Treatment of antisperm antibodies

When antisperm antibodies are detected in the patient's body, or other infertility factors, this factor needs to be treated specifically, with this antisperm antibodies will go away by themselves.

Methods of treatment of married couples

Methods of treatment of married couples with the detected increase in the level of antisperm antibodies are different, it all depends on the whole complex of survey values. Everything starts basically with the use of the barrier method - a condom in a constant mode, its term is 3-6 months or in discontinuous mode. Without the use of a condom, a sexual life only on days that are favorable for the onset of pregnancy. The process of reducing the intake of sperm in the female body reduces the production of antibodies and increases the chances that pregnancy will occur. In parallel, they can prescribe a therapy that reduces the viscosity of the mucus of the uterine neck - guaifenesin and suppresses the production of antisperm antibodies. If conservative therapy is unsuccessful, the courses of insemination of the husband's semen inside the uterus or fertilization, which is called - ECO.Contraindication for intrauterine insemination of male sperm - the presence of antisperm antibodies in the husband, which are directed against the head of spermatozoa and can not be treated by traditional methods. If these methods were unsuccessful, these methods need to move on to IVF.

Drug treatment of antisperm antibodies

The following medicines are medicamentously used:

  1. Droppers that are put one after another in one system:
    Rheosorbilak 200. 0, it is done 3 days in a row.
    Glutargin 40% 5. 0, take 1 ampoule per 100. 0 saline, also put 3 days in a row.
  2. Injections are applied which are started immediately after the droppers:
    Human immunoglobulin 4. 5 to 3 ampoules, intramuscularly three times every other day.
    Diprospan 1. 0 intramuscularly and 1 time.
    Erbisol - extra 2. 0 is given intramuscularly in the evening 10 times daily.
  3. Injection, immediately after the first injection:
    Galavit 0. 2 grams, in the amount of 2 vials dissolved in 2 ml of water for injection twice a day, after another day 1 flared vial. From the very beginning of treatment, Claritin is applied 1 tablet per day, for 20 days.
    In addition, from the very beginning of treatment, it is absolutely necessary to exclude contact with sperm for 1 month.

In general, a large number of methods for treating infertile couples have been developed, in which antisperm antibodies are detected. They mainly include the use of condoms for a while to avoid antigenic stimulation, immunosuppressive glucocorticoid therapy, insemination by semen-washed inside the uterus, and additional reproductive technologies. All data on the effectiveness of the above methods are contradictory. It is also obvious that the most effective method of treating this form of infertility is still considered to be IVF.

It should be noted that all methods of treatment and the choice of medicines for the treatment of any form of infertility is purely individual and such treatment should necessarily be selected by a professional specialist - a qualified doctor.