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What you need to increase potency: useful vitamins and minerals

Increased potency

As a rule, not even the most serious disease does not excite a man as much as his potency.And that the problems with this aspect of life a man does not arise, he needs to regularly monitor his lifestyle.Doctors say that in the first place you need to pay attention to your diet, in particular - to check whether all the vitamins and minerals necessary for normal potency come to the male body.

Table of contents: 1. Zinc 2. Vitamin C 3. Selenium 4. Vitamins of group B 5. Vitamin E


This is the most important microelement for male sexual health - zinc is actively involved in the formation of testosterone molecules, without it this process is notavailable.If there is no zinc in the body( or too little), then there will not be any formation of testosterone, which means that there will be problems with libido.

This micronutrient is necessary not only for strong immunity, normal growth and development, zinc serves as prophylaxis for prostatitis( an inflammatory process in the prostate gland) and provides high sperm motility.To saturate the body with zinc, a man should regularly eat wheat bran, fish( especially perch, trout, salmon, herring and saury), garlic, oysters, nuts, anchovies, squids, shrimp and egg yolk.

In a day a man will have enough 15 mg of zinc.

Vitamin C

Everyone knows that this vitamin strengthens the immune system.But vitamin C also strengthens the walls of blood vessels, makes them elastic, which has a positive effect on blood circulation.But it is the filling of the blood vessels in full is one of the facts of maintaining potency.In addition, vitamin C promotes the production of testosterone and serves as a prophylaxis for inflammation of the prostate gland.

Vitamin C enters the body together with cabbage( of different species, fresh and sour), green onions and parsley, citrus fruits( lemons, mandarins), carrots, black currants.

Vitamin c

For a man, it will be enough to supply 100 mg of vitamin C per day.


This mineral has a positive effect on male reproductive function, improves sperm quality, which can help in the treatment of infertility.Selenium is actively involved in the production of testosterone and supports the work of the genital organs of men in general.

Selenium can enter the body from garlic, corn, seafood( including fish), eggs and tomatoes.

Food-rich-selenium products( 1)

To maintain sexual health, a man needs a small amount of selenium - the daily dose is a maximum of 70 μg.

Group B vitamins

These vitamins take an active part in most biochemical processes of the human body, so they are important for the sexual health of men.B group vitamins stabilize testosterone production, increase overall immunity and positively influence liver function.

Products-containing-vitamins-groups-B-the most important-elements-for-growth-beards

Vitamins of group B enter the body with nuts, carrots and all milk and sour-milk products, fish.

In a day, a man should receive vitamin B6 2 mg, and vitamin B12 - 2 μg.

Vitamin E

Vitamin-e This element is considered a natural antioxidant that helps improve the regenerative processes in the body.In addition, vitamin E improves blood circulation, makes the walls of the vessels elastic, which ultimately ensures maximum blood flow to the genitals.

Vitamin E is found in celery, green onions and vegetable oils( corn, olive, sunflower) - these products a man should regularly eat.

For men, 30 mg of vitamin E per day will suffice.

These vitamins can be taken in the form of pharmaceutical complexes, but doctors warn that it is not necessary to fully rely on vitamin-mineral complexes of industrial production - all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the potency of men that enter the body from the products will be more effective.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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