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Amaranth oil: benefit and harm, application in cosmetology

Amarantovoe maslo

The benefits of amaranth oil are much talked about today, they are discussed in television programs and on Internet blogs.This product is part of many cosmetic products, it is used by celebrities to maintain the beauty and youth of the skin.

However, ordinary women are afraid to use it, because they are aware of side effects and complications.In this article, we will try to understand the properties of amaranth oil and tell you how to use it properly so as not to harm the body.

Contents: What is the product?Benefits of amaranth oil Possible harm from amaranth oil Cosmetics based on amaranth oil

What is a product?

butter Conversations about amaranth oil are popular among those who follow the latest trends and developments of the cosmetology market.But not everyone knows what is this tool and what are its miraculous properties.

Amaranth( or shirits) is a flowering annual plant that grows in different countries.In Russia there are 4 species of amaranth.About the plant, many legends are composed, not without reason in translation its name sounds like "immortal".

Oil is obtained by drawing from seeds of amaranth, processed by the method of cold pressing.The well-known cosmetology companies started talking about the benefits of the product for a long time, but only a few years ago they paid attention to its harm.Practical use and experiments have shown that a side effect when using oil is still present.

When should I apply amaranth oil?

The product is indicated for various skin inflammations, early wrinkles, fading of the facial skin due to stress and fatigue.In this case, the advantages of amaranth outweigh its disadvantages. How does the oil work?

  1. Softens and moisturizes the face and décolleté skin.
  2. Has a noticeable rejuvenating effect due to the content of antioxidant substances.
  3. Restores sluggish skin with semi-saturated omega-6 acids.
  4. Successfully struggles with scars, blackheads and pigmented spots.
  5. Eliminates stretch marks and burn scars.
  6. Protects the skin from the negative effects of free radicals.

Use of amaranth oil is possible and necessary in the following cases:

  • dryness and dehydration of the skin due to lack of vitamins and nutrients;
  • various inflammatory processes;
  • wilting, loss of elasticity and elasticity;
  • prone to all kinds of irritations and allergic reactions to cosmetics;
  • a tendency to cellulite.

Everyone who tried the amaranth oil on their own, unanimously declares that it only brings good.However, many dermatologists say that side effects still exist.And their opinion, of course, is worth listening to.

Possible harm from amaranth oil

It is worth noting that the product is used not only for cosmetic purposes.Some use it in the fight against various pathologies of the nervous and cardiovascular system, for the treatment of diabetes, arthritis and even oncological diseases.In these cases, oil is taken internally according to a certain scheme.

When using oil as a cosmetic product, the risk is reduced to almost zero.The only contraindication is individual intolerance, which manifests itself in the form of severe reddening of the skin, swelling, and rash.

But the uncontrolled use of amaranth oil inside can lead to far more serious consequences:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • dizziness;Heartburn and stomach pain
  • ;
  • severe headaches.

In addition, with certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it is strictly contraindicated without consulting specialists.Therefore, taking amaranth oil, you need to be especially careful and calculate the dosage correctly.

Usually the following reception scheme: 1 teaspoon or 5 ml of a drug per day.Before use, a bottle of oil should be shaken well.

Cosmetics based on amaranth oil

Make-up cosmetics with oil content have proven themselves from the best side. Let's look at the most popular tools available to consumers in our country:

  1. butter Natura Siberica foot cream - used from corns and calluses, softens rough skin.The composition of the product also includes an extract of Siberian barberry.
  2. Day face cream "Eva Esthetic 3D" - lifting for age skin.Saves from dehydration, relieves fatigue, fills the skin with energy, accelerates the regeneration of cells.
  3. Day cream "Ryamar" - an antioxidant that has a softening effect.Used for sensitive and problematic skin.
  4. Eye contouring remedy for "Dr.Sheller »- used for age skin, rescues from crow's feet.With regular use, the skin returns elasticity and elasticity.
  5. Body care milk from Pai - softens and restores the skin, applied after a long stay in the sun or frost.

As mentioned above, cosmetics based on amaranth oil are extremely harmful.However, if you have already had allergic reactions to other types of oils, it is better to consult a dermatologist.It is also worth noting that cosmetics with amaranth are not recommended to be combined with other products.

As for the intake of oil inwards, the main thing is to purchase a quality product.Buy it better in special stores or licensed pharmacies.During use, be sure to follow the dosage, and if any side effects have been noticed, consult a doctor!

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