficient oxygen in the respiratory tract and, as a consequence, into the blood), but the child and in this state, obeying the reflexes, continues to suck the chest, not resisting the suffocating factor.After this comes asphyxia - a total cessation of oxygen in the body with the onset of a lethal outcome.

Psychological problems

It would seem that the owners of a magnificent bust should be psychologically satisfied.But no, they often get to see a psychologist. Reasons:

  • too close attention of people around any gender and age, the inability to fully protect their personal space;
  • ambiguous offers of the opposite sex on sexual topics;
  • psychological experiences due to the fact that women with large breasts are considered light-minded and narrow-minded;
  • is an original variant of the compulsive syndrome, which is expressed in fear of losing an aesthetically attractive form of mammary glands after pregnancy and childbirth, which, according to the phobia that has arisen, can simply hover under its own weight, which is aggravated by a period of forced long-term inactivity;
  • experience due to early aging of the breast - being large, it soon begins to lose shape than the breast of a normal size.

Problems in sex

Problema seksa Women with a busty bust can not afford that variety of poses during sex, which could allow themselves to be the owners of an average size breasts.

In many cases, the case before the interruption of the relationship does not lead, but the feeling of discomfort is observed on the other hand.Many men during sexual intercourse attach great importance to contact with the female breast - but its too large size does not give the opportunity to make the desired hand grab, which also reduces the level of satisfaction from the partner.

How to reduce breasts: consequences of operations

The number of operations to reduce the breasts is several times lower than the number of surgical procedures to increase it.Less experience, less amount of theoretical understanding and practical experience lead to more frequent complications with breast reduction, rather than with its increase. Such complications are:

  • those that occur during the execution of a surgical procedure;
  • postoperative.

The most common negative consequences of a breast reduction surgery( reducing mammoplasty) are:

  • bleeding due to a violation of the rules of ligation( ligation) of blood vessels damaged during surgery;
  • mammary gland deformity;
  • suppuration of a postoperative wound;
  • non-esthetic scars.

In some cases, an unsuccessful operation may result in complications requiring removal of the breast.

If a woman plans to become pregnant and give birth - a surgical operation to reduce the breast cancer is strictly contraindicated. Although there are exceptions: it was after surgical breast reduction due to the altered hormonal background that the desperate women were finally able to conceive.

The record for the largest ever breast in the world( artificially enlarged) is officially recognized by Maxi Maunds( congenital Jenna Carlington), a 41-year-old model and a porn actress from the USA. During measurements in 2005, the coverage of her chest reached 153.67 cm( with an increase of 183 cm and a weight of 73 kg).This was the reason for Maxi's entry into the Guinness Book of Records.Such dimensions were achieved by the method of "implantation" of propylene implants that have the property of sucking water, because of which, after some time after implantation, the breast continues to grow in size. Maxi is 52 years old now, her health is not announced.

In 2011, another record holder was determined - Chelsea Charms, a 35-American fetish model and stripper. With a height of 157 cm( total weight is not indicated), the total weight of the Chelsea breasts was 23.97 kg - the right breast weighed 11.9 kg, and the left chest was 12.07 .The record holder won the title "The biggest breasts in the world" due to the fact that Maxi Mounds was not re-measured.Sources say that the model has persistent back problems, it can not sleep because of the chest pressure from above.Nevertheless, Chelsea does not agree to reduce the breasts and continues to exhaust herself physically at work in strip bars.She also put propylene implants, which because of hydrophilicity( water absorption) and, as a consequence, constant increase require periodic pumping of water from them.

Please note! Large breasts( mammary glands) in men-unlike women-are considered a disease and are called gynecomastia, taking their place in the official classification of diseases and pathological conditions.

Kovtonyuk Oksana Vladimirovna, medical reviewer, surgeon, consulting physician

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